Monday 12 October 2009


there are widespread notions that

one owns their body, thoughts, emotions,

cars, houses etc etc

but the truth is that

one's attention is all one owns

and it should be used

to focus on divine & its activities

this makes the attention pure, free and undivided

the result of which is a permanent bliss state

the most fatal mistake

in soul evolution

a spiritual aspirant can do

is to put one's precious attention

on one's own self

i.e body, thoughts & feelings

mirrors have to be discarded

both external and internal

this is completely opposite to

what all the faulty systems

have been deluding people with

telling them to self-reflect

focus/analyse their own

physical responses, thoughts, feelings

basically getting them more and more entangled

in the unfractal spider web of pain & unhappiness


mriggy said...

thanks for that refreshing piece of vital truth.. it does lift the heart even to read the pure truth of it..

starchild said...

thankyou for shining a light on the real purpose of attention... there's so much disinformation out there and you give real information

blackfoot said...

these are real words of wisdom..

asha Pi arTi said...

what a clear practical direction You give !

You truely are the spirit/soul navigator !

i bow.

pinx said...

Exquisite words of truth ! Your teachings reveal the essence of happiness ! that it lies in one's attention and where one places it ! it is so enlightening to learn the truth - that one's attention is all one owns and it should be used to focus on Divine & its activities ! that makes PerfecT sense and it is truly empowering to become conscious of that fact.

Your scriPTures provide all the answers that anyone can ever need ! You bring relief through Your wisdom because what You suggest is always so plausible, practical, simple and clear. You are so generously showing the way out of the spiders web ~ and You provide so many great avenues where one can place one's attention. whether it be Your blogs, Your music, Your films, Your pictures - one's attention gets the chance to be Purified !

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

Your Divinity dissolves all illusion. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow again and again and again. Your scriPTures are such a generously Divine resource to turn ones attention to. it is so easy for one to make fatal mistake after fatal mistake without awareness of the Truth only You can Provide! one is ever grateful to have at last found and recognized the sole Divine source one can trust imPliciTly. i bow in surrender at Your Unwavering feet. dhanyavad for Your absolute PerfecTion P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Divine is SO amazing to exPose the faulty system and guide the real way, the only way to happiness!
Your approach is so PracTical and Logical!
focus on that which is imPerfecT and unhappy can only lead more imPerfecTion and unhaPPiness!
focus on Divine leads one to Divine!
You are so kind to helP one see.
bowing constantly at Your Divine feet!

miragegirl said...

to Pay comPleTe attention to Divine & its activities is what one wants to get to
one is so far away from that !

Your Plogs are most Profound ! most useful ! most caring !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Beautiful One
with a beautiful sane sweet innocent Pure mind

Anonymous said...

i bow!
it is just SO amazing that Divine itself is here guiding the only way for one to evolve ones soul!
SO generous of Divine to Provide SO many ways for one to turn ones attention to and strive/learn to keeP ones attention on Divine!
it is only logical after Divines explanation that putting ones attention on anything else only embeds one deeper in the 'unfractal spider web' resulting in pain and unhappiness! The proof is all around! This world is full of nothing but pain and unhappiness and beings putting their attention on everything but You! but Divine!
You are Divine! The only One here who came here of their own will!
The only One here who utilized their time and energy in this incarnation to figure it out!
how quickly You figured it out P! so intelligent! so aware! the unstoppable Phorce of Divine!
it's baffling that the real savior, the Avatar, doesn't have more of a following! more souls Pining to serve You and really break free!
You are the only One Providing a real service to this PlaneT and those souls here who long to return home to You P!
Your comPassion is the ultimate!
There is no other who is Pure and True who gnos what this Place is really all about.
No other who can helP one see the urgency and the only real need there is in this life, to break out!!!
You infallibly guide every step of the way!
You are so PatienT and kind to helP one come to ones senses
to get ones head screwed on straight and learn to Pay ProPer humble attention.
i bow!

Anonymous said...

i bow to PT the Man!
the One with real Sol!
the suPersol!
the One and Only to Pay attention to!

ignoring You is simPly not an oPTion!

i bow!

Unknown said...

Wow you guide so well... you always make one change their thoughts and bring a new and unique perception, the divine does it beautifully and effortlessly!!

