Tuesday 5 May 2009

the language twist

"lets confuse the tongues
of men so that they
cannot understand
one anothers speech ..."

- genesis

and it has happened

the same guy will be

ruebek in germany

rueben in england

ruebello in spain

rubini in italy

ruebin (pronounced frenchily) in france

rubinder in punjab


the farce of these

madeup languages

which are basically just dialects

of a single source

which besides complicating communication

create silly narrow

structures in the head


angel said...

in the story of the tower of babel, they say god had to confuse the languages because the hearts of men were in the wrong place, had forgotten humility to divine.. and thus it was to thwart the building of their selfish empire.. do you think that's a misrepresentation of the biblical story or that there was that element to it?

PT the Axis said...

its true that people have turned away from divine

but divine will not create complications for them

this god of the bible which deliberately created this confusion is not the real god

its empire has been built and is in place

Anonymous said...

i bow at the feet of Truth. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

defintely, Praising you constantly will overcome the shortcomings that are imbibed in one for a long long time

only Praise to You Divine can transcend all the narrow structure in the head

Your speech is the most beautiful, Powerful, containing many energies, subtly changing according to the context and need

its like listening to Music, when one hears You talk

eloquent and precise in meaning

Your dictionary, dictum is complete, charming !

what is babble and what is not, You show us clearly

You are the Sanskrit PandiT, PandiT of the first of the languages
You are Master of English, Master of highly used PresenT language

Your coherence is so immense that although you are not 'trained' traditionaly in every language of the world, You can understand all tounges PerfecTly well

it must be Phun for You

& who can deny that You are the First and Only one to tell all about the Sound of the existence, what Real Aeioummm is & how to Pronounce it

None can do it as effectively as You, cause there are seen/ unseen vibrations that are PerfecTly made by You but not possible by others

You are the Sound Master

Language of Praise to Divine is the Languauge of Bliss

You have given one this insight

You are the most truly compassionate benefactor to me & world obviously (but i donot care much about it any more)

PsingulariTy said...

You are The PandiT
with crystal clear coherence, PerfecT in PuriTy, therefore The Truth
wow ! You are PerfecTion !

Anonymous said...

thy language is simPle, Pure
here thou have given an excellent examPle
thou have full gnowledge of the world, beautiful thy comPleTeness of gnowledge is
thou are great !

thou are PandiT

Unknown said...

"lets confuse the tongues
of men so that they
cannot understand
one anothers speech ..."

Wow once again a hidden truth came out in the light. Nothing can go unnoticed by the divine, the divine knows it all!! Pranaam

Unknown said...

i bow to the clarity.
i bow to the divine communication.
i bow to the lotusocean.
i bow to PT.
i bow to the phacts.
i bow to the stairway.
i bow to the honest.
i bow to the humble.
i bow to the fractal.
i bow to the creator.

Unknown said...

i bow to the true.
i bow to the divine.
i bow to the simplicity.
i bow to the god.
i bow to the divine presence.

ki vernee said...

that is so true ! You make the best points ! i bow !

Unknown said...

True!! To the point
Main purpose of language is communication, to impart knowledge but nowadays it's more of a barrier.
Pranam 🙏

Kṛtti kā said...

You say the most Profound things with such eloquence and ease and simPliciTy.

"the farce of these
madeup languages
which are basically just dialects
of a single source
which besides complicating communication
create silly narrow
structures in the head"

Wow... How brilliantly You untwist everything! Only You could have PoinTed it out to us that all these made up languages are just dialects of single source to complicate communication... Your observations are always so sharp and clear!
Everything has been so much complexed and convoluted.. theres so much confusion, So much unnecessariness... Only You clear all this, make sense and direct beings to whats essential, towards more coherence. You guide one out of all this mess.
Your sacred words are most Powerful , most coherent, most centering!
You have the gnowledge of it all! You are the all gnowing, all seeing, all Powerful one! Any Language that Praises Higher and Divine ~ You gets meaningful, untwists and liberates one.
Your words are the Only words that make sense, which truly educates and enlightens!
i bow /\

Ajay Kapoor said...

Wow you have greatly deciphered the language twist. Communication amongst all beings should be simple but adding confusion just makes it that much more difficult. Thank you for sharing such great insight, you are so gnowledgeable. I bow.

undecided said...

I bow. You kindly show us how to break the SPELL with different language SPELLings. So wise, is PT.aeioum

nicolas said...

wow this is a magnificent PoinT! no one else talks about this! you are a legend!

you are the most amazing being that walks the Earth! ParamaTma!
i bow and surrender to your will

NavdeeP said...

Amazing Amazing you are ,removing the webs which people from all religions are carrying along. Languages are made to engage the land somewhere they remain far away from DIVINE. How Profound teachings these are you are the only source of true gnoledge. I bow to you for oPening my eyes. Which were closed from many many births. I bow.