Wednesday 13 May 2009

word essences

around 10 years ago

i started to breakdown words

especially in the english language

to get to their real meaning

their essence sotospeak

like 'biology' for instance

could be broken down into


or O2 logic

or oxygen logic

makes sense when one realizes

biology relates to study of

oxygen based lifeforms

many of lotusocean blogs carry this

word dissection

compassion became com-passion - 'complete passion'

& so forth

before you know it

steps in the imitation machine

and soon it is fashionable to breakdown words

for the sake of breaking them down

now we see people randomly

cutting them off wherever they please

whether this leads to any clarity

in relation to the word meaning

is not any of their concern

just another case of turning

a meaningful exercise

into a pointless joke/fad

instead of just humbly learning

reducing everything to their own

nonexistent standards


JacLee said...

Your breaking down and analyzing words has been a big help. Writing my own blogs has stopped, and I have slowed down so much thanks to you Dear One, and am so grateful. i bow...

Anonymous said...

i bow to the masTer of etymology and beyond. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Unknown said...

You set the standard for scholarship. muggles can guess, but You are the only source to turn to when anyone wants to gno.

miragegirl said...

You are the most intelligent Man on the PlaneT
The Intelligence of Multiverse
the Bird brain, the one that can fly

one more of Your Phun & full of meaning activities
teaching us what things are in a clear Phun, full of meaning way

You are the essence of everything Proper & good in the world & multiverse
the one with comPleTe Passion, P the Axis, Perfection on so many levels
Full of Power, PoTent, PracTical PersonaliTy for one to Praise

Your best Praises are the ones that elemnetals give You
that where beings in their affection for You, dissolve their self in & accomodate You
the way life should be
all other Praises are but Precursors to be like that

Praise is a tonic i am addicted to in writing
Praise is what i feel getting addicted to from mouth
Praise is what i want to be capable of doing in act

P You insPire one
You make one rise
You are lovely, lordly, enticer of hearts of females

no wonder whether one is married (males not being males) or single or crazy or dePressed or calm or ...
How can any female not want to be with You when it comes across You
its so aPParenT now
its not some crazy emotional talk, its the Truth, its what females are suPPosed to do or tend to

The Saviour of genepools
The golden hearted, decorated deep eyed One with smiles that are trance inducing
Lord of Multiverse
You Are Divine

Anonymous said...

i bow!
how humbling it is to learn that 10 years before Divine shared this Plog Divine had been breaking down words!
since 1999!
it is You who have always led the way!!! everything Divine has done in Divines life has been SO meaningful!!!
so far ahead and truly Progressive and evolutionary!
it is only You who can get the root of the meaning of a word!
only You who can see a word for what it truly is, and why it is that way and gno how it should be used!
one can only come to a real understanding of words by learning from You!
its SO generous all the real dePhiniTions Divine shares in Plogs!
the real education and oPPorTuniTy for true higher learning that You Provide!
it is so kind that Divine gives beings here a chance to humbly learn rather than continue in disgraceful acts of turning that with true meaning into something meaningless.
You word it SO PerfecTly as always
'reducing everything to their own nonexistent standards'
its so kind of Divine to bring this un natural and non divine inclination to ones attention so one can avoid continuing being one of the ignorant and disrespectful herd falling into that hellish Paradigm!
You are the One being here with True gnowledge!
the only One qualiPhied to educate!
the only One who can PoinT out and show the 'anti divine experiment' this Place has become and guide beings back toward Divine!!
You and Your Presence on this Earth is the only thing which should be honored and resPecTed!
i bow!

PsingulariTy said...

'non-existent standards' indeed

You are The Word
Your every word is always True ! Magnanimous ! You are The Magha
'Word is GoD'

You are The Saaouund
You are The Real Aeioummm

Unknown said...

Be it anything but, you would bring it to our notice what's going on in the world? I really admire your ways for everything!!

Unknown said...

to the Meaningful, i bow.
to the Divine, i bow.
to the Source, i bow.
to your Blogs, i bow.

Astro said...

Your P logs are The greaTesT gifT To humaniTy.. I bow To Thee PT.. Aeioum..

ki vernee said...

You are so smart ! i bow !

Vaishali thaker said...

you are so smart, intelligent & proactive, there is no one in this world who can compete with you, you are so witty.. your word disection is truely amazing, i have learned from you the importance of using words, one needs to be alert & aware while speaking words from their mouth as words program the mind.. i bow 🙏

Ajay Kapoor said...

Having seen many of your interviews where you break down words into their true meanings had me astonished. Your mastery in the language is absolutely great, you are so gnowledgeable, you have made so many beings realise the truth, I bow down at your Lotus PheeT.

Kṛtti kā said...

No one just no one can ever come close even by million lightyears to what You are, forget about copying You!
the mistake of trying to copy You is absolute absurdity!
Your intelligence is so humbling and wowing... So brilliantly with such Phine eloquence You bring out the real essence of every word/Phenomenon and everything. Your words are a must read, like 1000 times as You say, they are totally totally worth it! Your coherence is suPreme! Your Plogs are the best start into learning to stand under You most beautyPhull one /\
bows to Your golden lotusPheeT /\

nicolas said...

wow very important P log! the way you break down words beauTiPhully changes one's Perception of things! you bring out the real essence, that is impressive
no being can copy divine, it does not work! no imperfect being can do what you can do since you are Perfect!
you are amazing!

i bow to you supreme one