Wednesday 6 May 2009

express ?!

express your self

let out your demons

they say

like so many others

kurt cobain did

freely and loudly

but did it help ?

he just ended up

pulling the trigger

people fail to realize that

expressing the demons within

doesn't release them

it just makes them stronger

this truth is hidden

by the establishment

through bogus gobbledigook

like psychiatry & advertising

its only through praising divine

do the demons inside dissapear


Stardolphin said...

another interesting synchronicity :)

was just thinking the other day about this...about those who epitomise the American dream...kurt cobain, or marilyn, who start off with deeply unhappy, isolated childhoods on the wrong side of the tracks. Both tortured orphans, mentally.

Then they get a break and become famous, rich, adored, glorified and worshipped as gods and goddesses beyond their wildest dreams, lauded for having everything, and whereas this makes them happy to begin with, they get increasingly more unhappy. What does this tell you about this so-called dream?

It tells me that the more they entered into the "dream", and the more famous they became, then the less free they became, the more imprisoned, the less able to express themselves or more importantly, that divine spark within them which became increasingly controlled by outer forces...the desire to praise the divine became impossible in the world of this non-existent dream, and they were both brilliant enough to realise this. Only the possibility of expressing the misery of their equally isolated famous prison remained, which is why they both got bored and disillusioned with it and opted out. Both sank into drugs to dull the inevitable pain of disappointment, stress, distrust and anger, the real products of the American Dream.

They are both beacons and icons not for "success", but for exposing the dream as a sham.

PT the Axis said...

one has to look at what they become famous through in the first place

it is by giving free expression to the demonic forces which are inherent in their genetics
through the choices of their ancestors

they are given 'the break' only because they are doing that ... it is never their intention to praise the divine before or after ... of course this path has no bliss, thus the drugs and eventual collapse

Stardolphin said...

do you think they could have changed the course of their lives, (ie tragic deaths) if they had left the fame game and chosen to praise the divine? Ive often thought that's what both should have done - just got out of the hive.

When seeing either interviewed it appears they are unhappy with their hive status, and somewhat desperate to break out of it, yet lost as to how to do it, other than through the route of drugs and death.

But you say they were genetically programmed to receive their fates? Surely one has the choice and free will to change course and go against the programmed ancestry?

They should have talked to you for a few hours. Everybody should.

To do so is real bliss and priceless fortune. :)

PT the Axis said...

anybody can change anytime
that freewill is always there

but their genetic momentum will push them towards drugs and such before it would to praising the divine

if one is really really sincere about breaking out of the hive matrix one will surely come across the divine in some form or the other

stardolphin said...

i think they were just victims of their time, what centuries of genetics and programming had been leading up to.

Also hopefully a symbol of a dying breed.

To break free would have been truly revolutionary and iconic. Instead of feeding the public's conditioned hunger for pain, pity and victimhood, which is what they represented, to break free, look up, and aspire to the great divine.

angel said...

your blog makes perfect sense.. why would plunging deeper into darkness reflect anything back but darkness, it would be a bottomless pit wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

Kurt was murdered by his wife.

Anonymous said...

i bow in gratitude for the torturous demons one has been freed of through Praising You. i bow at Your Divine feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

Praising Divine is the herb that cures all ailments
it is indeed true

that is life itself actually

so very grateful that you have helPed one see that & have helPed one be PuT on that PaTh through your Plogs & talks & You as an example ...

little & many big demons jump inside everyones heads
so the world is the way it is

only if everyone was in tune with Divine
it would be an 'ever-evoluting paradise'

world is crazy is many ways and You show us that

You have imProved one in showing ones shortcomings

You are a real Guru, a Real benefactor, Real Ruler of the world

The mighty golden hearted Sunking with evergreen smiles
& why not You are One with Divine, Your coherence & fractality is such
How Pure, Noble, Majestic, Grand, Galacticly Powerful One would have to be who has such a Magha existence

You Are Divine

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Benevolent One
a helPful PracTical Plog for me !
grateful to You !

Unknown said...

Your words carry the truth which is cure for many diseases of falsehood and false learning in the world!!

Unknown said...

i bow to the destroyer.
i bow to the divine.
i bow to the bliss.
i bow to the fractal.
i bow to the phacts.
i bow to the real.
i bow to the eternal.

