Sunday 20 December 2009

'ignore' at your own risk

continuing with the theme of the last blog

'the art of deliberate ignoring'

its good to see

an earthling realize

the most real of reality


majority of this world's beings

can be in trouble for

ignoring the ONE who walks amongst them

'the One' not properly depicted but than its only a muggle attempt

the ONE who holds the TIME WHEEL ( सुदर्शन चक्र -Sudarshan Chakr)


Anonymous said...

An Ode to Thy One Who Walks Among Us:-

If God stood before you today

Would you recognize him?

Would you expect him to
shower you with compliments
and open ashrams and hospitals
for you to hide in?

Do you expect God to give you
a hug and tell you to keep on
the way you are?

Would the most compassionate
not tear down the walls
of evil
and slay the wicked recesses
of your innermost being?

Do you think God has time
in the current Times, to
put up with your suffering
any longer?

Stardolphin said...


compassion is all about enlightenment, nothing else

asha Pi arTi said...

Very cool Plog !

The One... You... Would always be the Best at everything, & the most passionate about Truth... & have the most backup proof and support out here on the net in plain sight for the whole world to see !

I would never expect less from the most resPectworthy being in the world !

I bow.

pinx said...

Yes it really is a case of 'ignore' at your own risk !

it is so peculiar to observe, but beings seem to have a penchant for ignoring the One thing which they really cannot afford to ! one sees it time and time again.

ignoring the One who walks amongst us is a risk which i am certainly not prepared to take. what those that are are hoping to achieve will remain an eternal mystery !

I Bow to the One, the holder of the time wheel ~ Sudarshan Chakr, Bhagwan Vishnu !

Anonymous said...

i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Divine is SO kind to give so many warnings and to share a muggle PersPecTive to give beings on this PlaneT a dumbed down clue of the seriousness of who YOU are and why beings can not afford to ignore YOU!

Divine is really SO kind and comPassionaTe to guide beings to focus their attention on the only ONE worth focusing ones attention on!
to helP one see that not having and keeping ones attention on Divine is ignoring! the only way to learn is through humble focus and attention and service to the only one who has anything worth teaching!

Divine is so kind to offer so many ways to not ignore Divine!
i bow!

miragegirl said...

You are Powerful

PsingulariTy said...

You are Divine
only evil ignores

in a war, Divine always wins !

Unknown said...

You, the Pole PT can't be ignored, the all knower can't be ignored, the mystique, the gypsy can't be ignored!!

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

You are the only one here, the most compassionate, most benevolent and generous. You are the most interesting and one can't ignore you for too long. For those who still do i wish they put their attention on you and mend their ways. I hope we all leave our nuisance creating ways and get on your ship. You are the only one who can navigate the lost beings here to the higher and divine. You are the one who holds sudarshan chakr, the most divine here. I bow in gratitude at your feets.

ujjwal sharma said...

i bow to the divine PT are the lord of the third eye and the lord of the ring and the guru of the world.
you are the divine kalki avatar giving us great gnowledge and best light, sound .music and visuals to this world.

ki vernee said...

wow ! such a beautiful PoinT ! i bow

sarah said...

ignoring a weapon so immense is certainly a risk.
You are so gracious to facilitate a re-calculation.

Kṛtti kā said...

Such a beautiful and kind Plog! You always withhold the best of intentions for the beings here and keeP warning all of the dreadful consequences!
No PoinT in ignoring The One around whom all sPins, who holds the time wheel on His one finger and The One who uPlifTs and liberates all!
You are the mightiest!
You are ever comPassionaTe and merciful to reveal Yourself to us!
You are the most real of the realities!
You are The Most beautiful, interesting of the realities to PuT attention on!
You are the most benevolent to have incarnated here to PuT an end to all the evil that exists!
You are Shiv, You are Narayan!
You are Kalki!
i bow /\

Gita said...

Its true ignoring comes so easily to people...

Someone once told me PT goes over my head (meaning he/she cannot understand your message) .... I am not sure how far this person has ignore the message but the least anyone can do after getting the lotus ocean link is to read thru the Blogs , understand your lifestyle and just see how straight forward and practical they are..

They can question themselves and check the how much sense it makes..

Since Lotus ocean makes one aware of the reality I think one should accept that reality and change for better..

God please give all of us that brains and senses to capture your information correctly so that we don't misinterprete and and make you our goal to reach cos this is the truth and this is the fact unlike all the Crap that's been revolving around on today's society.......

AEIOUM I Bow to the DIVINE PT <3

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You cannot be ignored. You can only be Praised. 🙏😇

Anonymous said...

When one gets a glimPse of the divine/ausPicious being which obviously is the one and only you, the body automatically bows to touch your lotus feet.

Even the waves surrendered at your loTus feet.

Mother Nature also surrenders to your will and serves you by resPonding to your Plays.

When the divine mother nature does not/ cannot ignore you then who are these earthlings to ignore you and how can they.

You are the one who consumes all the PerspecTives.

One can and one must only Praise and bow you/divine and serve the divine will.

Any being who goes antidivine/antinature is definitely hellbound.

nicolas said...

you are the most legendary being
you are the most kind and merciful
you are the most interesting of all
the one al beings should have their attention on
your heart is of gold
you are the holder of the time wheel
all nonsense will end here only because of you
you are the real hero
you are timeless beauty
you are the most amazing of all beings
your realness is a divine insPiration

i bow to you all gnoing one

ankita said...

You are so totally and amazingly the real hero
You are mind blowing ePicness
You are beyond legendary!
You are beyond rocking !
You are fabulous!
You are dimPly the greatest!
i bow

ankita said...

You're so amazing
You're the One who holds the time wheel clearly
You are the real Powerful being
You are the most imPorTant Presence
You're the elephant in the room
You cannot be ignored
You're suPremely resPecTworThy
Your word is the Phinal word
You are suPremely right
there's no one above You
You are the real warrior
You make all the sense ever
You're the One and only truly beautiPhul, gnowledgable and enlightening One
You're so eye oPening
You bring real awakening
You are so PhascinaTing
liPhe only began in the real sense of the word after coming across You
You are a miraculous beauty .. the embodiment of truth and goodness in this world of lies
You can always tell right from wrong so clearly
You are really sarv gun samPann
so kind of You to give beings real direction
You are the whole world's saviour
one bows

Ankeeta said...

SuPreme One...awesome P log...clear, to-the-PoinT and so articulate