Wednesday 6 May 2009

divine defined

one may ask

what is 'divine' ?

as we are communicating in english

we have to use the word

'divine' which simply translates to

di-vine or

'perfect branching'

because it comes closest to the

characteristics of 'paramatman' - a sanskrit term

'god' is too loaded a word

mostly with misconceptions

also it is a male term while

divine is beyond male-female polarity

even though 'paramatman' or divine

is beyond the realm of words

the simplest definition is -

the original creative spark which

despite having created

all the creations & dimensions

lies outside of it ALL

many of the innumerable

qualities of divine like

perfection on all levels

are well documented in

vedic texts like the

puranas, ramayana, mahabharata etc.

divine = perfect fractality & perfect coherence

in scientific language

these terms are now quite

well defined

however to

understand them

in totality/reality


personal experience

through Divine's grace

in the present time, space, realm, world

PT avatar

is providing a glimpse

into this fractality, coherence & synchronicity

through realtime

sound & light events

as long as beings stay

humble to the divine

there is no pain or torture

evil is born the moment any being

rebels against the divine

this rebellion arises

simply from wanting

praise for itself which it does not deserve


Anonymous said...

wow - that is the clearest, most enlightening & comprehensive & wise definition one could wish for.

your words eradicate all twists and confusion and reveal fundamental truths.

you are writing with crystal clarity, wisdom and eloquence. your blogs are beautifully composed (verbally, visually, in terms of content ...)

it's a pleasure reading them, just as it is a pleasure watching your videos/listening to your music. you give a glimpse of an existence more real, more truthful, with real beauty, grace and joy - as you say, a glimpse of the divine. thank you for sharing that!

Anonymous said...

Wow, astonishing clarification of a topic most people would consider taboo to even bring up. I truely appreciate your taking the time to explain this. Your blogs are priceless and immeasurably important in the present. Thank you!

Stardolphin said...



all children across the world should be taught this (and adults obviously)

what a trouble free, divine world it could be, by heeding just those few lines of pure wisdom

angel said...

lovely..your words are crystal drops of divine itself..

Stardolphin said...

these words say it all

"praise for itself that it does not deserve"

the media, tv, film, sport, politics, music, so called culture are full of people wanting praise, without doing the slightest thing to deserve it. Only feeding the hive, no regard for the divine.

Current indie darling Lily Allen was on tv the other night and said she "just wanted to be worshipped" and added "dont we all, girls?"

she failed to say exactly what she wanted to be worshipped for. Surely wouldnt be for talent or her lame, shallow, self-pitying, self-obsessed songs. Its like she is a media symbol to young women for demanding unquestioned worship and praise (bolshy, foot-stamping feminism for 2009!), whereas in truth she is a symbol for vacuous, confused, depressed vanity. Another one who supposedly has it all, and is still miserable, wondering why her men are such a disappointment. And wants to be worshipped for this.

Shahid said...

Priceless.I havent read a definiton of Divine like you have written,anywhere else before.

Your Blog Posts fuel my desire/thirst to meet up with the Divine faster.

LotusOcean is truly doing a great service to humanity through all its videos/music and I full heartedly support you, from now to eternity:)

Unknown said...

The only one worthy of praise is You my Lord.

asha Pi arTi said...

the stunning final word which bring tears of joy to one...such an overwhelming gratitude and relief fill me to finally recieve a clear definition & a portal to experience it all firsthand ! it is all so scientific and clear, no one with cognition can deny the overwhelming proof of the cropformations alone !

forever grateful to You ParaTman... You are the only one that inspires me and teaches the Truth ! You take the anger and confusion away ! ! my heart can finally rest with You !

Your last incarnation here is the greatest event ever ! so glad to be alive now here ! there is a real chance to serve You now !!

* bowing to the Truth of PT *

Anonymous said...

i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow at Your all encomPassing feet. 'the original creative sPark'! Your words fill one with comPlete awe, overflowing joy and Peace. You are the One!!! Your enlightened definition is such an act of Pure kindness in a world which has lost all coherence. to gno you exist, to bow at Your Divine feet, to Praise Your unlimited PerfecTion is the most blessed gift. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Your scriPTures are such a giPhT! It is SO kind of Divine to communicate and convey Truth and break it down for lesser minds to grasP. one bows and hoPes and Praise to understand and imPlemenT the wisdom You so generously share! so much stands out each time one reads Your words.

