Sunday 10 May 2009

the main allergy

different people are allergic to

different kinds of things

but one thing which most people

on the planet

have an instant aversion to

is not any germ or bacteria

it is 'the divine'

one might argue that

they don't even gno what divine is

so how can they be allergic to it ?

the solution to this dilemma

lies in a simple practical test -

take any western female to india

and give her the option of

5 taxi drivers to choose from

to drive her

from the airport to the hotel or wherever

she is most likely to choose the

shadiest one

divine even by laymans definition

rests in the good

and the most good, honest, sincere one

will be ignored

this allergy is in the blood

it is in the genes

it comes from the forefathers

and their allergy to divine

most are not conscious enough to

rise above this inbuilt aversion

most don't even give themselves a chance


Shahid said...

"have an instant aversion to
is not any germ or bacteria
it is 'the divine'"

Another Fantastic post.

a* said...

absolutely genius fun awe-inspiring perspective... you floor one all the time with the wit and humour and examples you choose to make your point! and the consequences of having this allergy could not be clearer now: unabatedly choosing shadiness over integrity!!! unbelieveable that one has made that choice repeatedly but it is so true!

you even point out the root of the problem - the ancestors - You have such insight and clarity about the situation and as always, provide the alternative: stop having aversion to divine and bow down right away!

really appreciate the many angles from which you point out the importance and relevance of this soul saving wisdom! it is the only chance one has!!

narayan narayan!

sarah anne said...

Wow, this is such a valuable, underrated point. There is so much bullshit theorizing behind this allergy as well.

I was trained to believe that anything sketchy/shady is "more authentic". The first time someone mentioned that happiness is as "real" as suffering it seemed heretical, and took a while to sink in.

This blog really emphasizes crazy, foreign concepts like common sense. I bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad for brilliantly exPlaining how our forefathers feeble choices and tendencies affect our own. You are most gracious to Provide True guidance to lift us above the lies we were born into. i bow at Your all gnowing feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

aversion to Divine is an indescribable vice
it so is

ones own actions & existence comes to mind
of ones own non-humility

You are the most charming cowherder
The Drummer from Heaven who is calling in Divine tune
The beats are increasibly loud & clear & foreboding

one not wanting to be with You in anyway is spreading their arms & asking evil to emrace them

quiet cruel & unnecessary & stupid than wanting to be enveloPed by Your energy, by

a charm, an amulet is the gnowing that one is PoTected who serves you
sPace & Time even wrap to make that haPPen
such is the Magic of your magical world

You make ones life haPPy by your vibrations
(indeed haPPy has a reason to have two P's in it, more the P, more the haPPy)
its laying on soft satin life that you present one
or a promise of one for future is still present ...

when your fingers touch a drum for a split second & produce the sound, the lightness of your touch is like the lightning stroke from the sky that the lord of lightning hurls
its the same in everything, when you touch a being with your exquisite show & grace of your PuriTy, its the same light touch that repairs ones genes by tingling them

You are matchless in everything you do

You are the most colourful being there is
blue & Pink of Lotus Ocean are ever PresenT in the sky
You are the golden bodied radiant one to whom lesser colors as well as darker shades are comPanions
You are the one with magical Blue Agni
Your 'body carries all the shades

of all the races on this planet

from dark to yellows to browns to reds'

You are the Red soil chid
You are a combination of North & South & East & West in that You are the center of all of them
You are all the colours that would be representative of all the directions
You are the center of all colours , where all of them merge
You are the most colourful rainbow

All PaThs eminate from You & merge into You
You are the center of everything
the heart of the world of Divinity, the higher realms are all in tune with You
more the sweetly tuned, more the higher realm
You are the heart of the multiverse
so so so very comPassionaTe of you to actually be an avatar on earth

i wish to shout to everyone, ask them if they are listening
(its not that the intranet will not make them gnow)
i can't helP it, its such an eventful, such an imPortanT haPPening of the now
You are the most imPortanT being on the PlaneT which is an understatement in itself
Your manifestations are the only things for one to concentrate on the internet

its time to listen, find release & rest

infact i do not even need to beat a drum

the waves that have come now are too intense for a change not to happen
too Pure & benevolent & showing Proper PaTh waves that would enliven by showing You to everyone

'travel with P is travel in ease

sPace & Time
rhythm & rhyme' on so many levels

one has to hold on to the sight of the sParkling, radiant, invaluable, the only One Gem of the Multiverse
& travel on Truth PaTh for ever & ever in honest aniticiPaTion toward it
the Ray are calling of the Sun that is that Gem, the NewSun
& they light the paTh more & more as one aPProaches closer

How charming You are !

How luxurious Your existence ! How immense it is !
No wonder Lord Narayan is PoTrayed as resting on Sheshnaag
because only You can rest

Jai to Lord Narayan
All Praises to the most sweet, stunningly beautiful, caPTivator of hearts PT

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Real Allergist
'the Physician skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies'

the One who has seen & is showing how 'most people on the planet have an instant aversion' to the Divine

Your Plogs are rejuvenating herbs that have the Power to cure all allergies

Unknown said...

Only you could cure such allergies, you're the Divine- the highest of all, the eldest, the enlightened one!!

Unknown said...

to the Divine, i bow.

Unknown said...

to Narayan, i bow.

Anonymous said...

so awesome of You to share that aversion to Divine can come from the genes
we need to rise above our genetic impulses
so awesome of You to show the way

ki vernee said...

this is so true ! You make the best points ! i bow !

Gita said...

We / I want to be conscious enough to rise above the inbuilt aversion to divine..

We ask your help in the same ... We bow down to you and seek your blessings..

Ajay Kapoor said...

Such a thought provoking PLog, as you have stated most beings are not conscious enough to
rise above this inbuilt aversion, with the majority not even giving themselves a chance. A being needs to be alert and conscious and focus their attention towards the higher and divine, after which praise/bow/serve will naturally flow. This is the only way a being will evolve. I bow down to your Lotus PheeT.

undecided said...

I bow. Genepool has made it that no where in their blood, they can recognize sincerity, divine, ect...Any evil aura is just looked past because they can't see what's in front of them. If we all truly saw what was in front of us, then every face streaming through mass media would be exposed...aeioum

nicolas said...

wow what a PoinT! your Perception is so deep and your words so comprehensive! you are the best
i bow to you all gnoing one

asha Pi arTi said...

You are all the best sanskaras of all the things, all the good qualities of all of the Multiverse, this is such a comPassionaTe Plog

its amazng to get to learn from an Avatar here !