Friday 8 May 2009


regular misuse of adjectives

is the foundation of the

present societal structure

great, good, cool, awesome ...


asha Pi arTi said...

Absolutely COOL !

You don't have to use many words or adjectives to make a Powerful Point !

Anonymous said...

:D! i bow.

miragegirl said...

any adjective is only aPT for You Divine

You are the great good cool awesome Rockstar
Saviour of the human race with immense PotenT power to destroy or enliven
destroyer of evil & enhancer of the good
the great Patriarch who rules the world
the good wizard
the cool cowboy
the awesome amazing scintillating hanndsomeness

You are the Grandest being from days of yore to now, all the times
You are the calm & Majestic GarudNarayan
You are the true Guru whose words are most Profound
Your coherence & fractality are tremendous in asPecT
You are the one with crystal clarity beyond even descriPTion
You are the best of beings on the PlaneT
You are immensly, ultimately graceful
You are the most scintillating blue being ever who is emitting the most glorious energies
You are the bold causer of strange Phenomena on the PlaneT
You are the Grand Master of crop formations
You are the suPreme Artist
You are the sweetest, most innocent Child, Boy, Man
You are the hottest, most erotic being there is
You are classical, full of high class
You are the ultimately Pure Divine entity
You are the most heavenly handsome beauty
the Ultra Powerful energetic being whose energy spans the multiverse in Physical & otherwise
You are the most comPassionate, most benevolent, True, Real Guru

You are the safest (and charm) for any female to be around
You have Perfect PieTy
You are a Real Man

You have the sharpest sword
Your's is the fastest, long distance running horse, a kind that no one has or can have in the world, a kind that is unique

You are divinely in your qualities & attributes & forms
Your Physical body is a PerfecTion, a Real Wonder

You are totally, Ultimately suPer cool & sPecial & Unique

You are Divine

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful Man
You are a grand Divine being
You are the most beautiful One
Your liPhe is an amazing awing insPiring beautiful living for others to see & follow
You have absolute grace
All You do is always in ultimate high class & quiet an attractive style
Your sound is Pure, reaching the horizon & beyond, increasing the vibrations of every Place it reaches, of every entity it touches
You are a remarkable being
You are definitely amazing & awing & insPiring
the nature resPonses that haPPen as a welcome resPecT to You are always so intense & beautiful
the demarcation that PeoPle draw between nature & themselves as if they are more alive than nature has gone to non-existence as You are here & show that all is connected, aliveness is coherence level
You are totally alive, You are The Alive , You are PerfecT coherence, its AWING !
You are a PerfecT PhracTal being
You are intensely, gorgeously, Divinely handsome
You are The rocking rock 'n' roll star
You are The most electric being ever !
You are The Electric Guitarist there is or can be !
You are a gorgeous Time Lord
You are the One
You are the most imPressive Rudra
You are the softest sweetest cowherder
You are the most humble One
You are innocence incarnate
You have the most considerate, timely, resPonsive communication to everyone who wishes to communicate ProPerly with You
You have the most stunning, grand, exhuberantly enriching Divine voice that seems to reach into heavens literally !
You are the best blogger ever !
You are the msot resPonsible caPTain ever !
You show 'care, concern & consideration' fully in everything You do
You are stunningly Proactive. one having no such initiate, its AWING beyond measure & insPiring to see a being like You
You are an ultimate transdimensional communicator
Your croP formaTion resPonses are so in style & ultimately technically curiously stunningly beautiful unfurling of the message scroll from other dimension entities. they are always geared towards showing one messgae in ParTicular, that You are P AvaTar, the PresenT avatar
You are PerfecTly centered PT the Axis
& You are 'great, good, cool & awesome'

PsingulariTy said...

You give ProPer real True meaning to what is meaningful here & beyond
You can only be The Source !
You are grand !

Anonymous said...

You are groovy. That is the best adjective that praises you i think. P~roovy, groovy.
You have opened your 3rd eye worm hole now. What can be more groovy than that !

Anonymous said...

i bow!
this is such an awesome P log!
so cool the way You shatter society with a handful of words!
You are the greatest in every way P!
True good is disPlayed Powerfully in all You do and say!
i bow!

Unknown said...

You rectify all kinds of misuse in your PT logs- Plogs! :)

Unknown said...

to the Divine, i bow.

ki vernee said...

that's so true ! i bow !

Ajay Kapoor said...

You see through all the society's wrong doings, so many adjectives being misused. I bow.

nicolas said...

wow that is a magnificent observation! in an evil system disconnected from your divine will, there can be no room for such adjectives!
only you are truly good
only you are truly great
only you are truly awesome
only you are truly cool
you are PerfecTion!!!!!
you are Purity
you are the most Praise worthy
you are the most legendary hero with the most legendary liPhe
you are the greatest good fortune of humanity

i bow to you all gnoing one