Saturday 20 June 2009


'friendship' is another concept

accepted by society

& pushed vigourously by the media

but why friendship ?

coz it is the best distraction

for your already dizzy attention

your friends are basically

people on a similar level to you

that don't hurt your ego

in fact

friendship is a mutual ego pampering circle

friend = free-i-end

simple put

the one who puts an end to

'a chance at freedom'

thus in its modern 'english' sense

it is anti-evolution

in earlier times disciples under a common guru

could be friends

they all helped each other

in a quest for evolution

the friends of today have a different role

they assist you in your quest for hell

it is a collective escape pod

friendship of today

curtails any slight chance of

the flowering of the delicate seed of individuality

it unashamedly promotes hive mind

this socalled friendship creates a blanket

which distracts one from seeing

the reality of their hellish existence

like buddha did

unfortunately he didn't have friends

so he could not just carry on smiling & laughing

he had to seek the 'truth'

not only does friendship cause one to not seek the higher

it promotes confrontation with the higher

the street gangs you see heckling people

are never just one person

people lose their head in the strength

which comes with numbers

they feel invincible

what the whole mindset is can be summed up in -

better to have company in hell

than to be alone on the road to heaven


stardolphin said...

this is so true and wise

"friends" is another word, like god, love and freedom, which has been mutated to take it away from its original meaning

distorted into a false thing we use as a shield for the ego, so we feel weak without it. The youth on the internet are judged by how many "friends" they have, the more the merrier, even if one has never met them or knows them. Another distraction from facing up to oneself and the strength to stand alone.

a disturbing word and concept in today's terms, bandied about, which, when scrutinised, is shallow and hollow of meaning, like god, love and freedom.

Take away the ego, the material adornments and tell the truth, and who really remains your friend?

stardolphin said...


"the flowering of the delicate seed of individuality"

what a beautiful way with words you have :)

until we realise this amazing potential, the idea of friendship will continue to be a falsity, withering on stoney ground

Shahid said...

"What the whole mindset is can be summed up in -better to have company in hell than to be alone on the road to heaven.

-Friendship is a collective escape pod.

-your friends are basically
people on a similar level to you
that don't hurt your ego."

Your writings are like Lip-Smacking nourishing food to my soul which it yearns more and more of nowadays.

My only fear now is what I am going to do after I am done reading all your blog posts..Yikes:)

asha Pi arTi said...

excellent Perspective... All Your topics are so important and current for everyone now.

Beautifully written and inspiring on how to even be a friend to anyone !

* bowing to the One *

miragegirl said...

what a beautiful way you have written

you are ultimately witty

it is an absolute truth

no muggle friends will help one see better

ParamaTma is the only real friend of everyone

the ultimate Pure PerfecT divine light

the unending reservior of Pure grace and compassion

you are Divine

it shows in all your aspects

through the sounds you create

through what you speak

through your divine leela

through your very presence

you are worthy of all worship

you are ultimately compassionate

i bow

sarah anne said...

This is one of the first blog posts I read. I remember being so surprised that anyone would just tell it like it is, I'd never seen anything like that before.

"culture" is so twisted that keeping it real is considered seriously offensive, but it is actually the only way to move up.

miragegirl said...

they say, good friends are hard to find
but don't worldly beings with selfishness bind ?
such only keep one in mad world entwined
not hard to leave and so easy to find

real friends are hard to find
they remind one to from mad world unbind
they will not be in the mad world entwined
such ones are indeed hard to find

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your Truth awakens realization after realization. You speak of things and in ways others refuse to see as they are blinded by the many false relaTionshiPs like friendshiP which You see beyond. i bow at the feet of The One who is Truly free. dhanyavad for inviting us to seek Truth through You Guruji. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your Plogs contain the most PotenT Truths! You are the only relationshiP that can lead one to freedom. so many claiming to know Push the false imPorTance of friendshiP and relationshiPs. You so comPassionaTely riP away the 'blanket of distraction' and exPose friends for the 'ego pampering circle' they truly are. You are the ultimate magician who shows and tells the truth behind the tricks! Your way with words is ePic! You are the only guide out of this hellish existence and away from the comPleTe and utter nonsense of the mad crazy people in this mad crazy world. i bow at Your amazing feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

PsingulariTy said...

