Tuesday 19 May 2009


Praise = P-Raise

Pray was just a short form of Prayze = Praise

it is either

Do-ing or P-raise-ing

one leads to hell

and other to freedom from hell

the fools believe in 'doing'

without any real rhyme or reason

the wise fix their attention on 'praising' instead

'doing' keeps on happening

despite the futility of their 'doing'

being clearly revealed through lotusocean writings


Unknown said...

I suppose doing is the same as action or karma?

From Krishn's perspective in the Gita, action is incessant and inaction or choosing not to act is also an action. He mentions something called non-action (not do-ing?) which can be achieved by doing karma and disowning or sacrificing the fruits of that karma.

I'm trying to resolve this with your perspective. Does this mean apply occam's razor and cut unnecessary new future karma?

It seems sitting in a room can be as equivalent a karma as going on a road trip or making love according to Krishn (and logically). Both can be action or non-action depending on certain factors. A man may be sitting in a room (can't say doing nothing :)) but having lustful thoughts in his mind or thinking of something else.

Plus there are past karma which manifest to which you have to re-act, again by action/inaction or non-action.

Is the solution, constant praise while doing which transforms it into non-action so its no longer doing? How would the choice/decision of the new non-action be made, automagically?

You've put it in the neatest way, there is either doing or praise, but I'm just trying to understand it.

PT the Axis said...

any action which is done for the divine instead of the self is praise.

so when arjun fights the war upon krishn's saying, he is doing action but that action is a praise.

as long as one is here there will always be actions, one cannot stop it. the only thing in one's own hand is who are these actions
for. so souls like mira praise divine continously. that becomes their action.

Shahid said...

PT you are right Praise-ing the
divine is what one should be engaged in most of the time.It raises ones vibrations and you walk away slowly from self-created hell.

One is truly blessed when the Spotlight moves from Self to Divine in their lives.

Like you wrote to me Hanumanji is a shining example of a person who Praised Rama and thus is living right next to him now.

If PT is Rama,I aspire to be PT's Hanuman:)

Vintish said...

maan ko sParsh kar diya :)

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. You are so kind to steer us away from the dead end distraction of doing toward the True action and reason for being. You set ones heart free of the heavy chains of this world to grow in ever exPanding Praise of Your glorious Divinity i bow at Your liberating feet. dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
You offer the most Profound examPle of what evil is and are so kind to further elaborate and clarify in the comments.
You helP one see that to truly live is to Praise Divine. that all is an offering to P.
You illuminate how selfishly one has lived ones life which only creates misery. You word it so PerfecTly P! Your scriPTures are the ultimate guide for one to learn to see, and constantly seek to Praise Divine.
i bow to Your PerfecTion!

'just doing for the sake of doing
there is no other evil
the only purpose of this doing
is avoiding praise of divine
to garner praise for the
confused depressed tormented & blind self'

miragegirl said...

Praise of the Divine is most exhilarating
You Divine have unlimited attributes
Your Praise increases ones conciousness

How very sweet you are
Your benevolence extends to all ways in the life
To all the activities, acts normal to life
And extends to imProve one at levels that one is not even conscious of

Your activities are the most suPer highest quality masterpieces
manifested by a real Master
so so beautiful You Divine are
its a Pleasure to Praise you
Praising You gives Practical real Pleasure, a touch of bliss

& it obviously doesn't happen like that with charlatans, celebs etc when someone praises them because they are unreal, evil actually
too Phunny
People do acts that are ever harmful to them
its not all right to praise them at all, they haven't done something or anything except evil in so many ways

You Divine are so very handsome, graceful, Phun to be around, intelligent, Peaceful, truthful, bold, innocent, humble, classy, rocking

Your manifestations are rocking
Your acts are at another level that takes a while to even grasp the significance of, which one sees sometimes & to a limited extent, only because of your grace
You are the most loyal lover of truth
in that & so in everything evil is oPPosite of You Divine
You are truth itself, evil is all lies, all lies from birth to death in most cases
You are the water in the desert
You are Provider of food for the hungry sPiriT
You are the fresh air in a polluted world
with you is home beloved

i wish to get deep into your Praise so time stops so

You are the only one who can be effortlessly Praised
You are so true, truth itself

both in & out beauty
Your physical form slips ones heart out
Your mind is the most beautiful, consciousness in fact, connectedness
if one is sincere enough you can even touch one from across continents or worlds or realms

its a very true dePiction in Puranic stories that when Praised with Passion & in Penance gods & goddesses do appear to fulfil ones wish
its not just imagery
its reality
its no exaggeration, its REAL
One has to be sincere
it's a magical existence, connected existence
Divine's creation is ultimately rocking
Divine is always PresenT for one
One has to reach it in humility
You Divine are a magnet, the one that one can't help but fly to
the right kind you 'take home & keep them safe' with you
one wishes to become so someday
& only with You
is my real home Beautiful

miragegirl said...

