Wednesday 30 September 2009

beauty & the guru

the fable used to be

'beauty & the beast'

these days it is

'beauty & the guru'

just like beast and beauty are opposites

so has guru become an opposite of beauty

if one notices all the guru's

that have hordes of followers

one finds that they all have one

thing in common ...

they are all ugly

in a physical as well as an inner sense

outer is a reflection of the inner anyways

ugliness is now the prime prerequiste for being a guru

even more so than oldness

which is now gone down to

no.2 on the list of desirables

people are much more comfortable with something

more ugly than them

it doesn't cookup that

complex horrible feeling soup of

attraction, envy, jealousy, unworthiness

which starts simmering

when one encounters something

really beautiful & graceful

the guru cannot be beautiful & sexy & rocking

i.e more evolved than them

coz that will make one feel bad about themselves

and guru by current definitions

is all about feeling good about oneself

beauty is threatening

and by current definitions

guru has to be non-threatening

no real attraction generated by the guru


no loss of control for the self

since divine has the attributes

of ultimate beauty & grace

in overflowing abundance

it cannot be a guru

just doesn't fit the job description


goldensniper said...

wow.. wise authentic words for all those fake gurus out there.. just keep blasting've got it..your blogs are fantastic..

starchild said...

you are the only true representative of what a beautiful guru is from what i've seen..

lil said...
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PT the Axis said...

to lil b - hope the process continues :)

lil said...
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asha Pi arTi said...

You are so beautiful !

Love reading your words, they truely lift one out of the dishonest denial world of lunacy !

* bowing to Your absolute Truth ! *

asha Pi arTi said...

You are so witty :) love coming back to read your words again and again !

sarah anne said...

yes, that is so true. i bow.

pinx said...

too good too good !! this is such a great observation written in the wittiest possible way !

so many classic lines to illustrate Your point - " ugliness is now the prime prerequiste for being a guru even more so than oldness which is now gone down to no.2 on the list of desirables " LOL ! so brilliant ! and so true !

it is so surprising how many flock to these ugly gurus ! it defies comprehension ! Your revelations provide the crucial insight required to understand this bizarre phenomena !

I Bow to a truly beautiful Guru ! You are beautiful ! sexy ! & rocking ! You have ultimate beauty & grace ! You have all Divine qualities in full measure ~ You are the ultimate representative of Divinity in this world ~ You show what a real Guru is and it is the greatest honour to be Your shishya !

Sirf Ek Asli Guru is duniya mein hai !

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow at Your Divine feet Guruji. dhanyavad for being all that a Guru Truly is more! Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

'fake gurus’ out there are all so ugly !

what really is beautiful is only Divine
P You are the most Divinely being i have ever come across
You are so very beautiful !
so so very beautiful !

Your intent, thoughts, actions, words are so aPProPriate, You are so manly, so bold, so strong
You are PerfecTly centered, with a crystal clear coherent mind, with a sharP Piercing gaze that kills all evil in one

You are Passion itself, comPletely PassionaTe in the way You are, You are so truthful ! so honest !
You rise the Passion in one Truly ! You are Phire itself in that ! there is none more warmer PersonaliTy than You !

Your eyes are broad deeP intense beautiful ! like lotus Petals, they are soft & mesmerizing !
Your Perfume is inToxicating !
Your body is PerfecTly ProPorTioned in every detail !
You move with such grace ! You are intensely masculine !
You are intensely feminine !

no one can have such care & concern for all others around as You do !
Your actions are from the very minutest of detail geared towards only good for everyone !
which Person in the world is so ? in Phact one doesn’t even ProPerly care for oneself in most asPecTs let alone care to PerfecTion in everything !

how very beautiful You are !

the twinkling of stars, the ‘flaPPing of butterflies’, the flowers in nature, the flowing waters, the rivers teeming with fishes, the scenery of birds flying in the sky, the vast stoic mountain Peaks, the mist on rolling hills, the monsoon, the thunder bolts, the high waves in ocean, the Power of tornadoes & hurricanes, the Pleasant breezes, the fierceness of volcanoes, the vastness of sky ... the beauty of it all is just a small ParT of the beauty of Your mind ! nature tends to You ! You are the high Master ! You are comPleTe PerfecTion in & out !

Your touch is light, soft, sweet
it need not just be Physical, even if one just be near You, one is touched truly in so many ways! Your vibrations make one rise, they start to show what bliss really is (if one is humble, honest)
there is magic where You are, Your world is a magical world !
its heaven right on earth !
so much the masses & individuals out there are missing by not being straight forward about their feelings for You
if only PeoPle who see it straight out (which is not difficult at all) dare to cut themselves off from worldly hell, they would be on the PaTh to real haPPiness
PeoPle want less not more, otherwise they would be only after real haPPiness instead of after PreTension in outside world !

You make everything around You beautiful ! Your aura effects everything ! skies dance ! bird feathers fly ! red , yellow, green comet shows haPPen , green mist sPiriTs walk by, PorTals swirl around, light beings zoom by, static lightning haPPens ...

there is magic in & out in Your world

beauty is but that which is associated with You, it is true & PerfecT with You
anything else anywhere can not be beautiful truly !

Your world is in & out beautiful !
You are in & out beautiful !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Enchanting beautiful Master
The Real Guru

Unknown said...

