Saturday, 22 May 2010

its elementary my dear ...

after severe disconnection from nature

& creating a plasticky concretey blissless world

people's definition of divinity

doesn't carry

connection with elements


divinity is/ has always been/ always will be

all about connection and manifestation

through elements

there is a reason why

the elementals are the devas (demigods)

the good guys/ the real goodfellas

in vedic wisdom

agni (phire deity) , vayu (wind deity), varun (water deity)

their head being indra (weilder of thunderbolt)

their mother being aditi (sky deity - the 5th element)

their support being prithvi (earth deity )

the body is made up of these elements only

& the soul ascends to higher realms

only after purification of the elements

element is elementary

the devas are always in heaven

only because they

always bow to the source - divine


asha said...

* bowing to the sacred holistic picture of divine only You reveal *

what Beautiful words... You really light one's fire ! ! !

sarah said...

this education has the power to completely change a person's thinking.

I rarely thought twice about the elements or their relationship to body and soul. i thought they must have some relationship to divine, but it was so abstract.

Amanda V said...

i bow. Your Divine explanation of the elements and their interplay is breathtakingly beautiful, simple and so magical and inTRIguing P! others PorTray far too complex and boring a process to comprehend when they attemPT to explain how the elements function. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

amanda said...

i bow!
It's SO amazing to read Divines dePhinings of Divine!

'divinity is/ has always been/ always will be
all about connection and manifestation
through elements'

There is none more Divine than You! Your constant Play with elements are comPleTe Proof!
' the real goodfellas' Divine is the most humorous too!
There is no greater Phorce, Power, weaPon than the Phorces of Divine!
and it is You who these Phorces bow down to!

It is You who PoinT out how hellish it has all become through mans dissconnection from nature, from Divine, from the elements.
It really is such a sick and blissless and lifeless world that man has constructed!
and so disturbing that man continues to search to control Divine Phorces through external means!
Phorces which are imPossible for man to control!
Divine shows and exPlain how futile it all really is.
How beautiful the way DIvine helPs one see that these Phorces are alive! These Phorces are higher beings! Devas! That they are in a realm beyond mans reach! That these higher beings are to be resPecTed! That they have so much to teach! They are a PerfecT examPle of how one should behave in that they always bow to and obery Divine!
such an insPiring line

'the devas are always in heaven
only because
they bow to the source-divine'

It is SO kind the way Divine helPs one what a lesser being one is. that one is here on this Plane because one fell from Divines Grace!
It is really generous of Divine to show how the higher beings who are in heaven always behave.
it is the kindest act that Divine has maniPhested here to set things straight and gives beings a chance to return to Divines Grace!
to have the elements which one is made of PuriPhied through Praise of Divine, service to Divine, bowing down to Divine,
to be given a chance in this lifetime by Divine to change ones ways. to be guided in how to follow Divine into higher realms and remain.
it is the most comPassionaTe thing that Divine shows what it really means to be free!
i bow!

P3AZ21 said...

wow ! great Plog !

the five elements are enchanting
the 6th element too

PsingulariTy said...

You are PuriTy embodied
You are PT, The golden hearted Peaceful One

neelang tiwari said...

i bow...

sarah anne said...

this is like a whole mythology class condensed into a clear short format!
You are so wise and comPrehensive !

Roopa Jadhav said...

I bow.

'the soul ascends to higher realms
only after purification of the elements
element is elementary.
the devas are always in heaven only because they always bow to the source - divine'

amaya said...

You give such a beautiful exPlainaTion
You oPen uP a whole new world for one ..and it's the real world
You see things for what they are
Your clarity is the most wonderful thing
You are so above the rest
You have the most beautiful consciousness
You are the only One brilliant
Your brilliance is so illuminating
You are the most beautiful blossoming of a being
Your words are Priceless
You make one realise that vedic life is actually beautiful and so removed from the craziness and gracelessness of indians
You make one see the world in a whole new way
You reveal so much about the world that is around one..
You make one see how beautiful everything natural is and how ghastly everything unnatural is
i bow

jganesh said...

wow ! what beautiful Plog ! You are so gnoledgeable about the elements ! i bow

soumya chopra said...

Wow... that's why Connection with the elements gives immense pleasure
I bow🙏

Swati said...

✨You are suPerb P✨ !! these beings cannot even imagine to create that kind of natural dna braiding, those Powers of Lord Hanuman cannot be even imagined by being out here, He is Pawan Putra, shankar suwan, anjani Putra hanuman who has continuously been Praising You ~ Your name ~ Raam Raam !! His suPerPowers were Your blessings to Him. You are so kind to remind these mutantant, chiPusers that they are just Playing with their life and soul too by inserting all teck with no logic devices inside their brain. ! bow to the One who has His gene on Phire !!

Swati said...

O SuPreme Divine Soul ! ! bow to You to teach us with such lucid exPlanaTion, i had misinformation that Rishi kashyaP is associated with sky element but it's mother aditi his wife... but the main PoinT remain the same, all elements, our body is made from must be Purified in the PaTh of soul evolution or if One really wish to go out of this 3d matrix. interested thing is all Devtas are always busy and love Praising Bowing and Serving Higher and Divine. those enlightened beings do so but this muggle world is still under huge ignorance. ! bow to You to share this lovely Plog.