Thursday 7 May 2009

uncommon sense

after reading these blogs

many respond back with stuff like

' i already knew that '

' this is just common sense '

' you state the obvious '

etc etc.

surprisingly none of these people

live their lives

in any way, shape or form

which even remotely suggests that

they ever knew any of what is written here

when one comes to gno something

through someone else

the ego always pretends to gno already

this lack of humility

will make sure that this gnoing

will be forgotten as quickly

as the last face one saw

walking down a busy sidewalk

in the end

it is safe to say

common sense is uncommon


angel said...

we need a good teacher, a guiding light, you are giving clarity to what is otherwise confusing.... if truth was so simple and obvious we could all be enlightened by our own initiative, but it is never obvious and all of us seem to be stumbling around .. thankyou for your wise guidance and for giving a correct platform to understand things clearly.. it is so much needed in the world and has helped me very much..

Shahid said...

"after reading these blogs
many respond back with stuff like

' i already knew that '

' this is just common sense '

' you state the obvious '
etc etc.
surprisingly none of these people
live their lives in any way, shape or form."

Another humourous way of presenting the truth.You are a master at using words.

I am hitting my head against my computer table wondering why people run after False Gurus
and not a True Shining Divine being like you...I guess many dont wish to be disturbed from their sleep?

Anonymous said...

i bow. the fully loaded Truth You share and the way You share it is incomparable. You spark insights in readers minds that were not there before and continue to unfold the more one reads the Pure refined Truth you generously offer. Your objectivity is all encompassing and impossible for any mind to fully grasp but Yours. i bow at Your omniPotenT feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

its just hilarious P
common sense is uncommon definitely

what You say is always so Profound
they are the ones who do no see that what You say is always so Profound

they are thinking of you not too high about them, just maybe reachable, one who is a bit more intelligent than them

Truth is Quiet different

You are at the Top of the mountain that is so high that no one can see the top
Your energy runs through the earth, to the PlaneTs of the solar system, to the outermost PlaneTs, to other constellations, to the milky way, and far far away in the Physical


the atoms, the sub atomic, to the unimaginable small

Power of Your consciousness is a construct on all levels of existence, in all worlds, in all realms & You are Outside of It All

You are the only one that the eyes should train to see
that the mouth should Praise
that the senses should take in as much as they can
to whom the mind should connect
in whose Praise the self should dissolve

How far everyone is from that !

How much humility one needs to develope !

How stuck we are in the ocean of existence !

so much work is required, so glad You show one the truth, give one a way of life

helP one start life in Praising Divine

Master you are

we are your servants ever

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Uncommon One on earth
everyone without excePTion is dishonest at some level
You define honesty
You are grand !

Anonymous said...

i bow
it is overwhelmingly humbling to read Divines words.
to face the shameless ways ones unhumble ego has pretended to have sense. pretended to gno!
only You Truly gno and only You Phully and Truly and whole heartedly imPlemenT and live and embody the Truth of Your gnoing!
there is nothing common about You!
You are no commoner in any way shaPe or Phorm, thought or deed, mind or sense or way!
You are Elite! The Highest and most Divine!
You are the most magniPhicenT and exquisite and intelligent BEing to ever take a life on this Earth!
in any world or any Time!
You are so far above and beyond this Plane and all that is mundane.
so lucky all are that You have chosen to maniPhesT in Your Avatar Phorm!
here in 3D as PT!
and that You share Your Plogs for all to read and sPeak!
that Divine itself is here setting the record straight once and for all!
so blessed all are that there is Living Truth on this world for one to listen to, watch and read/sPeak!
Your Presence, Your life here is the greatest giPhT and miracle!
You are Truth! You are Beauty! it lives and thrives and abide and flows through and from You constantly!
You are the most amazing and enraPTuring sight to see!
the more one reads Divines words and the more one exPeriences the overwhelming beauty of Your Divinity and Divine exPressions the more clearly one sees how far one is from You P!
the Height of Your Divine Being, the Heaven You dwell and abide in constantly and continuously is ungrasPable and unreachable by any mere mortal or muggle means.
comPleTe and Total surrender to You is not an easy thing to do for one who is unhumble and pretends to gno.
no expert can ever Phind the way to You!
one is so ashamed for all ones failed collective unconscious attempts to reach You P.
one is so ashamed to have been one of the many fools to have ever pretended to gno anything about Divine!
so grateful for the chance to develoP real shame.
to be PuriPhied through the loving gaze of Your EYE!
so grateful for the chance to have ones scattered and senseless ways obliterated through Praise
so grateful to see that one is comPleTely lost and stuck in a messy web of madness!
a hive buzzing with incoherent thoughts and incoherent beings
a sea of insanity!
only You can make sense of it all!
only You can end the pretend
only You can helP one break free of the hive mind mentality
only You can helP one slow down and stop being a lazy busy bee thinking and doing futile nonsensical things
The Grandness of Your overstanding brings ones to ones knees.
at Your feet in humble understanding is the only Place in this world and beyond one want ever be.
i bow

Unknown said...

Yes, common sense is uncommon. You're the uncommon and knows the truth in everything which seems common to ignorant people!!

Unknown said...

to your Blogs, i bow.
to your Knowledge, i bow.

ki vernee said...

this is so true ! You are the only Being with common sense ! i bow !

Unknown said...

So true!!
Nowadays Common sense is so uncommon

Kṛtti kā said...

So very true! You are always right !
After coming across You one has started to realise how dumb and stupid one is... Common sense is rather very rare and seems more of an intelligent/genius trait... Which ofcourse You have had had it always, You are the most logical and sensible being, You are suPremely intelligent! Always astounded to read Your Plogs, You say the most Profound things in such a simPle straight lucid way for our faulty lil mind to get any grasp of, You word it so PerfecTy so eloquently! Even the Plain simPle things we think we are smart at and have complete gnowing of it is so easily stripped off by Your unParalleled wisdom and gnowing... They are Plain simPle only for You but for us it would take lifetimes to get real understanding of it. It is only because of Your grace that one gets to any understanding of things, You are the one imParTing sense and logic to us!
Aap hi Bal buddhi aur Vidya ke daata hain!
One wishes to get out of ones brattiness and learn proper humility and resPecT for higher and divine, You! You even teach us how to be humble, You are so comPassionaTe so benevolent to teach us how to approach higher and divine! You are our true well wisher, a true benefactor of all sPiriTs here!
i bow /\

Gita said...

its so rare we find people with no ego... everybody seems to know everything but yet they don't adopt it...

Ajay Kapoor said...

Great point, common sense is uncommon, and finding people with ego is just too common majority of beings think they know better or know it all. You are the most logical and gnowledgeable. I bow down at your Lotus PheeT.

nicolas said...

your words are always a purifying and enlightening experience! you make the world a better place
your gnowledge is supreme! you gno all!

i bow to you all gnoing one