Tuesday 8 December 2009

compassion or humility ?

there are many out there

trying to develop compassion

what they fail to understand

is that

compassion (complete passion)

is the domain of the divine

even by the common definition

it is the onus of the higher being

to show mercy & forgiveness

what most beings urgently require is to

develop humility towards higher and divine

compassion for the lower will

automatically be taken care of


Anonymous said...

your blog is worded so elegantly - you point out the absurdity of people's behaviour in such a striking, clarifying way.

and the lotusocean-definition for 'compassion' is so truthful & meaningful - you actually give meaning to the word! your writings are so inspiring & motivating. what a brilliant point - beings that are in need of compassion should direct their efforts towards developing humility!

it's so compassionate of you to set things right and show the beings of this plane the way towards evolution.

Yati said...

I like to read this one it is beautiful.

The emphasis on developing compassion in spiritual groups, like a lot of the Tibetan Buddhist ones, does seem to be about a lot of posing and posturing. It's part of the technique they use, because they think nothing is inherently real so you may as well fake it until you make it... it all seems rather egoic.

Developing humility seems like there is much more nectar there, always remaining lower, so there is always a flow.

sarah anne said...

this is a brilliant clarification of the fuzzy thinking that happens when the bible is the most influential book instead of a system where everyone is responsible for themselves. I bow.

pinx said...

this is a suPerb clarification !

Yes ! humility towards Higher & Divine is the urgent requirement ! that is never spoken about by people at all ! and if it is it is in the context of someone else, never a quality they need to aim for themselves ! and that too humility towards the evil system is usually what is demanded ! its all so upside down !

the ego is a funny guy for sure. the quality of compassion is much more satisfying to it than that of humility. so great that You PoinT out that compassion = complete passion and is a domain of the Divine. it makes muggle talk about compassion appear totally ludicrous !

it is so great to read Your words of clarity ! Nowhere else is the truth stated as unequivocally !

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

dhanyavad for Your Divine clarity. i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. this Plog clears uP confusion and offers the real definition of a word that is overly misunderstood and misused.
Your words allow one to see that none but You, Divine One, are caPable of comPassion, which is comPleTe Passion!
one is also able to see that it is only You who can bestow mercy and forgiveness. You show such kindness to guide one to develoP humility. to learn the Truth of ones insignificance, which is unchanging and constant, is so freeing and allows one to turn ones attention to the imPorTance of Divine rather than concern oneself with ones own meaninglessness.
there is no greater being alive on Earth than You! i bow at Your most PresTigious feet.

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Divine's Plogs Provide the only real education there is!
There could be no greater act of comPassion than these words which helP one see that develoPing humility toward the higher, toward Divine, toward You is the most urgent requirement! The most essential thing for a being to learn in life!
Divine reveals layer after layer of how much useless information, beliefs, and unhumble behavior and attitudes one has picked up in this life and carried over from lifetimes and that ones time is best spent developing humility!
i bow!

miragegirl said...

great Plog ! You are comPassionaTe !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The ComPassionaTe One

Unknown said...

You're the divine, you're compassionate with everyone regardless of how others are... you still have compassion for them! You are helping many by this PT Log i.e Plog (Blog), lending a helping hand regardless of how others are, thank you for your presence!! AEIOUM

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

wow compassion is truly Your domain ! no one is as comPassionaTe as You even when they 'strive' and stretch themselves to be so but its a natural quality of Divine ! so grateful to get to experience it first hand ! it is urgent to develop humility.. in that all is taken care of even compassion... Your words provide so much clarity and guidance of how to be ! You make it very clear what one needs to focus on... humility not compassion ! You are the greatest guru- most helpful and insightful ! i bow

ki vernee said...

beautifully put ! i bow !

Unknown said...

This is a beautiful Plog :) You teach with such great comPassion .... Every word in your Plogs is sacred! Shamefully one has been greatly lacking in humility and resPecT always and you have been showering with your love and comPassion always! It is truly a virtue of the divine to be forgiving and merciful to even brats... You are comPleTe with all the good godly virtues... You are the absolute!
So grateful for your comPleTe Passion and mercy on one to teach humility. Never can anyone Phind such great comPassion in anyone excePT you! You are the sweetest most beautiful being in this or any other world that exists !
I bow at your beautiful lotusfeet! /\

sarah said...

You put people in their place with inimitable class.

Data said...
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Anonymous said...
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veena iyengar said...

The absolute truth..

Summu said...

What a striking revelation. ॐ

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Only you are divine/comPassionaTe.

This Plog is very relieving because now one doesn't have to try hard to be comPassionaTe...HumiliTy comes easily to those who surrender themselves to the higher and divine PT.

love reading Plogs over and over again.

nicolas said...

what a brilliant P log! your words are lighting up the darkness in oneself

"what most beings urgently require is to
develop humility towards higher and divine
compassion for the lower will
automatically be taken care of"

no one else talks about that! this is magnificently Profound!
you are the true Guru of this world
the PoinTs that you raise in your P log have never been dealt with by any other being with such clarity and depth
you are a miracle as all that you do is PerfecT
you gno all and this is always impressive
you are absolute Purity

i bow to you supreme lord

Gita said...

it's so kind of You to forgive brings around You, it is very highly of You to forgive our mistakes & guide us into evolution.... one bows to You P

Ankeeta said...

Wow this is so ePic and eye-oPening...You are suPreme Prabhu...so articulate and so clear and as always, setting the record straight with Your suPreme intelligence and discrimination...many many gratitudes for Your suPreme Presence