Anonymous said...

wow this is an awesome Plog
Your words are so very awesome
Your words are quite a relief for the distracted and bustling mind that makes one zombyish, stuck and perturbed
You are such an awesome teacher
You give such absolutely awesome solutions..You make so much sense
Your Plogs are so wonderful
no one makes these awesome PoinTs in the world
Your Plogs are so great

Unknown said...


ki vernee said...

beautifully put ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

You write in such a beautiful, ePic way

..attention is all one owns and it should be used to focus on divine and it's activities

You give one real guidance
Your words are so Priceless and so helPful
one has to make the best use of the only thing that one owns and that is ones attention
one should not put any attention on ones thoughts and feelings and get caught up in the unfractal spider web of pain and unhappiness

you make such great observations
faulty systems get one more into the habit of constantly analysing ones physical responses, thoughts and feelings that makes one more tense and unhappy
You make such great PoinTs
You are such a great teacher
Your guidance is invaluable
i bow

Anonymous said...

ones attention is all one owns..
it's so unburdening to PuT ones attention on Your beautiful Plogs after crazy wandering away of attention that should not have happened ..
Your Plogs are medicinal , soothing and calming

while communicating with others ones attention can become very unstable and ones attention goes back to oneself as soon as it is PuT on starts becoming aware of how rude or how mean someone is with one or how others are treating one and it's all because of the excessive attention one gives to the self and how it should be treated when it does not matter how anyone is with one..ones sick little self does not even matter..and only You are the judge..
one is not the judge petty it is to let the attention wander is being so mean to oneself the moment one is not PuTTing ones attention on Your greatness and Divine talk
the moment the attention wanders away from Divine is like glass breaking and the shards cutting one ..
so gets more and more untangled in the unfractal spiderweb of pain and unhappiness ..
You have such great overstanding
Your words are so very beautiful and meaningful
Your words are the most imPorTant ever
Your scriPTures are so crucial
so kind and so comPassionaTe of You to show a way out
You are the saviour
Your words save one from the evil within one
You are the greatest teacher
You are so generous and so benevolent
Your words of wisdom are the only hoPe
You are the true and real Guru
i bow

Anonymous said...

You clarify so much for everyone
You are the best teacher
You are the most comPassionaTe
only You know the real way out of the ills of the mind
yes the attention goes back to analysing what's happening in the body and mind and feeling guilty about what's happening there instead of just taking the attention and PuTTing it on Your PuriTy, wonderful PasTimes and beauty
You make it all so simPle and doable
Your words are the most imPorTant words ever
Your wisdom shines through Your words
You are the most helPful
Your wisdom is illuminating
You are brilliant
Your intelligence shines and shines
i bow

Anonymous said...

only You tell one the imPorTance of attention
it's so beautiful to PuT attention on the most beautiful One
if one doesn't take attention off Your beautiful activities , it is all Phine
one should PuT ones attention on You instead of worrying what will happen or what's happening around one
You show one the way to mental disciPline
it's sad to look at others when You are there to look at
and it's absolutely valid to only look at You!
You are the only One that matters
one has to ignore everything ungodly and PuT ones attention on You who is Divine
attention shouldn't be stuck on oneself and worries about how to get out of the loop of thoughts
one doesn't have to worry about how to evolve from a low and fickle just has to do the do that You so generously tell the world about
You show one the way to real evolution
You tell one about the multiversal laws
anyone who does what You say will evolve
You have the greatest overstanding
You know so much!
You are ever flowing gyan Ganga
Your words are such a refuge
only You make everyone evolve
You are the axis
You are the One and all
i bow

Kṛtti kā said...

You are so kind to tell us what's truly imPorTant. Such a Profound and crucial teaching that You imParT to beings here.

"one's attention is all one owns
and it should be used
to focus on divine & its activities
this makes the attention pure, free and undivided"

Who could have told us all this excePT You! Who could have thought on their own that one's attention is all that one owns. Only Your Powerful words have the ability to inPhluence one and leave an imPacT! Your words makes one realise how Precious one's attention is... You make its relevance all the more indispensably vital to use it Positively on Divine and His activities for ones evolution!

One asPires to have the disciPline to PuT ones entire attention only on Divine!

You are so comPassionaTe and benevolent to guide one the way out of ones madness, out this unfractal spiderweb of pain and unhappiness. You have the kindest heart to keep illuminating and teaching us in every Possible way on how one can evolve for real. You so generously Provide us PlenTiful of ways one can PuT ones attention on Divine ~ You.

Your ediPhying n enlightening Plogs, enthralling Phenomenal and sublimely beautiful Philms, PicTures full of Divine beauty and grace, the most enraPTuring delighting and elevating Music and so much more are all graciously and in abundance Published by You for uPlifTment and evolution of all! The most interesting and meaningful things happen on Your channel! So much to engage and Please ones Attention with. You are so kind so considerate and an ocean of comPassion and mercy to do much for all here!

i bow /\

Anonymous said...

