Sunday 10 May 2009

family entertainment

mixup all the essential ingredients
like teethy unashamedness of aerobics oz style,
vileness & vulgarity of
lapdancing, poledancing etc. together
and you get the punjabi cocktail called
'sports cheerleading'
there is no real cheer
so it has to be artificially led and induced
the term 'cheerleading' also takes attention off a
more derogatory term 'prostitution'

now it is being exported to the east
through sports tournaments like IPL
where bollywood is blurring the lines
between strip bars and family drawing rooms

this is what families have to
contend with throughtout
when they go to any of these supposed sportsevents
right up their noses too

first east was invaded by guns
now it is invaded by ... 'whatever you want to call it'

they are quite open about it too
excerpt from a published diary of a cheerleader -

"During one of our matches in Jo'burg, it was freezing, and as the dew came down heavily we had to really struggle to keep warm. Finally we decided on wrapping the game flags around us and it kinda helped. A lot of Indian fans had come forward to talk to us and we were generally chit-chatting, when there was this group of young Indian girls who came up and pleaded with us, asking us to show them some moves. They just would not take a no for an answer. They were super-precious, and sitting right in front of our podium they cheered with us the whole time and wrote us these cute little notes telling us how much they loved us and that they wanted to be cheerleaders too when they "grow up". How adorable! We signed a bunch of autographs throughout the game and took tons of pictures with them.
Felt good. Cheerleading is such an American phenomenon, I had never thought someone in a foreign country would come up to me and say that she would want to be a cheerleader professionally. Or that little girls would start emulating what we do in the stadium. It was touching. Such is the glorious uncertainty of life. Never in my wildest imagination could i have ever thought that I would give lessons in lifts and tricks to girls of Indian origin in a cricket stadium in South Africa. Beat that! "

yes beat that !

what can be better than inspiring
a whole host of future pros...


simone v. said...

how awful that exploitation of women has become the norm..and cheerleaders leading the way to senselessness and vulgarity..

Stardolphin said...

The most sickening thing about this insidious corruption is that it is indeed aimed at children and young people in the pretence that it is in some way wholesome and patriotic (two American obsessions) for girls to prostitute themselves in this way.

It exploits men as well as women - warping their minds and teaching them to expect demonic sex displays disguised as family entertainment where women can be safely regarded as nothing more than mindless whores. Just like the array of pornography displayed on the magazine shelves in every newsagents, making celebrities and role models of desperate, greedy, talentless whores. Britney Spears is the queen of this dark, sinister domain. The dazzling toothed all-American girl peddling nothing but deranged, ritualistic sado-masochistic group sex to children.

Disgraceful. Even 'cheer' has to be stolen, controlled and marketed into something plastic and saleable. Another evil American export, corrupting the world's children, intent on destroying innocence, purity and beauty or anything genuinely cheerful and divine.

PT the Axis said...

there is more than just america to blame ( even though europeans love to blame it all on americans )... americans are after all just europeans in another land

also 'cheer' doesn't need stealing coz it naturally doesn't exist for this boring stuff anyways

its about artificially manufacturing 'cheer' out of absolute nothingness ... called paid 'cheering'
happens in the farce called elections, happened with beatles ...

Stardolphin said...

just to clairify :)

when i use the word "american", i mean it in the same way you use the word "punjabi". ie no particular place or people, just a dumbed down global mindset.

you're right, the manipulation of 'cheer' really got into gear in the 60s with them shipping coachloads of teenage girls to airports to scream at the Beatles and Johnny Ray.

Same as festivals today, a kind of phoney whipped up fervour and hysteria without any real concept of true joy, cheer, understanding of whats going on, caught up in hive mentality "its a festival therefore i must appear to enjoy myself" mode etc. as if on an MTV video. Has to be false inebriated/drugged cheer, rather than any real deep soulful life changing ecstasy experience that will really change things here on earth with a seizmic, global shift in human consciousness, which is what a real festival should be about.

The magic does happen naturally and explosively sometimes, but this tends to be ignored or sidelined by those in control in the media and music biz. Theyre scared of the real thing, only interested in what they can control.

PT the Axis said...

smile. it fine.
still wanted to clear up that american point because lots of fingerpointing happens between english and americans and so forth.

the magic cannot happen without involvement of the divine :)
and that is one thing which they are allergic to ( the new blog )

Stardolphin said...

dont think any real fingerpointing exists because in modern times America has hugely influenced the UK music scene and vice versa, therefore we are co-joined.