You are the Aquarian Age Heralder

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow to the 'flowering of the delicate seed of individuality' that Your Presence and words allow and Provide ... 'friends' are seen for what they are and so are You, i bow.

so grateful You are here P !! Your honesty compassion and integrity are so clear in Your words as well as Your humour wit and Phun !!

i bow !!

Anonymous said...

i bow.
so grateful to read Your scriPTures P!
You cover every toPic there is comPleTely!
so insPiring the ways You show how anti Divine and twisted society is.
so grateful to exPose ones mind to Truth and unProgram from hivemind mentality
one is ashamed to have every wasted time with so called friends ending ones chance at freedom!
so grateful for how You simply state the truth in so many irrefutable ways!
You are absolutely right always in all ways!
So grateful that You never let one escape into hellish lies or concepts!
only You can helP one face the truth of ones hellish existence and do the only thing one can do to really escaPe!
so grateful there is ONE here who Provides a real chance at freedom.
that there is ONE here who gnos the only way.
i bow

Unknown said...

Fantastic post and so wonderfully you have presented another truth with a different perspective as always and showed what it really means, what's the true friendship is like? Thank you so much again for such a deeper and beautiful insight!!

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

In the world of duality....there is no true friendship..our true friend is only higher & divine cos love is god & god is love...friends are like just to satisfy your ego ....tq..i bow

Unknown said...


Unknown said...


ki vernee said...

what a great perspective ! You make the best points ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

dearest soulfull friend
a sweetest gift of all
a blessing, all help
Your smiles most beautiful
dearest one of all

Your days are remebrances
they all ways shall be
sweetest touch, powerful waves
compassion abound soft caress
dearest one of all

Anonymous said...

dearest soulfull friend
a sweetest gift of all
a blessing, all help
Your smiles most beautiful
dearest one of all

Your days are remebrances
they all ways shall be
sweetest touch, powerful waves
compassion abound soft caress
dearest one of all

Gita said...

Well I was always wondering abt the fact as to why I dint have any frnds or couldn't maintain any friendship with anyone for a long time, and now I am glad I dint...

sarah said...

You are the road to heaven

Vaishali thaker said...

So true, more number of confused & distracted people around us distract us from reaching the true purpose of life!! this is the time when loneliness can be considered as boon.. only the company of higher & divine can lead one to higher state of living.. i bow 🙏

veena iyengar said...

Oh my Lord..thank you..
I never thought of it this way..
Thank you..

Kṛtti kā said...

Brilliant PerspecTives as always ! Always so amazing to have Your cool lenses on and see things for how they truly are, You cut through all the pretensions...
Your summation on every prevalent social phenomenon is ultimate! You show the trap, You open beings to the flowering of delicate seed of individuality.
You are the truest, dearest and The Most beautyPhull friend ever in the Phorm of a Guru ♥️

whose gentle touch alone
liberates from all shackles
with tender care who
raises the torn and fallen
showing a world undefiled
on a road sadly forgotten
nurturing and guarding
nudging away from every vile
leaving His throne, walking down
guiding to His abode where
beauty n bliss are all abound

i bow /\

Unknown said...

Wow this is what one believed since a small child .. and this is what kept one from indulging in many bad activities....

So, One can practically say this is absolute truth and it helps a lot in this age ....

One should do things on their own instead of listening to friends... especially around the teenagers and adolescent age group... where most people fall prey to hell and wrong activities ...


Anonymous said...
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Ajay Kapoor said...

Wow such an accurate explanation on the 'friendship' concept. You have made complete sense. A being should pull themselves out the hive mindset and stop listening to their friends. The peer pressure / hive mentality is just causing beings to go further lower.
Only the company of higher & divine can lead one to reach higher. Thank you for showing beings the correct path. I bow down at you Lotus PheeT.

Anonymous said...

Pure TruTh!
The summation is so beauTiPhully well PuT!

nicolas said...

this is beauTiPhull! i love your words! they are so liberating! your observations are so sharp, Phull of sense and so magnificently put!

i bow to you all gnoing one

ankita said...

You are so kind to deprogram beings
You are the liPheline
You save one from the mad mind and the society🙏
You are all the hoPe
You are the most Precious One in all existence
You are all the hoPe
You save one from all that one doesnt want
i bow at Your comPassionaTe saviour PheeT