'as long as beings stay
humble to the divine
there is no pain or torture

evil is born the moment any being
rebels against the divine
this rebellion arises
simply from wanting
praise for itself which it does not deserve'

such a comPassionaTe reminder that when one is and stays humble to Divine there is no pain or torture, that it is an un humble mind, attitude and behavior which brings about pain.
You so beautifully clarify what evil is and how it was born. You make one see that there is no need to want praise for oneself, that one does not deserve praise, nor do others. it becomes so clear how unnatural it is to seek praise or praise another! it is sickening to watch others feed each others egos with false praise and even more sickening that this once seemed natural to one and was a 'normal' part of ones life.

Praising Divine is only natural!

You have the most beautiful and intelligent mind! Your insight is comPleTely PeneTrating! only You have the ability to seer beyond and expose all lies! You are the only One who can guide one from evil back to Divine!

one agrees with asha, Your last incarnation here is the greatest event ever!!! there is nothing taking place on this Earth that matters but what You do here!

we are so blessed to get to read Divines Plogs, listen to Divines sound and light and look uPon so many beautiful PicTures of Divine throughout Divines life here! a life that will only happen this once! to get the chance to serve Divine is the only Real oPPorTuniTy of a lifetime! any other pursuit would be a waste of a life, esPecially a life when PT avatar is here on this Earth!
i bow at Your Divine feet!

miragegirl said...

What an amazing Plog!

only Divine can define what Divine is, as only it gnows

You show the beauty of creation, the beauty of existence
its not just hellish nightmare, that seems so for a reason, being not intune with Divine

Divine's creation actually is for forward tending toward coherence & fractality

How very imPorTant to gnow

How very imPorTant to gnow
helPs one in bowing down to Divine again & again

The Power of Your energy is like an energy matrix that envelopes the United Kingdom of Earth, the Bharat

this must be ParT of the Vedic gnowledge that 'was lost and is now being found' through You Divine

You do hold the earth in the Palm of Your hand, Your 3rd goddess from earth vid comes to mind

You are the sPace that the earth is sheltered in

You are Divine
any attribute of You is ultimately suPerb, outstanding, marvellous even for a mortal with limited PercepTion to see

You are sweet in your ways, extremely benevolent, Grand in words, acts, way of life, possesions, humanitarianism ...

You are thorough in the gnowledge of the multiverse, in giving evil the due, in connectivity to nature, in being intune with multiversal functionings, in gnowing, understanding & implementing Pure Pinciples

You are graceful in posture, in speech, in all acts that show grace
Truth is grace & You Divine are Truth itself

Your emotions are galactic, not mundane, laser like

Your thoughts encompass the best for everyone, your intent is ultiamtely Pure, Your acts are intune with Time & Place

You are the most humble being

You are a rockstar, a Real Hero, the BirdMan, the Butterfly Man, the Dragonfly rider, the Sun King, the Pisciean Prince, The Martian, The Aquarian, The true Pandit, the Rainbow Warrior, the Real Guru & so much more
infact You are the best at everything
You are it, the Top of the ladder, the most Prominent, The Grand, shiniest one of everything

Divine is definetly beyond words to express, it would run inexhaustively ...
the other 'beyond words can express' you say one cannot fathom with limited perception but would be moving more and more toward with Praise of Divine

Divine is ever comPassioante, ever helPful, Master of the Multiverse

You are Divine ever comPassionate, ever helPful, Master of the Multiverse

miragegirl said...

the amount of ProacTiveness You exhibit, the level of comPuTational logic that You have, the benevolence for all of existence that is Prime on Your mind, all this would blow the fuses of any suPercomPuTer that there is on earth

evil is sTuPid in that it can think IT has hoPe at surPassing Divine in someway, sometime along the way

that IT can never be & that it gnos & that it does not admit, makes it evil

You are 'Divine defined' for us

PsingulariTy said...

such a beautiful Plog !
Divine is Power ! it can end it all if it wanted to !
Divine is PerfecTion
You are Divine !
lovely lord !