Unknown said...

i bow to the life.
i bow to the invincible.
i bow to the better.
i bow to the super being.

Unknown said...

i bow to the change.
i bow to the free will.
i bow to the momentum.
i bow to the divine.
i bow to your response.

Unknown said...

i bow to the free.
i bow to the force.
i bow to the Bliss.
i bow to the divine.

ki vernee said...

its only through praising divine

do the demons inside dissapear

beautiful ! You are so right ! You make the best points ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

it's only through Praising Divine do the demons inside disappear

wow such great and soothing lines
You write so beautifully
You are so PosiTive
You show one the way to get rid of the demons within
You are so beautiful and Your words and music are so beautiful
You make ones life so much worth living
You save one from low vibration nonsense out there
i bow

Anonymous said...

its all so sad that's happening in the world
the so called rock stars are actually wrecks

it's so great to read Your rePlies
they became famous through giving expression to the demonic forces inherent in their genetics
only You gno what's going on
yes there's no bliss on that path thus the drugs and eventual collapse

people think of themselves as invincible suPerbeings
yes so true
You absolutely gno what's going on
Your gnoing is so incredible

so much mind programming and nonsense going on in this world
no one can see the truth
You have so much clarity
You clear so many misconceptions
i bow

Anonymous said...

You have such great overstanding of what's going on in this world
it's only through Praising Divine do the demons inside disappear
You give so much hoPe and bring so much PosiTivity
You give such great news that getting rid of the demons is actually Possible and it happens through Praise of Divine!
You are so kind to show such a Pure way of being where one just has to focus on the beautiful and PhascinaTing higherness of the most Divine being one has ever come across
You are the most beautiful and only You can be Praised
i bow

Kṛtti kā said...

The demons inherent in one through anti-divine actions of ones ancestors n self can only be subjugated nd vanquished though PersisTent Praise of Divine!! Only Divine graces beings to overcome ones demons!
You ~ ComPassionaTe Divine One has bestowed us with a golden oPPorTuniTy to overcome ones demons and PuT attention on The Beautiful Divine AvaTar ~ You ! You have made it so much easier for all !
i bow /\

Kṛtti kā said...

Your words are the most Precious gems one can ever Phind!

They brilliantly shine , Permeate and Phills one with dazzling light and joy of Your beautiful Divine Being!

You are so kind to Publish Your Plogs, they are of highest PrioriTy , Bhagwat Geet ~ PT's Geet !

So much one can learn and imbibe from Your Plogs... Everything You say always is so right so true, exPressing one demons only makes them stronger.. it is only through Praise of Divine that the demon inside disappears! So glad we have You to PuT attention on, You make all so much easier! What is in one anyway to even exPress except twisted ugliness and evilish thoughts... the ability to Praise Divine given by Divine itself is the only action/exPession thats worth restoring and cultivating!

There is so much Power in Praise of Divine , so much inside starts to declutter and align when one Praises You ... and its true !
Reading Your Plogs liberates one from ones evil, You loosen the clutches of evil that one has birthed and propagated in all these years/lifetimes and through the actions of ones ancestors!

You write so coherently so PerfecTly , Your words are the mightiest! You make beings conscientious of their actions and ways, You Propel one to move in the right direction ~ The only direction all being are suPPosed to move in ~ Towards Divine!

You are the one raising awareness about Divine, You are restoring and reviving all that was lost!
You are The True Saviour, The mightiest most valiant Hero! Your love and comPassion is unlimited! You are The Greatest Good PhorTune to ever happen!
So glad You chose to incarnate here, You are the most Beautiful and the most Precious giPhT for us!
Grateful Bows to You ~ The Beautiful Avatar of Divine ~ ShivNarayan ~ PT The Axis
bow at Your comPassionaTe lotusPheeT /\

Kṛtti kā said...

You get to the Point in the coolest way!
i bow to Your suPreme wit and intellect /\

Ajay Kapoor said...

Such a great point "its only through praising divine do the demons inside dissapear" You have made so many people see the truth. You are the True Savior. I'am so glad beings have come across you to truly understand the meaning of life. I bow down to your Lotus PheeT.

nicolas said...

you are the most amazing, the most important, the most PowerPhull!
PBS is the way up! PBS is the way to kill one's inner demons!
your coherence is Perfect! you are ParamaTma!
i bow and surrender to you all gnoing one