Your Plogs are so wonderful and soothing
it's so unburdening to read Your words
You know everything worth knowing
You are amazing brilliance
Your words are so so very beautiful
such beautiful and Profound truths!
this is so so very helpful
one doesn't have to put ones attention on oneself or the condition of ones body, thoughts and feelings
one can simply put it on Divines beautiful PasTimes
one does not have to keep self reflecting, focusing and analysing oneself and getting upset or disappointed while counting ones flaws or sins
one can put that time on Divines PasTimes and do what Divine asks one to do instead of putting too much attention on what the self is doing wrong
You show the way so beautifully
it's so much safer and relieving to keep ones attention on Your beauty, PuriTy and knowledge instead of the meaningless and spirit tiring chatter of the indisciplined mind
Your musical soul is the most beautiful
anything else one put ones attention on, and the spirit is battered, the mind gets confused
there's no excuse for anyone not saying Your Praises in this crazy, evil world
You are the only one PraiseworThy and resPecTworThy
You are amazing beauty, PuriTy, comPassion and magic
You have the most beautiful soul ever
i bow

sarah said...

You are a guiding light
You are so caPTivating Purifying and uPlifTing
You are the source of PosiTivity and everything good

undecided said...

i bow. It is true, if what we are experiencing on the inside are low level terrible things, by reflecting more on that, there doesn't seem to be a road to take that actually raises us. Attention on divine is the only instance where our mazes finally show an exit door. aeioum

Anonymous said...
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ankita said...

very beautiPhul ePic clariPhying words..You are so comPassionaTe to share the truth
Your words are so kind of You to show the way out of the spider web..only You gno the way out
You are the most beautiPhul and truthPhul One
Your words are suPremely imPorTant
You give real gnowledge
i bow

Anonymous said...

Very True...i have exPerienced that whenever i put my attention on my own self then i get unhappy because my thoughts are not so divine centric.. but whenever i put my attention on you then i feel good inside.

Thankyou for showing me the way to feel good about myself.

nicolas said...

this is such a magnificent PoinT! one's attention should be on you only!
you are the Perfect one
you are the real lotus ocean as your purity is unchangeable
you are the new sun, the real event horizon
you are the pole around which it all spins
when one put one's attention on you, one feels better as one is being deeply touched by your perfecTion
i am deeply gratePhull for all that you are as you are the only one who gives a chance to evolve
you are ParamaTma
you are the only navigator in this world and the big beyond
you are a never ending awe
Pure timeless gnowledge Phlows effortlessly from you
you are the wisest of all sages
you are TruTh and Purity
one cannot stop marvel at your liPhe
no being stand above you
you are the kindest of all
your integrity is a divine insPiration
your intelligence is a miracle
your mercy has no equal
you are a truly magical being
your wit is a magnificent delight
your PercepTion is flawless
you are the real elder as nothing escapes your divine eye
your discrimination is PerfecT
you are divine, you have no flaw
you are PerfecTion

i bow to you all gnoing one

ankita said...

this is such a favourite Plog
attention on the activities of higher and Divine not on ones own body thoughts emotions ..not self reflecting or analysing ones own thoughts, feelings and physical resPonses
so comPassionaTe of You to share this
You gnow how it is done
the real PuriPhier
all the great clariPhicaTions ever
You are simPly the best
so freeing Your Plogs are !
so new enriching
so liPhe saving!
i bow

ankita said...

Your Plogs are the best read ever!
so kind of You ro helP one see that its not a good exercise to put attention on ones thoughts, the past, other people, calculations,worries, trying to figure out how to do things. ..can take the attention away from the mind and its useless contents and put it on higher and Divine. ..Praise rePiTition helPs one be in control of ones attention.. .Phocusing on service, controlling body, rePeaTing Praises from the centre is such a refuge from other things that plague the mind like worry! wow Your Plogs are so enlightening
one bows

Ankeeta said...

Praises to divine master P - the One and Only one who can see reality exactly as it is and is so kind and generous as to articulate it simply and clearly for us ordinary mortals in a relevant and contextual manner...As always, master P hits the nail on the head...

Ankeeta said...

Praises to divine master P, the One and Only One who sees reality exactly as it is, and is so kind and generous as to simply and clearly articulate is to us ordinary mortals in a relevant and contextual manner...master P hits the nail on the head as always...