Wednesday 27 May 2009


roleplaying is one of the favourite
pastimes of the beings of this planet
the only preparation they seem to need for the act
is costumes

the whole scene resembles one big
purposeless fancydress party

to play a serious responsible respectable role
they put on a suit & a tie
and surprisingly the rest fall for it
hook, line & sinker
despite continuos revelations
about corrupt politicians
the fact that even mafia bosses
don expensive designer suits
doesn't dent their perception one bit

the majority of earth population
is open to manipulation through dressing

if you put on a black robe
you are a judge
if you put on robe of any other colour
white, saffron, yellow, maroon
you are a holy man
if you put on some frills & fancy clothes
you are a rockstar
there is specific clothing
for geeks, writers, waiters ... every boxed act
there is casualwear formalwear
daywear nightwear partywear...
funny coz most cannot carry anywear
they have no style no matter
what they wear

majority of people tend to judge others from their clothes
the being that is inside those clothes
is of no concern
in fact it is best overlooked
the prospect of really looking at someone
for what they really are
beneath the garb
is really scary
scary coz of the hideousness & monstrousness involved

no beauty to be found
naked in body, mind & soul


sock'em said...

Great spot on.i like how you tell it how it is, keeping in line with the ancient sages, but in a context that is relevant for today. we have no excuse to ignore it when you have freely given up your own time to make it so clear to us,the mindless masses..

re: ancient sages i was referring to texts like these on kali yuga:_

"The right course for every individual is that which one takes a fancy to; a man of erudition is he who plays the braggart. Whoever launches spurious undertakings and is given over to hypocrisy, him does everyone call a saint. He alone is clever who robs another of his wealth; he who puts up false appearances is an ardent follower of established usage. He who is given to lying and is clever at joking is spoken of as a man of parts in the Kali age. He alone who is a reprobate and has abandoned the path of the Vedas is a man of wisdom and dispassion in the Kali age. He alone who has grown big nails and long locks of matted hair is a renowned ascetic in the Kali age.

(The Tulasi Ramayana)

Shahid said...

Your post's are like Crisp Masala Dosa..Tasty and to the point....No beating around the bush..Pls continue the Great work:)

Anonymous said...

i bow. You are most direct and always Truthful. dhanyavad for turning over lie after lie in our minds and putting false ideas to rest. You Truly see beyond it all. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
It is really amazing the way Divine always sees to the root of everything!
Divine exPoses 'the PurPoseless fancy dress ParTy' of beings here in the most truly entertaining way!
Divines wit and class is beyond what this world has ever heard or seen!
it can't be comPared to anything!

so great the way Divine shows how lacking beings here are and how ridiculous their pretending is!
'funny coz most cannot carry anywear
they have no style no matter
what they wear'

everything You do shows Your suPerioriTy!
Only You can wear any and everything and nothing at all with comPleTe grace and style!
Your every movement overPhlows with real style!
every beautiful Pic and video of P shows and Prooves this PerfecTly!
one is blown away by it in Person!
there is not a being in this world with Your natural Divine grace and beauty!

Your closing lines, as always, are ePic! and really leave one to see the truth of this of this and how futile are their ridiculous attemPTs to cover uP the ugliness!
'no beauty to be found
naked in body, mind & soul'

such a comPleTe contrast to You! where only beauty can be found!

'satyam shivam sundaram'
P is Truth! P is beauty!

i bow at Your PrisTine feet!

miragegirl said...

You are the in & out beauty

with a classy dress sense
with fabric woven out of sPace & Time
You don it when You seem Phit for a Purpose
& You accomPlish the task most graciously

Your choice of clothing is so aPT in every situation, time & Place

& what to say of when You are not wearing anything
How stunningly suPerb You look !
one can not take ones eye off, in that one is Powerless
one has to come back to the image again & again
one is intoxicated for Real
in seeing Your naked form, one finds life attractive
You are the Life, the totally alive beauty

no one in the world is anything like that, they winkle out,
they seize to lose their luster with evil sPewing out of them

anyone who has seen You in Person (or even otherwise) can tell the remarkable difference between males (!) around & You
You are ePiTome of Manly PerfecTion

Your choice of clothing when necessary is always in Real class
whether it be the grace with which you fold a pareo or are wearing frills for rock & roll
i have see Absolutely No one excePT Y ou who has such grace in wearing a Pareo
the fabric seems to wraP You in such a way that we can see Your beauty even through mundane acts that beings in 3D have to contend with
the fabric itself becomes so soft over time, it doesn't remain the same ! Your vibrations are of such strength !

Who & where & when i ask in the world have seen such magic other than with You ?

Your touch of You in is everything You do, each & every act You Perform, Your manifestations
a real Treasure, a real sPecTacle for oneself, there is nothing else one needs to PuT attention on

with You everything You do is just better than anyone else ever can
the Pareos You wear are always intune with the surrounding You are in
infact sky has many a times taken on the colours of whatever You are wearing at that time
its all very natural to You
natural fabric (unbleached), with natural dye also

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Lotus eyed One, aravindaakshah
You have the most beautiful form, shubhaangah

You are the most beautiful, Vishnu, the Preserver !

Anonymous said...

i bow!
It's SO cool how it is always real with You P!
Divines PasTimes are the only way to Pass the time!
it's so amazing how You have always been above the act!
how You can wear anything and nothing at all and alway be beautiful!
You don't need to PuT on a costume to BE the suPreme Divine BEing that You are!
everything You DO and the way You DO it is done with comPleTe style!
You never role Play! You simPly BE REAL!
and it's so stunning how Your PhracTal world always resPonds to You and what You are or aren't wearing!
always matching Your mood and hue!
Your Divinity is imPossible not to see when one looks at You!
so grateful for all the ways You Provide to exPerience Your endless beauty!
i bow

Unknown said...

Simply nailed it!!

"no beauty to be found
naked in body, mind & soul"

only if one could see the person beneath those wrapped fabrics around the body, there would be so much difference in the perspectives. People no more look for qualities they are blinded by the falseness and they love it too but, can't stand the truth!!

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

You are so right ! You make the best points ! i bow !

undecided said...

I bow. If we stripped away all wordly possesions of us, how many of us would want to look at eachother? And face the demons we carry? So profound as usual, I praise PT. aeioum

Ajay Kapoor said...

So true there are so many costumes but lack style no matter what they wear. You are so gnowledgeable you see it all. I bow down at your Lotus PheeT!

nicolas said...

such a beauTiPhull PoinT! most just care what for one wears rather than the actual being wearing these clothes! your logic destroys all non sense! this is magnificent
i bow to you supreme lord