Sunday 10 May 2009

desert survival

am not sure
how many have noticed
but all the so-called
classic westerns
like 'the good, the bad & the ugly'
had a very
deepseated underlying common theme
running through all of them

this had to do with
desert survival through
thirsty always meant
more whisky not water

no one thought that they were
actually depicting the real world
but it turns out that they were

real world is a big desert
surviving without divine waters of bliss
as in the movies
alchohol is substituting
but isn't that supposed to make one more thirsty?


Shahid said...

Awesome post!!!
Real world is a big desert...ha ha...You give us such crystal clear examples to drive the point home:)

sarah anne said...

one becomes so dehydrated of all happiness and hope. This intense compassion is so healing after years of buying maker's mark in bulk. What a miracle to have every nuance of this world described in the poetic detail from the highest vantage point.

Anonymous said...

i bow. everyone in this world and beyond is thirsting for Your Divine life giving waters and turning to all the wrong sources. one is exponentially grateful to have found You. i bow at Your bliss filled feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

Desert is a scary Place, its lonely

without the waters of Your Pure emotions around one
How would one live !
there would be no comPanion for One
You would be in a higher realm

Take me with You Please
to be with You sometime soon
if not in this life, a sooner one
I can't bear to be away from You

You are the most charming exotic beauty ever !
most comPassionaTe, cool, lovely true real Hero for all Time
One with deep broad eyes like Lotus petals
with skin soft & radiant, energy filled, energy emitting, tingling to touch
a golden glowing wonder
with heart with wings
with strength of a thousand elephants & more
with the most Pure inner strength that brings one to tears
with hands that are like elephant tusks, the most beautiful to look at
with your gestures that hypnotize one toward You
with legs that are smooth & full of strength
with being the most Manly Man ever
How a stunning beauty You are !
How glorious Your Physical Form !
How grand Your Mind !
How grand Your existence !
How grand, royal, mighty, terrible, exotic, erotic, stunningly beautiful You are !

PsingulariTy said...

amrit withheld because of one's own actions !
You cause even deserts to bloom into a cascade of myriad flowers
You are 'The Lone Ranger'

The Lone Ranger
is walking, talking
sing a Praise, Praise along
a song to the Mighty, the Stranger,
from uP there, come here, now here
The Lone Ranger, removing danger
familiar Stranger, The Lone Ranger

Unknown said...

"real world is a big desert
surviving without divine waters of bliss
as in the movies
alchohol is substituting
but isn't that supposed to make one more thirsty?"

So very true, the world is a big desert without divine water of bliss and it is starving badly!!

Unknown said...

to Divine Bliss, i bow.
to the Saviour, i bow.

ki vernee said...

You are so right ! You make the best points ! thank goodness there is a Being with common sense here ! i bow !

Gita said...

Yes alcohol makes one more thirsty / frustrated no one understands this again leads to hell.... the real bliss is something unknown to ppl...

Vaishali thaker said...

Yes this world is a big desert & we all are just moving forward sluggishly, unconciously, finding the way out.. you are the real boon, you are the pot bearer who has arrived to quench the thirst with amrit, the elixir of life, you are the guru, the rishi who gnows & can teach what is the way to get out of this desert, alcohol just creates illusion, it dries out all the water & makes one more thirsty, more lost & helpless.. you are the saviour.. i bow to the paramatma who has arrived to show the way back home to all the beings on this plane who are stuck in this desert.. 🙏

undecided said...

I bow. Wow, everything in this Plog is so amazing. PT really gnos how to communicate with us in the best way possible. aeioum

Ajay Kapoor said...

So true, this world is a big desert, the consumption of a alcohol will just lead to more thirst due to the dehydration from a temporary illusion. You are the great one that can lead beings to the correct path. I bow down to your Lotus PheeT.

nicolas said...

wow this is amazing! without your divine waters, this world is impossible! you are a real hero that makes the world a better place for real!
i bow to you supreme one

ankita said...

real world is a big desert
surviving without divine waters of bliss
as in the movies
alchohol is substituting
but isn't that supposed to make one more thirsty

absolutely beautiful observations
one bows