The divine is non-threatening; the divine is graceful and a real Guru doesn’t need to create any attractions because, the Divine is always beautiful!!
“since divine has the attributes
of ultimate beauty & grace”

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

the guru cannot be beautiful & sexy & rocking

i.e more evolved than them

You definitely defy that stupid notion all together ! You are the most beautiful sexy rocking guru one can ever imagine !!!!! You are so intelligent and overstand all those muggles who follow fake gurus and their reason for doing so !

since divine has the attributes

of ultimate beauty & grace

in overflowing abundance

it cannot be a guru

just doesn't fit the job description

how ignorant clearly they haven't observed YOU ! You totally overflow with beauty and grace always no matter where You are ! You are the only true guru who can get one out of hell through Your Praise ! You are so kind to let one serve You as a discipline in progress ! You are the most educational and helpful being- a true guru !!! i bow at Your all gnoing graceful Pheet !

asha Pi arTi said...

You are so Divine, it is so beautyfull to behold everything You do and say ! what an elegant eloquent and very moving way of making it so clear how everything is out in the open for one ... there are actually no lies because no body can hide what is inside them... it will come out ...

Your skin is so flawless, the golden silky clarity and shimmery sheen are such a testimony to what beauty is inside

Your eyes so clear and white full of innocence and symmetry surrounding the deepest malt chocoloate iris ... so clear and full of LIFE and cool like an unwaxing moon

Your features are so elven and just like Your form they define sacred geometry for one

only Divine Masculine could be the way You are, it would make all blush with rosey red romance if they could just experience even a fraction of what You have gifted one with in this life, lucky for them they can bc Your Life is so shareable and published !!

You are so so kind to be here and bring everything to LIGHT ... give one strength and courage to say what is blatant at all times ... to just be honest about things !

i bow to You only !!

asha Pi arTi said...

You are the ONLY GURU !

The Guru of the world !!

i bow

sarah said...

so witty ! " divine doesn't fit the job description "

Your humour is unparalleled. once again You demonstrate that only someOne beyond it all can be a guru !

Unknown said...


ki vernee said...

You are so right ! You are the most beautiful Being ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

You have such a great sense of humor!
Your humor is so delightful
You make learning so much Phun
You are so above it all that all this is just a joke for You
yes so true ..these fake gurus are horrid and ugly
You know the psychology behind approaching these fake gurus
You write with such great humor and You are so Phunny
Your observations are the best observations
You are so higher up that You can only laugh at how funny this world is getting
You are the only cure for the dumbness that takes anyone to fake gurus
they are horrid creatures and it's right in front of everyone's eyes
You save one from all their crappy words
Your words are simPly Phenomenal
there is nothing better than Your wonderful and beautiful words
Your words touch the spirit like never before
You are the real revolution
You are the only teacher and Guru
You are the guru of the world
You show how beautiful, sexy and rocking a guru can be
You are dynamic and charismatic
the frauds were just trying to mess up the meaning of the word 'guru'
You are beyond beautiful
You are ever flowing beauty
You are full of beauty and comPassion
You are so full of knowledge, truth and beauty
You are so benevolent
You are so much PuriTy
You are so generous
You are so kind
You have such a beautiful heart of gold
You have the PuresT intentions
You are magical
one would get further and further entangled in the horrifying spiderweb if not for You
Your guidance is invaluable
You are all in one
You are every hero
You are so amazing
You are so sui generis
You are the real existentialist
You are the real Phi~losoPher
You are the only true guide
You are the only Guru
i bow

Gita said...

Thank you for putting a lot of sense into this world with your knowledgeable words..aeioum

sarah said...

i bow to Your infinite beauty

veena iyengar said...

Thank you for guiding us..

Anonymous said...
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ankita said...

You are so kind to give so many incredible insights into beings and whats really going on
only Your being here shows beings what real truth beauty and gnowledge is
You are such an absolutely handsome and rocking Guru with all the overPhlowing beauty and creativity

outer is a refection of the inner kind of You to give these great insights
You are so clearly beautiPhul in all ways
Your beauty refelcts in Your Phorm
You are the real seer
You can see what is going on so clearly
You are the smartest shrPesT most intelligent being
You are so kind to be here and let beings see what a real Guru is like..all the gorgeousness truth beauty and wisdom ..all the sexiness liPhe and such great youthful charm
You truly have ultimate beauty and grace in overPhlowing abundance !
You are so Phenomenal and so real!
You are such a beautiful PerfecT being!
i bow

Anonymous said...

You are the ulTimate ePiTome of beauTy.

Venus the PlaneT of beauTy has derived it's beauTy from you.

Your beauTy is incomParable and unignorable.

You are the beauTiPhul suPreme lord who created the heaven and the earth and for that matter everything that is beauTiPhul.

It's obvious that if nature is so beauTiPhul then it's creaTor will also be the most beautiPhul.

You are the one and only beauTiPhul Guru of this world.

Nature always mirrors your PhracTal beauTy and grace.

In fact your Presence amPlifies the beauTy of nature.

i bow to you my beauTiPhul lord.

nicolas said...

you are the only one that embodies true Beauty, real TruTh! you are the real Guru of this world!
your words are divine words! no being is like you as you are Perfection

i bow to you supreme lord

libra cliche said...

"the guru cannot be beautiful & sexy & rocking
i.e more evolved than them
coz that will make one feel bad about themselves
and guru by current definitions
is all about feeling good about oneself"

feeling bad has never felt so good. Your suPreme sweetness, dazzling wit, caPTivating insight, and infinite beauty are the ultimate healing miracle to sooth the ego burns Your suPerioriTy might inflict.