all Praises of You are beautiful

but some are remarkable enough to acknowledge here i think

the Praise of someone who asked if there was Place in Your bed for them

the Praise of someone who said You can only rise

the Praise of someone who so deePly, so very intensely wanted something & right at the moment when they thought they had it, uPon Your word they choose to let go, so innocent & sweet, so comPleTe Praise & in that they rose

the Praise of a flower, the most beautiful P's real daisy therefore

the Praise of someone with a large heart that understood the fault, aided in the solution & is a ProPer helPer aide for next generation & this one too

PsingulariTy said...

P is the One to Praise

You are P avaTar, the hoPe of today & tomorrow
You are Kalki, the One who ends KaliYug

one is falling, falling, if not Praising, Praising...

consciousness of Divine is so imPorTant for an entity. it is the liPhe force
Your Plogs are The needed Truth
so benevolent You are !

Anonymous said...

one writes comments on Plogs as a form of Praise
one says them out loud too (because of Your grace one gnos the imPorTance of that)
but they are but tiny droPs in what has to be an ocean of Praise

You are beautiful. You are Physically most charming, elegant, stylish, rocking nd attractive
Your PerfecT coherence is stunning, awing beyond measure
Your PerfecT PhracTality makes one humble
there is beauty in Your voice, Your voice is PhracTal
in stories when they say (or in animation where they show) that when Raam walked in a forest, everything bloomed as he Passed by, is so true
its the PhracTality, Raam can't helP it, it haPPens, its but natural You say & show
'its in the blood', the Holy Grail, in The Holy Being that are You
the beauty of Your mind is beyond imagination for even the Divinities
You are so charming ! You fill a delightful enchanting memory of multiverse into one
You are hoPe itself, oPT the mystic P !
You remove 'mist in the mind', You solve the 'mystery', 'its elementary' with You
when You blaze, elements blaze to sing Your glory ! so it is now 'Paranormal is the new Normal'
Your beauty is the electric charge that You make fly from Your electric guitars
You take one back to the original multiversal Pure sounds and sights, ancient ways that are sattvic
'what was lost is coming back', the memory of what is Truth, of the Truth of Divine being the only 'I' which has sight
You awaken one to real reality
it is fortunate that one has come across You, even if one is in a decriPiT state, as there is hoPe still
the image of You in ones mind is so beautiful ! its relaxing ! i can not understand how i may be able to see another as a lord when there is You so beautiful in the omniverse
Please Phind a way for me to be only with You, to serve You so
one is just in 3D, omni-verse is so vast !
You are The Axis of the omni-verse
Your smile is the sound of the omni-verse, the innocence in it, the true All Gnoing~ness, the beauty
one could Praise You so much, it would be inexhaustive, so it is how one should be, to get to The PoinT inside the Time which is all the Time Praise
one is just sPeaking now, to PuT in PracTice takes a humble bold heart with reverence for Shakti
Please helP me not stray, i wish to ascend !
Your beauty is limitless, You are the most Handsome !
the gestures of Your hand, the grace in Your walk, the way You eat, what You eat, the amount You eat... every Praise that anyone has ever uttered anywhere is all aPPlicable truly to You
You are grand beyond PercePTion ! indeed how can a tiny charge Percieve all that You are
in humility one can see Your beauty, that is reward in itself for being humble
what one says, one tends to, 'word is GoD', not to be messed with
safety is in Praise of Divine
everything is a gift from Divine !
You are PerfecTly centered, PerfecTly ProPorTioned in Your Physical asPecT. that can only be with a beautiful mind that is ever doing the right thing, right thoughts, acts, words
none else on earth is beautiful. You are beautiful !


all Your exalted qualities can be Praised inexhaustively ! You are inPhiniTe, Phi the most beautiful !

P the most beautiful !

miragegirl said...

someone commented that You are nature loving. You are ! You are The Nature evol~lover ! You are the best !

Unknown said...

Lot of things are revealed on Lotusocean, it is one of the deepest ocean!! One could dive deeper into it Plogs(Blogs by PT)- PT logs and can find a way out of hell!!