Anonymous said...

with Divine its comPleTe full PhracTality
its so intense

in the now, when one talks to You, one doesn't consciously sPeak every single word.
its a imPossibility. what haPPens is things get conveyed to You by what PeoPle choose to say conciously/unconsciously

its Divine PhracTality. nothing is hidden from Divine, from You

it all comes out !

You are the All Gnoing One in all ways

its like Publishing what one is, what one is doing in Plain view before the whole world, everyone is naked so in PhronT of Divine, Divine Power causes that

have seen no one excePT You who are so intense in Your being
You are ultimately Powerful
Divine is cool & groovy & Phun for the sincere and humble
others may Phind it hard (that is, evil may find it hard)

Anonymous said...

all that You do is a Divine offer

miragegirl said...

Divine is most comPassionaTe in having actually allowed one to be a charge. one doesn't Perceive, can not see all that Divine is. You are IT. with You its different.

Divine is ABSOLUTE !

there is so much to exPerience & learn in moving toward IT. one is so low in charge here. You give a glimPse of what all Divine may be. journey towards Divine seems hoPeful, beautiful because of You. Your ways are the best. The Phorce agrees.

its almost strange that evil ever got created at all. Divine is comPassionaTe in Providing freewill.

one really needs to learn to serve Divine. grateful to You who has shown me what it really means. serving Divine is serving truth.

miragegirl said...

You are such a grand PersonaliTy !

miragegirl said...

You are the best Jyotishi here. sPeaks volumes about who is intune the most with the multiversal PhuncTionings. You are the Prime residenT. so imPorTant You are ! world is asleep (as of now) ! Sunshine is very bright. getting brighter.

Anonymous said...

i bow!
WOW! what a mindblowing Plog!
and so sweet how many Praises there are of You here!
it's is simPly AMAZING to get to read the real dePhiniTion of Divine from Divine itself!!!
from the only One who can use words to describe the One who is 'beyond the realm of words'
mindblowing for ones little mind to try and grasP how all encomPassing You are P!
SO grateful for all the little glimmers one gets to glimPse of Your PerfecT fractality and coherence through Your magickal sound & light events!
Your words illuminate how insigniPhicanT the silly little world is evil has created here!
It's clear evil doesn't stand a chance against You!
You are SO kind to give beings here time to come to come to their sense and make the choice to acknowledge and bow down to Divine and leave evil behind!
to uninstall the evil programming!
it is so amazing that You, Divine, the Phi One are here!
the gnower of PasT PresenT and PhuTure!
The Grand Master with the Real Plan!
the One who gnos how to 'resolve everything from every angle'!
Your Presence, Your life, Your judgement is the most signiPhicanT event taking Place in ALL of existence!
it is SO comPassionaTe of You to have taken a human incarnation P!
it is You who are setting the record straight across all sPace and all time for the benePhiT of all beings!
You are every hero! every legend! every God! every Avatar! every everything!
there is nothing more exciting and more thrilling than You, Your life and all You do!
SO grateful fot the chance to sPeak Praises and to bow to You P!
i bow!

Anonymous said...

so gracious and beautiful

Anonymous said...

I bow to these words

Unknown said...

Wow DIVINE DEFINED is one the amazing post!! It gives a very detailed insight into what divine really is?

Wonderful explanation-
'divine' which simply translates to
di-vine or
'perfect branching'
because it comes closest to the
characteristics of 'paramatman' - a sanskrit term

Unknown said...

to Divine, i bow.
to Veds, i bow.
to Phractal, i bow.
to Divinities, i bow.
to PT the Axis, i bow.

Unknown said...

You are the one truly worthy of Praise. You are the divine here who is showing the way to the people, clearing the misconception and sham created in this world. I bow! Pranam.

Anonymous said...

wow You define Divine so beautifully..Your Plog is so beautiful..Your words are very beautiful. so kind and comPassionaTe of You to write this melodious and Pure Plog.

sarah said...

