Saturday 2 May 2009


for those few who actually reach

the understanding that

they need hell-p out of this hell

( please refer to the help blog )

there awaits a long queue of charlatans

psychologists, gurus, mystics, channels, healers

to all in one's like deepak chopra

ready to exploit

all the sheep get in return

for getting exploited on many levels

is simple convincing that

its okay to

be part of the matrix

one cannot however feel sorry

for those who get

fooled by these fakers

bcoz its their own insincerity

which leads them to other insincere beings

this face like all the rest

is an obvious case

all the shadiness & the evil glint is

very hard to miss

even for the most escapist look

it takes more than just sheer stupidity to fall for it


rachel thompkins said...

wow,that is so true.. we are surrounded by all these pretentious rascals who get greedy off our problems advising us how to stay wrongly involved in this worldly delusion... no healing of any kind could ever come out of that..

stardolphin said...

he has the typical serpent "hypnotic" look...nothing behind the eyes. See it everywhere. No soul, love or real care or help offered, just clinical, cynical hypnotism. As you say, anyone who falls for it, or pays for it, deserves all they get really.

On a loop, never any real solution to the problem, just fed back into the matrix with a new drug or a new boost to the insecurities and frail egos of those with lack of self-esteem or any idea of the divine. For those who suspect the whole system and are cracking up, they get enforced assertiveness training to assert the matrix and one's place in it...keeps the whole thing rolling on.

Psychotherapist = psycho the rapist...there to benefit financially and take advantage of the vulnerable...respected in society, like doctors.

Definitions of doctor from

11. to tamper with; falsify:
12. to add a foreign substance to; adulterate: Someone had doctored the drink.
13. to revise, alter, or adapt (a photograph, manuscript, etc.) in order to serve a specific purpose or to improve the material: to doctor a play.

in other words


PT the Axis said...


what you are calling 'hypnotic'
we called the 'shady and evil glint'

that glint might be hypnotic for some but has no real attractive capabilities ... the ugliness
springing from twistedness is blaring

ps. you brought up the 'doctor'
blog even before we put it :)
it will come soon anyways

stardolphin said...


was just repeating what you said the other day regarding the word 'doctor'

Anonymous said...

:D! i bow. lol.

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Real Guru
so grandly so !

Unknown said...

Only you can help one to get out of this matrix, the divine is truthful and compassionate. You're the saviour, the navigator of the ship!!

Unknown said...

i bow to life.
i bow to the divine.
i bow to the phacts.

Unknown said...

i bow to your attractive capabilities.
i bow to your beauty.

ki vernee said...

You are so right ! You make the best points ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

yes You are so absolute right

there awaits a long queue of charlatans psychologists, gurus, mystics, channels, healers to all in one's like deepak chopra
ready to exploit

You know what's going on in this world
You make such great observations
You have such great overstanding

..all the sheep get in return for getting exploited on many levels is simple convincing that it's okay to be part of the matrix

how true! even if one is very frustrated with the thought that no one is happy in the world they somehow want to make one believe they are and it's ones own insincerity that makes one accept that kind of nonsense..they want to make everyone believe that it's okay to be happy in hell

only You help one look at PhacTs
only You tell one what the real Vedic way is
only You have answers to questions
You make sense
You teach one what it is to be PracTical
You bring disciPline in ones liPhe and tell one in clear words what needs to be done
Your words are the best
You are so kind and so comPassionaTe
i bow at Your PheeT

ujjwal sharma said...

charlatans just satisfy the baseless egos of their blind followers,they just profit out of problems of muggle beings and dont offer any solution because they dont have themselves.
i bow to the divine PT avatar as you give us real gnowledge and real solution to real are the guru of the world.your words are like Swords destroying the wrong bratty behavior and programming of programmed muggle minds and showing the reality of this world we are living in, which people try to decorate with illusions.
you are the lord of the third eye as you are the only one who can see it all.

Gita said...

Everything seems so unrealistic now !

Ajay Kapoor said...

There are so many charlatans whom people follow in pursuit to gain gnowledge or evolve but this never happens, instead it just leads to more disillusion. You are a true guru with whom one can evolve into a better being heading away from hell. I bow at your Lotus PheeT.

undecided said...

I bow. There is nothing "divine or pure" about the look on his face even. True knowledge and wisdom is from someone who is not a charlatan like PT :) aeioum

Anonymous said...

You are so absolutely right
all these charlatans are so ugly
it takes more than sheer stupidity to fall for it
so true!
You so effortlessly make the best and most accurate observations

without You one would be so lost because of one's non learning attitude insincerity and dumbness that could not see the clear fraud!
its so true that it's written all over their faces
it's just beyond stupidity to even be ready to look at these faces in an agreeing way even for a second!!!
You give one eyes to see
so much ugliness that is so clear in this picture of this fraud
You are so kind to save beings from fraud of all kinds

You bring freedom from the endless nonsense of frauds
it's beyond stupid and so very insincere to turn to these frauds for answers.. it's beyond dumb!

before one came across You one was so lost in one's stupidity and insincerity
it's You who increases sincerity in beings
it's You who makes beings sincere
Your gnowledge, Your revelations and Your comPassionaTe guidance help beings give up inherent evil and dishonesty more and more
You are such an immensely ComPassionaTe guiding being of light and all the magic of darkness too. .You are without doubt the best thing that can happen to anyone
i bow to Your being here on earth!
You are the most beautiful and comPassionaTe saviour!
You save beings from an endless maze of fraud and dumbness that leads to hell
You save beings from all the never ending nonsense

one would never find a way out of one's own dumbness, insincerity and the fraud of the outside world that took advantage of the dumbness without Your immensely comPassionaTe guidance and help
You have all the answers ever
You make all the sense
You give answers that one could never even imagine are Possible to receive
You have all the answers ever!
there's not even one answer that You do not have and that's seriously amazing!
You have all the real gnowledge
You are so absolutely glorious and beautiful in everyway
i bow to Your ever beautiful and comPassionaTe PheeT
You are the most truthful beautiful comPassionaTe and Pure One
i bow at Your merciful kind ComPassionaTe PheeT

Anonymous said...

Hahah... Ya he really looks evil..nowadays the oTher evil looking being is called sadguru by people.

I TogeTher P-raise bow serve divine sage PT. 🙏

nicolas said...

very true! you are the true Guru
liPhe is meaningless without you
you are the light that shows the way up
you are a miracle
i bow to you the true Guru of this world