Wednesday 9 December 2009

the small matter of PT's Pics

some have taken exception

to yours truly's pictures being here on this blog

insinuating it to be an exercise in vanity

so it makes sense

to reveal their purpose

they are here

to depict beauty & grace

if anyone has problems handling beauty and grace

than they are sure to have

problems handling the contents of this blog as well

divinity always has the right to express itself

in every possible way


in a time

when evil has overflooded all the mediums

with its ugliness

it must also be stated that

all these pictures have been

taken at home or in nature (real home)

no studio light magic

99% of them are untouched by photoshop etc

most are captured by the still picture function

on low resolution camcorders

not ultra-expensive high res. still picture camera's

used for capturing the ugliness in all its detail for

newspapers, magazines, bollywood, hollywood etc


Shahid said...

I dont think PT Sir is being vain in posting his pics here.Its not like he is shouting from the rooftops-Look at me,Look at me.Nope.It all depends on how a person interprets this.

Yes I love your Natural pics.The best part is there is no make-up (like the models/actors do) and its just the Divine shining out through you,in all your pics.

Your pics truly depict Beauty,Grace,Divinity,Simplicity
and Peace.

Mother Earth is Blessed to have a Pure,Genuine Avatar like you at this

Stardolphin said...

the pics are a feast for the eyes, to accompany your words, which are a banquet for the soul

asha Pi arTi said...

You are a refuge for the eyes which see nothing but ugliness deformity pollution corruption exploitation depression and fake smiles all around in the hell that is the state of this world right now.

So glad and grateful that there is an alternative ! ! !

JacLee said...

Your pics being here are much loved and appreciated by this devotee. How beloved is our Rishi PT! i bow...

pinx said...

it sickens me that anyone can take exception to Your pictures being posted ! in a world flooded with images of beastliness, in a world where evil is lauded and promoted, in a world where hoardes of photographers are eager to snap and post images of the ugly and graceless and call it beauty or achievement...really how dare anyone question Your pictures !!

it is actually a total injustice that there are not more of Your beautiful pictures circulating the internet, and that so much space is taken up by fools and retards !

what an amazing gift to the world Your pictures are ! through them one gets to see real Grace, real Beauty, real Divinity ! You show One a completely different world ! a world of magic ! a world of connectivity to Mother Earth & the Elementals ! a world which is natural and unpretentious ! through seeing Your photos words like "fractality" get practically defined ! Your pictures are amazing and worthy of all Praises ! it is mindblowing how a being can be so PerfecT ! You are no ordinary being and it is indeed a great privilege to behold You in any form !

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

one is ever grateful to have access to your extensive and multifaceted Divinity. one is humored by the jealous arrogance of those who are unable to recognize your divine beauty, intelligence and grace and awed by your PracTical and PatienT responses to them. i bow and Praise your True example of Divine. Dhanyavad! Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Your resPonses to the illogical and foolish accusations of the unintelligent masses is so eloquent!
You emit grace and beauty always in all ways!
It is a giPhT that Divine is here exPressing itself in so many beautiful ways! and that Divine continues to do so!
'divinity always has the right to express itself
in every possible way
in a time
when evil has overflooded all the mediums
with its ugliness'

such irrefutable truth! it is always just as You say! it is impossible to not see the truth once You PoinT it out! the world is over run with evils ugliness! its a nightmare to see! billboards, magazines, newpapers, tv, internet, people copying the what they see! so programmed they are by evil that they cant even recognize Divines beauty! You are the only Truly original being on this PlaneT! You show one constantly how far removed from Divine inhabitants of this world have become, the grotesque way one was born into, one bought into and foolishly participated in for far too long. one constantly sees how lucky one is to have access to technology to have the Privellage to turn ones attention to that which is Truly beautiful! to Divine!
i bow!

miragegirl said...

its too Phunny that one would not understand why Your most graceful, beautiful, charming, ever benevolent One's Pic's are Provided for the whole world to see

its the jealousy in PeoPle ! lol ! being jealous of Divine is too very Phunny & PatheTic !