Not interested in politics or geographical boundaries in this sense, I think music is the language of true change and revolution, and the real secret transference of information through the centuries to the point we're at now. Far more so than religion. Far more wiley than that. ;)

The patriarchs controlled politics, religion, art (da vinci etc, what was allowed to be seen) but music has always had a folk tradition thing outside the system, everywhere around the world. Storytelling, message-sending through music, round the gypsy camp fire in a joyous, timeless magical medium.

Because what is transferred is an angelic message from the Divine Creator, if you listen to the right music, therefore outside of control, which is why the message survives today and is about to come to fruition.

PT the Axis said...

smile. no matter what you think the ground reality remains that there is fingerpointing between england, america & europe.

also have not heard this special music. even gypsy music around camprfires in europe was based on meat & alchohol.

also have not come across any anti evil-demiurge message in any music either.

may be you can point us all towards this ancient source.

PT the Axis said...

also when you repeatedly used the word 'american' you meant 'american only' ... you even pointed their particular characteristics out - patriotic etc.

when i use the word 'punjabi' i already have defined that term and it has nothing to do with 'patriotism'

also 'american' will never be a global dumb mindset banner term ... it is very far from the root characteristics


sarah anne said...

This is such a good point, neo-colonialism, as many would call it, is devastating.

It can be argued that it is good that women in the west have the option to be vulgar and childish, but marketing that vulgarity as wholesome female empowerment/family entertainment is icy cold cynicism.

It almost seems worse to only see such women on TV, because the behind-the-scenes version they forget to show is depressing.

Anonymous said...

i bow. nothing precious about this display whatsoever. The manipulation is widespread and deep. dhanyavad for the many reality checks P and for generously Providing the way out of the devoluting maddness. i bow at Your Divine feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

one doesn't want to see that anymore, one wants to close ones eyes to it

You describe the decripidness of the world so well

PuriTy of Tulsi is so sweet & soft and so on the total other side of anything in the PresenT world
there is no compare nothing, its just that thought of her provides relief
Tulsi is a goddess who is like You of the Divine realm
one needs to remember her in everything one does
one needs to become Pure & loyal like her
only that counts

worldy crazy witches pub drowns beings in ugly vibrations to wither again & again in hell

what one wants is a clear choice

You are the sweetest most Profound being who has taught me about Tulsi, about cows, have shown me the beauty of mother earth, of how soft she is, all three are similar in soft sweet kindness

You are their Lord & mine too (others bother me)

& some day a soon life my journey would end at You

Divine Lord of all realms, i am grateful for what you have made me see of myself
of the foolish dishonest selfish self & in doing that you have helPed me by ingraining that one should overcome being like that

i wish for your lessons but more heartily & dearly wish to be only with You
i am not worried about time but about it being You
but want it soon too in a soon life

without you is suffering, Hell
with you LOVE & Bliss & coherent mixing of energies & intimacy

You are but the one that totally takes away the thought of another from one
You are so Divine, so very Grand, so Ultimately Pure, so You

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Axis
who gnos what is Truth
who gnos what is wrong with PeoPle out here, the One who can see
'everything sPins around the Axis'
'the Axis, Praxis'

Praise the Axis, PracTice ...

Unknown said...

"first east was invaded by guns
now it is invaded by ... 'whatever you want to call it"

You truly have a cut through perspective about each and everything that's going on in this world, they are simply selling stupid and dumbness and people buy it even if they don't want to!!

Unknown said...

to PT the Axis, i bow.

Unknown said...

to the Divine Magic, i bow.
to PT the Axis, i bow.

Unknown said...

to the Divine Source, i bow.
to PT the Axis, i bow.

Unknown said...

to the Phractal, i bow.
to PT the Axis, i bow.

Unknown said...

to the Divine, i bow.
to the Root, i bow.

ki vernee said...

You make the best points and You are so phunny ! that was the saddest/phunniest diary write up one has every read ! thank goodness You are here on earth ! i bow !

Ajay Kapoor said...

It is sad to see how the cheerleaders are leading the way to senselessness at the same time attracting the new generation into such activities. You have stated such great points. I bow.

nicolas said...

wow you are so right about this! cheerleading is a mad phenomenon! it trains little girls to misbehave very early on!
your words are the best words!
i bow to you all gnoing one