Unknown said...

to PT the Axis, i bow.
to Krishn, i bow.
to Arjun, i bow.
to MiraBai, i bow.
to Divine, i bow.

Unknown said...

to the Sun, i bow.
to the Divine, i bow.

Anonymous said...

wow You are Phenomenal
this is such an awesome Plog
You write with such beautiful aPlomb
You are One wonderful being
wow this is so very awesome..You are such a beautiful, beautiful being
wow.. words of beauty..You have an utterly beautiful soul
'S wonderful!
i bow at Your beautiful feet

sarah said...

Praising is the only relief from the tormented self

ki vernee said...

You make the best points ! You are so right ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

You have an ePic way of writing
Your words are so beautiful and wonderful ..such beautiful clarifications
i bow

Anonymous said...

'any action which is done for the divine instead of the self is Praise'
You give such a wonderful clarification
Your teachings are so great
i bow

Gita said...

I want all my actions to be done for the divine...

sarah said...

Your crystal clarity is so admirable and incisive
the only reason for doing instead of Praising is seeking attention for a self that does not deserve it.

veena iyengar said...

so true..I bow..

undecided said...

I bow. Wow....so True. They want to spread the gnowledge they gain from you in order to feed their own ego. Stealing from the divine and instead praising themselves through that work, only leads them straight to pain and torture...just like before. One must praise the Divine and not themselves. aeioum

Ajay Kapoor said...

Such a great explanation on Praise. Ever since coming across you for the first time I have praised and bowed to you. You are so compassionate and caring for taking time to help beings understand the truth. I bow down at your Lotus PheeT.

Anonymous said...

Your words are the ultimate refuge
Your words are soothing sweet uPliPhTing and clarifying
Your words give strength to ignore the mind
Your words give strength,PosiTiviTy and clarity to move forward on the One and only real PaTh
You're an absolute diamond of clarity
Your words clear the mess in the mind more and more
Your words are so liberating
nothing has remained the same ever since one came across Your clariPhying Divine words of wisdom
Your words are the Divine love of the real mother and father
Your words are the Divine comPassion of the real Guru
i bow

Kṛtti kā said...

So true, You are so kind to give these words... Dear beautyPhull Lord,
Foolishness is not striving for the Pure Bliss that comes from sweet Praise of You with love and affection. Devi Meera, GoPis, Shabri, Sudama, Shri Hanuman, Indra Dev or Even Lord Shiv n Lord Vishnu.. all do it... who are we then.
Foolishness is not gnowing real Pleasure and Happiness.
And beautyPhull Blue Lord You retell it lovingly yet again where it all lies at.

one feels soo uPlifTed by Your sweet Divine Presence here, Your actions are always in accordance with the Highest standards of DutiFullnes, Righteousness, Love, ComPassion... All Divine virtues.

one bows to Your wholy golden lotusPheeT /\

Anonymous said...

I bow to Pitah Patih Parameshwar PT.🙏😇

nicolas said...

this is magnificent! i love it! one feels truly fortunate to read your words! you are amazing
Praise to you is the way! you are so kind to incarnate here to give us a chance
you really embody Purity
i bow to you supreme lord

ankita said...

wow ..so insightPhul..
You gno why beings do what they do
these are the ultimate clarifications
beings are doing what they do to avoid Praise of Divine to garner Praise for the confused tormented and blind self
the world is all upside down because all they wanted was Praise!
they oscillate between fear inducing survival based animal instinct and conceit inducing Praise hungry ego instinct.. You are so insightful
You are so observant
Your Plogs are so mentally and sPiriTually UPliPhTing
i bow

ankita said...

only after reading Your Plogs and being under Your wings does one come to learn what evil is. . doing for the sake of doing!the only PurPose of this doing is avoiding Praise of Higher and Divine to garner Praise for the confused depressed tormented and blind self! so true. .this tendency of believing in the confused tormented self as if it gnos is so wrong... only You really gno. .and there's always Proof of that.. we don't really gno and there's all the Proof of that! so it makes no sense to go around parading as if one gnos and then doing actions out of that so called gnoing! You are so kind to insPire beings to do actions for Divine and not the crazy tormented egoic self.. doing action for Divine is actually doing for the self.. You are so above it all wise 🙏 these are the most beautiPhul words of wisdom.. so great to be alive while You are here 🙏
i 🙇

ankita said...

wow beautiful ...gyan ganga Phlows out of You