Tuesday 12 May 2009

events & programs

whatever little time

is leftover from their busy lives

they invest in 'events' & 'programs'

organizing, attending and so forth

at least a million events are taking place

as this is written

for what noone seems to know

they pretend its for this & that

but the reasons are only paperthin

evolution or

breaking out of hell through

connecting with the divine

is not on the agenda


Stardolphin said...

well then

maybe we should organise an event, celebrating the divine

kind of thing the festival posters all promise, but never deliver - birds, butterflies, water, nature, music, peace, flowers in the hair...what a thought...

maybe no-one would turn up. I would though! :)

PT the Axis said...

yes would be nice :)

only thing is that divine events happen without organizing & planning

they just require a humble attitude from those involved to manifest

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your Divine Grace is in constant flow with the True Phorce. dhanyavad for aPTly PoinTing out the many ridiculous and wasteful ways muggles spend time and other resources i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

there was one major real event in the PasT
it was the arrival of You Avatar

any celebration that does not involve You is worthless
any Program that does not involve You is worthless

no more programs needed for the mind programmed zombie states

Praise of Divine is the only way of life
Praise of Divine incarnate is a simPle, doable, enjoyable activity
You Divine are sPecTacular, beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, true, radiant entity
and You are here in the now

You have even told us in comPassion that Praise of Divine is the way to go, it creates bliss

it so does, its crazy that one hasn't done it till now
atleast one is beginning now

How haPPY i would be to lose myself in Your Praise
to be mixing with You in that way, connecting with You in that way
that is a suPerb chance to be close to You

there is much more to Praise & humility than just Praise by mouth
but its atleast the beginning
one can't bear to be away from You longer

PsingulariTy said...

no more events & Programs necessary for mind Programmed zombie states !

real events are ever evenful P acTivities
You undo the evil Programmings in the mind & keeP one safe from outside Programs that want to drag one back into hell

You are The Multiversal Manager, The Real Manager
sustaining all that is good & ProducTive
& removing the unneccessities

You are the 6th element, who commands the five elements
You are MahaVishnu

Unknown said...

No matter what they do but-

"evolution or
breaking out of hell through
connecting with the divine
is not on the agenda"

You see everything in this world, all complicated stuff and still try to make it simple with your sweet golden words!!

Unknown said...

to PT the Axis, i bow.
to Divine, i bow.

Unknown said...

to Time, i bow.
to the Divine, i bow.

Astro said...

Real bliss is 'evoluTion or breaking ouT of hell Through connecTing wiTh The divine' I bow to Thee PT.. Aeioum..

ki vernee said...

You are so right ! i bow !

Gita said...

I want my new agenda to be to break out of this hell and connect with the divine

Ajay Kapoor said...

You have summed it up so well, there are so many so called 'events' & 'programs' which are just pointless and do not lead to soul evolution. Your presence on earth has helped so many beings understand the real realities. You gnow it all and see everything. I bow down at your Lotus PheeT.

nicolas said...

really good PoinT! you are divine and should be the only one on everyone's agenda! without you, there is no happiness nor joy!
without you, all seem lost and hopeless
you are the real bringer of light for this new world!
you are a the greatest good fortune of the world
i am so grateful that you exist

i bow to you supreme lord