Friday, 26 November 2010


those who

cannot respect the cow

whose milk they drink

cannot respect

earth which is akin to a cow

in fulfilling our needs

no question of

them respecting

god/divine either

people hoping to


love, peace, happiness

contentment & evolution

while killing & eating cows

are under

serious delusion

in the end

they would

meet a cruel fate

at the hands


forces of divine



Unknown said...

I have been eating beef my whole life and unawear of how disrespectful it truely is. Ive been following the heard and I am ashamed. Never again will I take part in this, and I ask for Your forgivness.

bb said...

you have so clearly said the fate of those who do not resPect cows

"in the end

they would

meet a cruel fate

at the hands


forces of divine"

the Play of divine is the most beautiful

complete retribution when nedded according to divine laws

you are the ProTector of innocent beings

you are the greatest leader on earth

leading the way through showing what is right and what is wrong very clearly

and leading by example

i have seen only you who are so resPectful to gaay and bhudevi

you are "every hero"

aap PurushoTam hai

aap Param Pavan hai

aap Param Pujaneey hai

aap ParamaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

bb said...

when you saw the cow and to bless went
the cow did immediately sweetly respond
oh such a sweet interaction
oh what a sweet bond
cowherder you were in life PasT
of cows no one is more fond
Lord you are 'the Real Cowboy', you are the best
ProTector of all the cows and the rest

Aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

i bow at Your Divine feet. dhanyavad for instilling True resPecT in the hearts and minds of those who follow You Guruji. Your light is all encomPassing. it is You who gnow the way. i bow at Your comPassionaTe feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Astro said...

Golden words.. I bow to thee PT

'those who
cannot respect the cow
whose milk they drink
cannot respect
earth which is akin to a cow'

We feed the cows in temples..
At the end of his Avatar Krishna told his kin Uddhava that cow’s pooja(worship) is equal to my pooja (worship)...


Unknown said...

i bow

pinx said...

Powerful words !! so imPacTful !!! so True !!

i bow to You P !! due to Your Grace & Precious education i have been saved from a life of cruel cow eating ! i cannot express my gratitude enough !!! You are my Saviour ! i am forever indebted to You ! You are so kind and merciful to give beings like me a chance to change !! and due to Your Grace and unwavering PracTical guidance one gets to keep on changing and imProving and evolving ! You are the Best teacher and Ultimate Authority on how to behave in this MultiVerse !! Your words PeneTrate right to the core ! Your Divine logic is so beautiful to read !! Your words are so clarifying ! Your PoinTs so PoTent and irrefutable !

one is so ashamed to have ever taken part in such a barbaric act. and it is so scary to consider the consequences and painful reality of such a horror show !

You make the greatest PoinTs !! how true Your words are ! it is impossible to have resPecT for Earth or Divine when one is going so against Divine Principles through the act of Cow eating/culling !! Your words need to be read, imbibed and heeded by every single being on this Earth !! You are so Ultimately logical and PracTical ! it is amazing to read Your words. You are the One who can redeem any being who is ready to change !! You are truly the Whole World's Saviour whom should never be underestimated ! i bow to You !!

ki vernee said...

wow ! You are so right ! You really teach beings how to resPecT nature...You really saved one from a hellish fate ! i bow

Swati said...

O Lord ! you always share mosT powerful message.

Your insighT on every Topic is so Pure and magesTic. Your Love for Cows and MoTher earTh is so Divine.
Your intentions are so SofT and Touching. When all elemenTal energies bow to you what to say abouT beings. That is why NaTure and Cows shower all Compassion on you.

! bow myself in your LoTus FeeT.

Swati said...
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Swati said...

O True Saviour and Nurturer of mother earth, mother Cow !! ! bow my head at Your Lotus PheeT !! You are so kind to share Your comPassion with them.

Mother Earth~ Mother Cow is the Goddess of fertility, huge PaTience and Pure comPassion.
as earth holds all beings, do Provide treasures, minerals, vegetation for being to sustain and cherish the same way cow nurture all beings
with her milk. ghee, butter, cheese and all milk ProducTs are there because of her Divine virtues.

take all good things from earth and cow but fill them back with garbage, chemicals, PlasTic.

People do their derogatory research, fill earth with e-waste, buy and sell land and start robbing her, dig mines for resource, create big, big buildings, skyscrapers, increase burden of their unending greed on earth.

they Produce milk, use them as an object,emPloy their machines to milk the cows, PuT cows in milking Parlour to take milk from, seParaTe them from their calf and get their business running. when farm animals are diseased and not to be cured, they kill them by legal act~ euthanasia.

these beast mentality of west has corruPTed the whole world in the chain on the name of develoPed countries. Shame ! Crime !

this business beast mentality is the reason, now a days to keeP their system running, they Provided jobs to these morden females and day care for their babies and ‘breast Pump’ to these ugly mothers… they are not mothers, they are disgrace, they have demon instinct rather motherly instinct ...comPassion is not the ParT of PicTure at all..

this society has turned so insensitive, because they everything as an object to use, nature, cow, earth is not an object to use. Seeing this ugliest PicTure of this business, greedy zombies and disresPecTing mother Principle is the downfall of them towards hell.

If there is any being on earth is left who has little bit of shame and sensitivity left in their ugly heart, go and ask Your mother if child is taken away from mother right after birth what is the feeling…

Only a real Mother can share the truth ~ after childbirth, when milk flows from breast and if mother is not able to breastfeed the child ~ it feels like dying out of comPassion. breast turn sore because of excessive milk in veins…. when they seParaTe calf from cows what do they feel…

Pumping out milk can not fulfill the motherly love
when they don't have ability to understand their mother’s feeling... do they have that consciousness to feel cow’s comPassion….
shame even after reading all this, People don't stoP this.

Divine will not tolerate such stuPidiTy and ignorance and they will meet their fate.

Divine is here to judge everyone.
O Saviour ! ! bow my head at Your Lotus PheeT for Your Presence on earth !!

Unknown said...
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Reshma PT said...

i bow to divine.