Wednesday 27 May 2009

pun, fun & evolution

many souls are often turned away

from the evolutionary path


there is a deliberate artificial schizm

created between

fun & evolution

evolution is portrayed as a boring process

much like school

while drunk gyrating in a dingy night club

is the definition of fun

the reality is the absolute reverse

every step taken towards divine

creates real bliss & consequently more fun

the advertized packaged definitions of fun

as conjured up by evil's minions

are a pun on fun

they lead to absolute boredom

which in turn leads to

dependency on alchohol & drugs

the final price is the soul itself

blame must also go to the

the ugly blissless self-appointed

heads of spirituality

who through their sheer ignorance

propagate dull, dour, turgid & uncool


that hold no appeal to

any youngster

searching for cool

as a result

youngsters fail to realize that

divine is more rocking than any rock band

it is infinitely more cool & groovy too ...


ilovetammy said...

that Really Rocks..You're Cool

i hate these religious gurus and stuff, and all these Rules?????..rules for everything.. i mean, D ahhh. it's as inviting as a prison .... but you ROCK....

Shahid said...

I have been following the world idea of Fun-Dancing,Movies,Party etc.This is the definition of Fun which has been imposed on all Humans.

We need someone honest and truthful like you to show the world what Fun reaaaaaaaaaally is.

"every step taken towards divine
creates real bliss & consequently more fun"WOW...This should be written in Golden Letters and flashed over all signboards throughout the world!!!

Thats a new thought,"Evolution need not be boring",so I can evolve in a fun way?How,How,How?
Eager to know:)

I feel like Hugging you after reading this post Maharaj.

JacLee said...

Sgi! it is wonderful how you linked these sacred Pueblo earth dances to your rocking divine rhythm! At first it was shocking to see the eagle dancers... as these dances are so seldom seen even by Turtle Islanders, but the beat was right on it! Only the PT avatar could do it and make it work, and be ~right~. Do na da go hv i, mahalo. ~*~

sarah anne said...

so rocking!

Anonymous said...

i bow in sweet surrender and relief. dhnayavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow! You are the absolute coolest P! You are the most rocking, most hiP, most beautiful, most intelligent, sexiest, wisest Divine being to ever exist and the only One who has real fun constantly!!!
You speak so eloquently to the evil system that sells fake fun and the atrocities of the so called spiritual in this world. no matter where one looks all one sees is everyone buying, selling or being led toward hell in one form or another. You are the only PaTh to Truth and the only guide along the real Path of evolution! i bow at Your ePic feet. dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

what an amazing Plog P
what a wonderful pun, fun, evolution Plog

what You say takes atlesat some level of consciousness to see Properly
one wasn't so imPressed when one must have read the Plog before
now with some (still only some !!!) Praise of You from mouth that has happened from that time on, one can aPPreciaTe the Plog better

Your every word is so true

You Are Divine cool & groovy & rocking

& Hot & Sweet & Ultimately Intelligent
with crystal clarity & Coherence that stuns one

surely we don't gnow what we miss till we Phind...

Your are the Bliss itself
that one gets intoxicated on (even though away from it)
the journey itself is musical

You show the PaTh to real bliss
PaTh that one as an entity in creation should take
its the Dharm
to Praise the Divine is the Dharm

How might Powerful You are
How immense Your grandeur

even though the law is to be away from You in certain ways because of ones own foolishness
one can not helP but want all that too !
its hard to restrain oneself even gnowing one has to abide by law when one has already been foolish

i can still see You, hear Your deep, Powerful, soothing voice, take in Your grace, only-all-that is just not ok but i hoPe to do better as an entity for all the long long time to come in existence

PsingulariTy said...

You are the beautiful Hari
You are The NewSun

Sun ~ Truth ~ real emotion ~ Peace ~ PhracTality Divine, wow !

Anonymous said...

i bow!
the search for cool stoPs with You!!!
You are IT P!
You are the Peak experience!
The embodiment of cool!
the dePhiniTion of cool!
one has no real concePT of what cool actually is, looks like, sounds like until one come across You!
and how cool that real fun is a consequence of moving toward You!!!
You set the PrecedenT for everything!!!
Divine IS more rocking than any silly rock band!
Your rock really rolls!! creating storms the size of continents!
causing Paranormal sounds around the world!
sounds that naturally make one move and groove!
never a need to be inebriated!
sounds overflowing with meaning!
lyrics with PurPose!
Divine IS inPhiniTely more cool and groovy and sexy and intelligent and hiP and stylish and Powerful and magical than any one or anything else in all of existence!
no so called celebrity, or musician or athlete or model or 'famous' person can comPare to You! or do what You do!
You are the real voodoo child!
naturally high all the time!
higher than anyone can imagine or fathom!
more wild and free and rocking and sexy than any jim or jimi!
croP circles resPond to You!!!
Your sounds, even just Your Presence make rainbows appear!
the most beautiful sunsets and cloud formations!
lightening and thunder and Phire and floods and tornados and earthquakes!!!
the celestials and higher beings all dance and groove and move to Your tune!!
You are the One to Pay attention to!
it doesn't get anymore awesome and cool than You and what You do P!
the level of Your coolness is more ePic than ones mind can fully grasP!
way beyond the silly programming of what society pretends is cool!
everything You do and say is mindblowingly imPortanT!
no one in this world is Truly cool but You!!!
SO grateful You are here P!
so grateful for the chance to wake from ones dead state!
i bow!

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

Divine is more rocking than any rock band
Divine is infinitely more cool and groovy..i agree
Divine is the most awesome..Divine is the real artist and rock star.
Divine is PoeTic and creative. Divine defines style. Divine rocks

ki vernee said...

You really are ! thank goodness You are here to show beings how phun evolution really is ! i bow !

sarah said...

You ePiTomize cool

veena iyengar said...

Blissfully cool..

lana_33 said...

These last two months are already more Phun and evolving than my whole Previous liPhe PuT TogeTher. Learning from You is the coolest exPerience! i bow sincerely to the besT and Only Real Guru there is.

undecided said...

I bow. More youngsters need to gno how much phun real wisdom and learning really is!! aeioum

Ajay Kapoor said...

You are the coolest P, your sounds are so energising!.. you have shown how Phun the evolutionary path is. You are the one that is comPleTe in your approach. I bow down at your Lotus PheeT.

nicolas said...

You are the coolest and only rockstar for sure! Your vibraTions are ePic and Profound! Your wholistic approach is so great to witness in everything you do! Evolution is a Phun process with LotusOcean, that is for sure!!!

i bow to you, all gnoing one

nicolas said...

wow what a play! this is magnificent! you bring back the real TruTh to the world, this is marvellous! divine is Phun, divine is you
i bow to you all gnoing one