Saturday, 22 May 2010


in the west

all the superhero's

pushed onto the masses



from spiderman

to X-men

to teenage mutant ninja turtles

america's official national anthem

chosen by lotusocean

testifies -

realizing that they

cannot naturally get

their genes on phire

they are putting their faith

in technology, uglyness &

forced gene mutations

to get some illusory sense of

temporary useless power

at the cost of one's soul

the original superhero


9 superpowers

came from devotion to divine

& nonviolent wholistic living

not from

chip implants

or gene mutations


asha said...

wow what a perspective ! what a cool explanation of why this is happening and such a insight into how one can actually obtain Powers...

it is not fiction it is real... one can have Power... You show so much proof of this... one can be a real Jedi and not just pose as one !

that is why these things have so much appeal (former comicbook hero reader myself) one actually is just being impractical with that interest and desire ... such a cool Plog P !

You are my hero !

i bow & rejoice !

sarah said...

What a great perspective. One's spirit is merely viewed as an inconvenience/obstacle on the quest for temporary, technological power.

Even if one thinks America's mutant role models like spiderman, are less violent and crazy than what Europeans idolize, there is no doubt translucents in general are totally fucked.

Amanda V said...

:D! Lol! i bow.

Amanda V said...

lol. i bow to the True source of devotion and Power. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

amanda v said...

i bow. You write with the most PerfecT fusion of humor and seriousness. You show how ridiculously frightening the man made up ways of manifestating false power are and cleary show the detrimental cost to those that take that route. You are the living manifestation of True Divine Power. You make it very clear that deviation from Divine is what caused and causes the continuation of hellish cycles and that the only way for one to Truly evolve is through devotion to Divine. i bow at the refuge of Your feet. You are the only safe source in this world to turn to.

P3AZ21 said...

devotion to Divine is ProPer liPhe

that being the american national anthem sPeaks of what america is, a false liPhe country

Jai Hanuman !

PsingulariTy said...

bowing to You is the right thing to do
You are Divine avatar
You are CaPTain PT,
steering sols to heaven if they are humble and surrender

neelang tiwari said...

i bow...

jganesh said...

wow ! You have the best PerspecTives ! i bow

Swati said...

O Evolved Supreme Soul ! ! am so grateful for your Presence on earth.

Really funny and thought provoking at the same time.
One dose for those who find enjoyment in these Characters,Mutants, SuperHeroes. While there is nothing super about them. All false reality has been created to make people fool, put garbage in their mind all tech fantasy which can create genetically PsychoPaths, Clones and robots to degrade Human genes and Soul level.

Truly said, There were real Super heroes like Hanumaan Ji who was though born out of mother Anjani and father Kesari but has been called 'Vayu Putra Hanumaan'. That is the fruit of Penance done by mother Anjani and father Kesari. Real Surrogacy, no Tom, dick or harry or Vicky donors are required for that. That Surrogacy used to happen without inducing any objects or artificial hormonal injections and rotten Sperms inside the body.That Age was far advance in all senses.
No Genes~Soul-Side effect creating devolutionary approach of so called modern Science.
Such Miracles were possible only through the command of mind only.

Real crossing of energies. These so called Indians Impotent males are reading 'Hanuman Chalisa' since ages but never bothered to understand it's meaning what does it mean Anjani Putra Kesari nandan, 'PavanSut' Hanuman. ‘Sankar Suban’~ emanation of Lord Shiv.

O Higher and Divine !! You are such a Miracle and Mercy on earth to bring back real Soul Gene evolutionary approach on earth.
O Greatest Mercy ! ! bow myself in Your LoTus feeT.

Vaishali Thaker said...

Great point on genetic mutations!! yes these all are thought of as shortcuts for ascension or evolution but all the efforts are futile.. you are so right & to the point, people have gone crazy & totally diverted from what is real, you have always actively explained that evolution is a physical process, karm is done through the body, ones body should be in ones control as mind can never be controlled.. the service of hanuman towards shri ram is such a good example of a superman, one can only rise through PBS to higher & divine.. i bow 🙏