You are the ever caring One who is The beautiful One in this world
a source of immense relief Your Pics are for a tired sPiriT ! stunningly beautiful images for the eye to behold & hold !

world would certainly be comPleTely different if attention gets Paid to You & Your aweing grand, in suPreme class & style manifestation

tons of smiles, soft swinging & Playing in nature, might of Your arms & wands, the bold beauty You are, the resPecT that nature shows to You, the beauty of mother earth, the heaven that only around You is ... Your P casa Pics shows all this so sumPT~uously

what a classy journey of Your P casa has been from the time You had written this Plog to now, so many more Divine PasTimes for one to see & admire

All colours that are Possible on earth are dePicTed in Your P casa Pics
All terrains, all weathers, all seasons, all living creatures ...

its aweing, all beautiful Your P casa !

so very tremendously beautiful You are ! in & out !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Handsome One

Unknown said...

They should know that there way of being perfect is not 'always perfect' sigh they didn't realise!! PT is natural and nature is always beautiful, doesn't require any man made makeup or tools to look beautiful!

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! such a powerful PoinT ! i bow !

Kṛtti kā said...

So true are all the comments here! Your PicTures are the best giPhT to ones eyes, ones sPiriT.
One sees what ugliness is, how rife it is in this world after seeing Your PicTures which are sublimely beautiful, full of soPhisTication and grace, PerfecT from every angle! You suPreme divinity shines and shines in every PicTure of Yours, You are so effortlessly attractive and charming, You are the most Photogenic being! One only is Philled with utter awe and wonder of Your ethereal beauty, One gets to see different asPecTs of Divine from every Pic of Yours!
There is only fakery, pretence and wannabe-ness in all other pics that are not Yours. Your Pics are genuine, unpretentious, full of naturality, they are a celebration of divine and nature!

It is only Your comPassion and grace that we have a chance to get a glimPse into Divines life, get to see real beauty and grace that is lost in this world full of hellishness! You Pics as a matter of PhacT are the greatest treasure to the beings here for elevating and rejoicing their senses in Your flawless PerfecT heavenly beauty!

i bow to the most beautiful one !
i bow at Your LotusPheeT /\

Kṛtti kā said...

Your PicTures have given one the eyes to see the beauty of nature, Your PicTures teach one how to acknowledge her! You PicTures show one the breathtakingly beautiful asPecTs of nature/elements! One gets to see sweet, tender and resPecTful interactions of You and PrakriTi! And one gets to behold true majestic beauty and magniPhicence of The Avtar! One gets to behold all this through Your comPassionaTe grace and benevolence! One is grateful for all that You so comPassionaTely and generously Provide!
i bow /\

sarah said...

it totally adds up how some people get lives where they are born blind when anyone who cannot appreciate Your divine loveliness is functionally blind. Your divine beauty redeems the world of vision and light and gives it meaning.

Gita said...

Small minds when given freedom to comment on something that they dont understand will result in a huge misstatement and nonsense.. So this be the PerfecT example of one...

Yes people grow up to understand things including me where the growth started from a small mindset to something better.. Hoping all small minds get a bit of sense to say or not say according to the situation...

i praise the "vamana" your 5 th Avatar here on bhumandal, now being the sweet 10 :) PTen :)

i praise the "pramshu" U having a huge aura

i praise the "amogha" U having a great purpose for coming down to Bhumandal

i praise the "suchi" u being the purest and clean

i praise the "urjita" your coherence being the supreme and the highest..

i praise the "Ateendra" You being the master of Lord Indra

i praise the "MAHANIDHI" you being the storehouse of knowledge

i praise the "VEDAKARTA" the source of vedic knowledge from whom we learn

i praise the "MAHASHAKTHIMAYA" your energies being boundless

i praise the "veerbhadra" the aspect in you who guards the dead

i praise the "MAHAYOGI" YOU who is so centered and our source to unify with

i praise the "VISHALAKSHA" you whose eyes are wide and aware.. <3

ki vernee said...

it is so crazy when beings take thousands of pictures of themselves everyday no one flinches ... but when a Being who is actually beautiPhul stylish humble and ego less take pictures beings get triggered lol ... it is a giPhT seriously to have You here to wash away all the ugly ... i bow respectfully

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

PbeauTy is unmatched. Only you rePresenT beauTy and grace in its PuresT form.

nicolas said...

your pictures are PerfecT, just like you
the Purity of your face shines like nothing else can
you are TruTh

i bow to you ShivNarayan

Ankeeta said...

Wow…Prabhu ParamaTma PT…Your glory is suPreme