Friday 1 May 2009

dimensional portal 29'04'2009


Anonymous said...

i bow. Your crop circle Plays and the resPonses You receive are thrilling. dhanyavad for all You do for 4his PlaneT P. i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

You provide gnowledge that is the True science
only you gnow and you share & educate in comPassion

the only education that is real, that which the sPiriT needs for 'dimensional upgrade'
i hoPe to get to a higher dimension some day, and in a as soon as possbile lifetime if not this one

Your 'The PoinT inside the Time vid is amazing', entertaining & full of teaching & education & real rock & roll

in your 'dimensional portal' vid here You precisely show how the crop formation was in line with the imagery you employed in your 'The PoinT inside the Time' vid
its captivating to see that

You are the luck, the Lakshmi that people are after but do not gnow
its too funny
Lakshmi is your inner Power that provides ProsPerous circumstances
if they are after Lakshmi, that is actually luck, that is actually that which is what the sPiriT's goal to achieve is
one needs to be head and toe immersed resPectfully in your manifestations

You are the LOVE that evolves everytime
as inch by inch one is moving toward the 'beyond light year' journey everytime one is Praising You Divine

You have the PoinT inside of You
You can journey from the highest realm to any realms or viceverse if you wish so anytime

nicolas said...

this is so amazing how nature resPonds to your divinity! you are a never ending awe
i bow to you supreme one