Wednesday 17 November 2010

natural that turns out to be un-natural

there are those

who find it hard

to understand

why things never work out

when all they are doing is

following their natural impulse

to relieve them of this confusion

lotusocean clarifies

the impulse which comes from within

is a genetic impulse

its an impulse dependant upon

the actions & choices of the ancestors

if the ancestors have gone against

nature & divine

which is the case almost all of the time

the impulse is


so what is termed

natural or basic

in commonspeak

is anything but natural

it is just

an expression of

rebellion from the divine


amruta patil said...

thank you for this.

Unknown said...

such a beautiful PertinanT PoinT !!! You teach how to become natural, and it is not as expensive or pretentious as one had been previously led to believe. this is so clarifying and illuminating . You show where the gear-shift override button is for crap genes, the only education that matters !

Anonymous said...

Dhanyavad P. Your Divine PerspecTive is supremely clarifying and logical. This ParTicular Plog cleared up a lifetime of confusion in ones mind. i bow at your Divine feet. This world is truly blessed to host you. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!

Your simPle, scienTiPhic and ProPhound logic clears uP so much confusion P!

it is a True comPhorT for one to see that any so called natural impulses one might have which goes against Divine are not natural at all! that this tendency comes from genes which have been rebelling against real Divine for centuries!
such imPorTanT and life altering Truth this is!

it is the greatest gift that this world has One who is PerfecT. That Divine is here to bow down to! That one has the opportunity in this life to change ones nature to natural and rise above ones faulty genetic Programing.

Your Presence on this Earth is the most amazing, imPorTanT and ProPhesied event!
You are the greatest thing any world has ever gnown P!
i bow at Your Divine feet!

miragegirl said...

what a great Plog !

certainly the thing to remember in how one behaves with You

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

wow You give so many awesome exPlanaTions. it's so kind of You to remind us that what is natural in commonspeak is really far away from the real natural. so kind of You to helP us distinguish between unnatural and natural.

Unknown said...

You give such Profound exPlanaTions. It is because of you that one realises how unnatural one is. Relying on natural instincts of one is mostly going to be due to the genetics one is carrying and most certainly they are going to be anti divine! So grateful that you Provide one with the oPPorTuniTy to turn natural by Praising, Bowing and Serving the higher and divine.
Your words are invaluable! Without you it would have have been impossible to ever gnow the truth and walk towards you by following your ParamounT teachings!
You are the best PresenT that one can get! Beings can learn so much from you, you are setting the best examPle , you teach how it's done! Every action of yours is a lesson to learn from and rectify oneself! You Provide with every thing that is needed for one to evolve.
Your immeasurably beautiful sound and light Philms, your ultimately clarifying and enlightening Plogs are a world in itself!
You are so comPassionaTe, so benevolent to share your inherent beauty and Pure goodness through your Philms giving one the most beautiful and awe-inspiring moments to behold,
opening one's eyes to the reality of ones situation through your all encompassing Plogs inspiring one to correct/rePenT and follow you !
It can only be divine's forte to be able to settle all the lies, be able to uPlifT everyone and everything just by being there!
You are indeed everyone's "Yours Truly" !
I bow in all my gratitude for providing one all the essentiality to truly be alive and evolve!
You are the most beautiful! Anything said in your Praise is such a little fraction in comPare to your inPhiniTe qualities!
I bow at your lotusfeet !

ki vernee said...

wow ! what a beautiful PoinT ! You are so kind to teach beings how to truly be natural ! i bow

Data said...

Wow! This is PerfecT! Truly amazing how you provide explanations that immediately get to the heart of things. Un-natural behavior patterns can be deep within ones DNA. gnowing this makes a huge difference & PosiTive imPacT. APPeciaTion & i bow with resPecT and love-evolve:)

Anonymous said...
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Data said...

Discernment inspite of ones DNA is the way to Phreedom. aeioum

sarah said...

only You can rePhorm the renegades !!!
i bow to Your divine mercy !!!