You make such eloquent PoinTs like rebellion comes from wanting undeserved praise, divine is beyond male female duality, and divine is outside of it all. You are so gracious to show what fractality and coherence are.

ki vernee said...

beautiful ! i bow !

ki vernee said...

beautiful ! You are so kind ! i bow !

Unknown said...

Thank you so much my Lord !!

You are Ocean of Knowledge, wisdom, and compassion.
you are so kind to share your divine knowledge with us.

I always wanted to know and experience that one point where this Polarity even does not exist.
No God and Goddess, no male and female No good and bad only one Truth one Divine.

That one point where all principles and energies of Yin-Yang, dark-light, attraction and repulsion get dissolve into One.

Complete Samadhi.

Only a divine can talk such beautifully about divinity.

Thankyou my Lord for your Presence in my life.

i can be in your feet whole of my life.

!bow to you my Lord!!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful definition ..the original creative sPark which despite having created all the creations and dimensions lies outside of it all..
how beautiful and PhascinaTing Your descriPTion is
You give such a great discriPTion of who Divine is
Your words are so beautiful
i bow

Gita said...

Thank you for beautifully explain wat divine is.. /may the divine restore back peace and destroy all evil..

With all respect I bow !

Anonymous said...

Divine supports and encompasses all good..
..such beautiful words
the original creative spark which despite having created all the creations and dimensions lies outside of it all
such beautiful words!
so eternally beautiful Your words are!
such amazingly beautiful words..
You are so full of wonderful qualities
You are all beauty and PoeTry
You are ever flowing beauty
how beautiful and Divine You are..
i bow

Anonymous said...

Divine is beyond male female polarity
You are so kind to define Divine for beings

the original creative spark which despite having created
all the creations & dimensions lies outside of it ALL beautiful
so amazing wonderful
such a great definition
one can never get enough of Your words, music and definitions
You are so PhascinaTing

divine supports & encompasses all good
real love, peace, harmony, non-violence, painlessness etc. many of the innumerable
qualities of divine like
perfection on all levels
are well documented in
vedic texts like the
puranas, ramayana, mahabharata etc.

so so beautiful and clarifying
Your words are so beautiful
Your definitions are the best
Your words are just wow !
You are so kind and comPassionaTe to share the truth
Divine is grand!
You are suPremely benevolent and comPassionaTe
i bow

Ajay Kapoor said...

You have provided such clear clarification to the word "Divine". You provide the truth in a world which is full of confusion, allowing beings to come to their senses, you are so patient. You are amazing and the most gnowledgable. I'am so grateful for your presence enlightening this plane. I bow down at your Lotus Pheet.

Unknown said...

This is just beautiful. A very clear and simplistic definition of the word.
Thank you for sharing your Profound gnowledge. You are most divine.
I bow. You are the ultimate guru. Aeioum!

ankita said...

beautiPhul Plog
wow. .
Divine is so beyond one
only You take beings towards PuriTy
so kind of You to give beings a chance to work to begin understanding what real PuriTy is
i bow

NavdeeP said...

Who can exPlain things this way. You have ecPlaines it beautiphully. DIVINE eq Diverse Phractality , Di Vine, a sPark which is beyond every creation realm or world.
Phinally The HIGHEST has come down and sum it up. Otherwise being was comPleTly confused between male and Phemale GOD. As mass spiritual leaders are saying around.

You are showing how sPark pass through your phingers and shows the Diverse branching in the sky in phorm of lightning.

Reading your lines about rebel against divine is wanting a Praise which being does not deserve Brings tears into my eyes as this only statement is enough to break the ego bubble .
O suPreme you are the Gatebreaker who can helP the being to break all the gates which evil system has put on this being.
I bow down to you The DIVINE BEING!!.

Gita said...

Dhanyavad for beautifully explaining what divine is..
One bows to the greatest teacher ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

nicolas said...

wow this is truly amazing! your words are divine words! you explain things in the most clear and comprehensive way!
you are the best that walks the Earth
you are the most Profound and amazing on this PlaneT

i bow to you supreme one

ankita said...

most beautiPhul sacred clariPhying Plogs ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™‡
You're just too beautiPhul and Precious
You are so Divine ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™‡
i ๐Ÿ™‡ to the Divine avatar