Sunday 31 May 2009


when boredom strikes

after all the 'been there done that'

people think about procreating

making babies to

quell away boredom

so the role of the kids

is set from the beginning

they are born entertainers

to light up the boring lives of their parents

but what to do when boredom strikes

the kids too

some create babies to fit in better in society

some to keep the family line going
(for what purpose they can't say)

some just to claim benefits (wherever available)

some aim to fulfill their own
unfulfilled meaningless ambitions

no wonder majority of the children produced

turn out like they turn out


beammeupscotty said...

was there ever anything different to that.. i mean don't all parents from time immemorial have some kind of selfish interest in having children..?

PT the Axis said...

at some point in time, people actually had kids to release them from material bondage & give them liberation.

a more proper type of self-ishness ... an evolutionary impulse rather than a devolutionary impulse

beammeupscotty said...

thankyou, great answer..

i think even those who are sincerely striving don't know alot of times which impulse is evolutionary, people fool themselves..

i heard a guru say that one should always follow what is in the heart with deep conviction and passion, that it is the right way for the individual.. do you think that one's own heart can guide a person properly...

PT the Axis said...

only humility to divine can guide a person properly ...

people cannot tell between heart & mind ... also not everyone has a heart of gold

Shahid said...

"o the role of the kids
is set from the beginning
they are born entertainers
to light up the boring lives of their parents."
Very well True:)

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

what you say is so damn true !

when one looks at people's facebook pics, most of the time its children, them with their children
as if that was the great act they were born to do
it too Phunny & sad beyond measure to see that

its different when a vibrant, electric Progency is born, with a female who is Properly & totally into a male & herself a certain class
such is not the case with earthly muggled muggles
wih them there in no 'Pro' creation at all, its just tedious & clumsy from start to finish

people think they are attached to their children
but they just delude themselves so, its just selfishness
one can only get attached to Divine in Praise

a more selfless way of being would be when a ParenT lets a kid grow far away
so that it helPs the Progeny develoP better
such a ParenT is a real ParenT having a real concern for the Progeny & multiverse sPeaking broadly
one with a larger heart than most on earth, one might say

Your rocking, shaking, shattering Truths are such a Privelige to hear
they are so sPecial & suPerb
Lord of Lords, Lord of Multiverse
i am very grateful to get a glimPse of Your Divine beauty through all You say & all You do
You are the boldest, You have best interest at heart, a Proactive aPProach which when ones own ego is Pushed out of the way even slightly,
one can not but helP aPPreciate immensley
Your comPassion is distributed as deserved & in the best interest, totally !
You are the sweetest !

miragegirl said...

when a dunkard PoinTs out trumPhanTly in a knocked out state that its ProcreaTion with the female Produced an item or two, its a sorry PaThetic state of their relation

such is not a ParenT actually

world is drunk on dishonesty in its abilities

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Lord of the world

Brahma emantes from naval of Vishnu

Unknown said...

So accurate and true it is- they create just because, others were doing and are doing, simply following without knowing, which is dangerous and this has lead to create a dangerous world!!

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

i bow

Astro said...

True. I agree... I bow To thee PT.. You make iT very crysTal clear..

sarah said...

You are concise, ePic, and witty at once !!!

ki vernee said...

You are so phunny and so right ! love how real You are ! i bow !

sarah said...

i bow to Your divine wit
Your total clarity about which actions to not do is so refreshing in a world where even harkies reproduce.

veena iyengar said...

That is so true..

Ajay Kapoor said...

Wow such a great Plog, the real reasons as to why people have children. Very accurate statement. I bow down at your Lotus PheeT!

Anonymous said...

You are so kind to destroy wrong notions about family being something nice kind of You to save one from indulging in evil notions and the false happy picture they give of families when the truth is always fighting boredom fear deterioration and what not

so kind of You to save beings from all kinds of lies and ignorance
so kind of You to save one from being just another passenger on the train to hell amongst other passengers who are on the train to hell and call themselves family
so kind of You to save beings from living meaningless lives and trying to find happiness where it is not Possible
You are so eye oPening in every way

You make the best best best observations
i bow

Your Plogs are so immensely helpful
You tell it like it is
You gno what is going on

very imPressive how You observe everything so accurately and thoroughly
i bow

Your words are very unburdening and enlightening
so eye oPening in every way Your words are and so soothing
You are so kind to help one understand what was going on and what is going on
so kind of You to save one from one's faulty machine that couldn't and cannot figure anything out ever
so kind of You to save beings from getting lost in their dumbness
You are the one who has figured everything out
You are the one to follow
You are so kind to help beings see things for what they are
Your Plogs are the most Precious and valuable words ever
You're all that matters
You're all that is imPorTant
i bow at Your all gnoing PheeT

NavdeeP said...

O the Vedic GURU!!! Who can give these teachings as Fake GURUS are themself busy in making big big businesses and other stuff in the end they caught up in camera.

You have given the every answer which this being has ever thought of why this. You are such a coherent Practical being who gno what
SPirit can ask to gno about why this type of hell.

You are the SuPreme being!!!!you are the only sPecial one.
You are the only coherent being!!!!
You are the only Phractal being!!!!
Only you have the golden heart. Which is totally DIVINE. I am blessed I have seen what a DIVINE heart is.
You are so generous kind and comPassionate being.
You are the onewho is praiseworthy. I regret the time when I praise the beings who are already in hell.
I bow to you the Praiseworthy.
I bow to you the suPreme.
I bow to you the only trustworthy in this realm.
I bow to you the only blissPhul in this realm.
I bow to you the only highly evolved with Divine.

nicolas said...

wow what an imPorTant PoinT! your words are so Profound! this is so true!
a world disconnected from your will cannot escape the evil boredom! you are the solution to all problems! you are the real avatar who walks the Earth
you are Purity
i bow in reverence to you, lord of the universe