Sunday 25 April 2010

the only decision

there are

only 2 sides

in this world

'divine' & 'evil'

though many want it

there is no neutral ground

those not making a clear choice

are simply on evil's side

there is no being on both sides

at the same time either

any being trying to achieve that

would only torture themselves

in this time & age

most are born

into the evil side

& have to make a clear conscious


to step onto the side of divine

this step requires

humble proactivity

& a clear continuous stance

people think that

life is full of decisions

but in reality

this is the one & only decision

they have to make here

being on divine's side leads to real immortal bliss

being on evil's side leads to boredom/emptiness/pain/torture/hells


sarah anne said...

This blog makes it crystal clear: it really is a war, and one really does have to take a stand.

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan! You Truly make the decision a no brainer! ;)

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Your every word is so crucial for one to stand under, understand and live by! there is SO much in everything You scriPT and say! the most valuable and only Truth available.
You clearly show one what the only Real decision is to make in this life and the humble ProacTivity and stance one must continuously follow after one has made that decision.
it is most comPassionaTe and kind of Divine to Provide so many Real resources for one to turn to to keeP ones focus and attention on Divine in a world that is filled with nothing but lies and distractions.

one agrees with Sarah that this Plog makes it clear that we are living amidst a very Real war! You show that neutrality is not an oPTion, that trying to exist on both sides is only torturing oneself. You show how imPorTant, how vital it is for one to clearly choose to be on Divines side!

You are the highest and most Divine here to rid this world of evil! You are setting the record straight with nothing but the Truth in a world that has been and is being swayed by lies!

i bow!!!

miragegirl said...

Praising Divine is the way to go

PsingulariTy said...

under Divine's wings is the Place to be
You are The Refuge
for safe liPhe in the multiverse

Anonymous said...

i bow.
The Truth! Reaility! can only come from You! can only be found in Your scriPTures!
in all You say and in all You do!
it is vital and necessarry for one to recognize the reaility and truth of Your words!
'most are born
into the side of evil
& have to make a clear consious
to step onto the side of divine
this step requires
humble proactivity
& a clear continuous stance'

it is SO generous of Divine to helP one see the truth of the side one was born into
and that there is something one can really do about it!
that one must make a clear choice to step onto Divines side!
It is SO comPassionaTe of Divine to give beings here that chance to leave evil for real!
to give one that chance!
to make it clear that this is the one and only decision one has to make here!
and to make it clear what is required of one to make that step!

a life without Divine, not Praising Divine, not serving Divine is miserable.
There is no greater hell than being on evils side.
a hell one has wasted years of ones life trying to hide from and deny.

it is amazing that You are real P! That You, that Divine exists!
That being on Your side leads to real immortal bliss!
You are the only One in any world that is not too good to be true!
You are immortal everlasting Truth!
You are the highest and most Divine!
You are the home one Pines to return to.
to steP fully and clearly onto Your side is the only Place one want ever reside.
it is the only Place that is real!
it is the only Place to be.
one is so ashamed to have behaved like a stupid american muggle harkie and not been able to see the truth that was right in front of one and behave accordingly. such a crucial reminder for one how imPorTant, how vital constant humble proactivity and a clear contnuous stance are!
Divines PaTience, PiTy, mercy and kindness for ones miserable state is inexPlicably comPassionaTe.
i bow at Your magnanimous feet.
SO grateful for the chance in this life to fully and clearly make the the most imPortanT decision, the only decision there is to make!
i bow.

sarah said...

You are so gracious to provide so many chances to clarify the stance. You show the importance of clarity.

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

wow! what a Plog!
i bow to your beautiful lotus feet

Anonymous said...

You are clarity Personified
i bow

Anonymous said...

it's so Pleasurable to read Your beautiful and meaningful Plogs
You are so clear and You write with true aPlomb
You write so clearly
You are so beautifully Precise
Your words are truly great
i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! such a beautiful PoinT ! so much logic ! i bow

sarah said...

so nice of You to lay out what is required: humble pro-activity and a clear continuous stance

lana_33 said...
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ki vernee said...

it is so great to be on Divines side ... there is no happiness in siding with evil ... i bow respectphully 🙏❤🕉

Anonymous said...

You are decisiveness. You always make the right choices. You are the best decision maker.

nicolas said...

wow so important! this is so kind of you to make this very clear! your words are the best words
you are delivering TruTh is the mosT Profound way! the clarity you bring into one's mind is priceless
no being has your level of care for the world! you are the highest insPiration one can have
you never stop to impress and one can never get tired of you as all that you are is PerfecT

i bow to you supreme lord

Nithya Gopalan said...

You are the real Treasure ...
You say the Truth in a simple manner , yet it conveys the greatest message ever ...
You showered the divine light upon us ...
i Bow to PT’s PheeT...


ankita said...

wow truth that echos on in into eternity forever ...
one bows