Sunday 6 December 2009

what respect is

real respect is

is simply

giving more credence to

what a higher being has said


self's analysis

of that statement

its best to

not analyze at all

& listen

so that the words

permeate the whole being


which can only happen

by ignoring

self's incessant chattering noise


Anonymous said...

Every drop of your words are True.. Absolute Truth. Majestic
Divine Love

sarah anne said...

It is a relevation to have that defined properly, rather than relying on the inherently flawed dictionary. I bow.

pinx said...

Beautiful ! that is so Beautiful !

it is so great to learn what respect is ! Your teachings are the ultimate guide to correct conduct ! Your writings are sublime & can penerate one's being like no other !

such an inspiring way of being that You have educated us about ! it really motivates one to strive to be like this ! it really is the only way that makes sense for one to follow !

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow.

miragegirl said...

wow !
You teach us every PracTicaliTy to evolve ! You teach us what living actually is ! what a ProPer way of being is !
You are ultimately benevolent, ultimately caring !
one wants to only be around You ! serve only You !
i wish to become Your ProPer devotee

Anonymous said...

i bow!
only You who gnos can convery what real resPecT is!
only You can guide one toward ignoring the self's 'incessant chattering noise' so one can open up and listen to the One whos every word is imPortanT! whos every word is truth! to allow Divines words to PermeaTe ones being!
such a beautiful descriPTion! makes one Pine to exPerience such a state and remain in it!
it is most remarkable that there is One who is a free flow of Divine Truth! One who is beyond thought and a noisy mind.
One who is always focused! always objective! You are remarkable in every way P!
the one who only sees and sPeaks the Truth!
You are the One deserving of constant resPecT!
i bow!

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Elder

Unknown said...

One needs to be in humility to be respectful to the higher one!!

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! You are so right ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

yes one should not analyse what the higher being has said with ones faulty machine
one just has to give more credence to what the higher being is saying than self's analysis of it
You teach one to go the natural way
it's so much more sensible to listen to the suPerior intelligence than what's going on in ones lowly mind that can't figure anything out at all
You make all the sense
all one has to do is listen to You and do what You say
ones faulty mechanisms have led one to the wrong PaTh always
You show the right way
You show the correct way of being
without Your suPerior intelligence one would be lost
You are so coherent
You are the most suPerior
Your words of knowledge, wisdom and humor are such a joy
i bow

Kṛtti kā said...

Everything that You say is so right. You make so much sense.
Self's analysis is the worst thing that one does with an incoherent mind! It is so important to ignore ones incessant chattering noise. Everything You say is so true, so logical!
Only You teach what real resPecT is, You beautifully exPlain one in the best ways Possible for one to learn and understand Your Profound Teachings! Your words never go amiss, they always have an imPacT on one, You have such suPerior Power and influence when You sPeak or write or anything that You do!
Your words inspire one to change and better ones behaviour.
You have all the resPecT and Praises from all the elements/higher beings/real beings. You are the most resPecTable and PraiseworThy being here! Your words are ParamounT!
i bow

veena iyengar said...

beautifully said..

Gita said...

Yes our minds always chatter , it is best to listen to your sweet 16 voice rather than our unpleasant thoughts we are not quite there yet ...

i praise the "Vrishakapi" U PT who is here to uphold the Dharma

i praise the "Ameyatma" PT your reputation which cannot be measured ..

i praise the Vasumana" PT your heart which beats with a golden ratio..

i praise the "Satya" U PT is the Truth the only truth in this lok

i praise the "Sammita" U PT who is limitless unlike us who live in a limited lok

undecided said...

i bow. Kaliyug mind chatter is very harmful when trying to focus attention on divine. aeioum

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

A well PuT beauTiPhul Truth !

nicolas said...

this is so magnificent! your words are always the best words! you are so kind to share this definition! it is so important for oneself
you are PerfecT
your PercepTion and discrimination are flawless
one should always listen to you above all else
you are divine

i bow and surrender to you all gnoing one

Nithya said...

i comPleTely resPecT your sayings...
there is no thinking in my life anymore...its just following your sayings without analyzing..
because how come with this little brain i could analyse your huge huge perspectives ...
i have comPleTe faith, Trust, Hope(one and only hope), resPecT towards PT...

i bow to PT...

Frank108 said...

Praises to Your divine words P! through Your kindness, beautiPhul wisdom, and glorious examPle of living harmoniously with nature, beings have a real chance to evolve & Phind real lasting happiness ~ one is so gratePhul for Your heavenly Presence on this Plane ~ i bow