Friday, 13 August 2010

your 'i' defined

many people wonder

what is their 'i'

who are they exactly ?


its nothing too complicated or puzzling

'i' is just a short term for 'eye'

what you are


what you can percieve

looking at the same being/object/event

different beings have different level of perception

what & how much & how correctly you can perceive

is what defines your self or 'i'

god/divine is the being

whose perception is perfect & complete

it is the capital 'I'

it looks through the real eye

the 3rd Eye


sarah said...

This is such profound perspective! Level of perception is really imperative to defining "i". It is so awesome to have access to this perfect perception.

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. This is the most comPrehensive exPlanaTion of the self, the i to ever be writ!
it makes one laugh to consider all that has been written and studied by lesser i's in attempts to discover what You inherently gnow! i bow at Your Divine feet, the feet of the all seeing eye. dhanayavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

P3AZ21 said...

such an imPorTant Plog !

if one Percieves ProPerly, which is the same thing as being honest, one rises

Divine 'is the capital I'

You are The Enlightened One

Your PercePTion is intense to the PoinT of comPleTion
so connected, that which never gets down, is comPleTe

You are grand !

neelang tiwari said...

i bow

jganesh said...

what a beautiful explanation ! love this ! i bow

07 08 said...

How Beautiful !! You have PerfecT n comPleTe percePTion!

i bow /\

Swati said...

Thank you O Lord for brightening up everything all around with your divine 'I'.

O Third eye of Shiv ! Thank you for telling us the real and most profound meaning of I.

One cannot find such profound meaning of I anywhere.Such deep thoughts and perception can only come out from the third eye of divine.

Experiencing the inner light of third eye and converting that into most meaningful manifestation called Existence.From 3d to 4d and from 0 to N and from immortal to eternal without beginning and end.

You brought so much meaning in my life which cannot be explained even after spending whole life as praising and bowing to you.One life is too short for that.

Thank you so much for creating such beautiful forum where i can put forth the real me. Thoughts,feelings, perception, the real Truth what i believed in. I am actually able to praise the real Truth, the real divine and using my energies in such a beautiful way. Thank you so much for your mercy and Kindness.

Whenever i offered flower or water to Bhagwan Shiv, i always wondered how is it possible to offer my Karma to him. What action should i do which are most liked by him. He may not need anything from me he only knows to give this whole Multiverse but how to make myself worthy enough to sit in his worship by 'Karma Yog' and just not by talking or chanting but actually walking What should be the quality of my actions.

I did not know that all my prayers will be heard by you and you would be here to guide me how to actually offer my energies and actions towards higher and divine.

By Praising and bowing to you, it makes my life so much complete that I feel so good inside to actually praise the real and limitless. Your divinity bring those pure intentions out from me.

Thank you for your presence O my Lord !!

O Third eye of Shiv! ! bow myself in your Lotus Feet !!

A Parekh said...

this is such a beautyfull definition and makes so much sense

one's i is only as much as one can percieve

and You are the real EYE

its clear from the way You speak, what You speak, how You speak, when You speak

and what happens after You speak !

You are so ultimately PercePTive !!!!!!

You are so kind to be here and show what the Pure Principles are !!

so glad You are here and that one can learn from You directly !!!

i bow

Vaishali Thaker said...

Its so thrilling!! someone is looking at us with his 3rd eye!! O shiv narayan i bow to you 🙏 O powerful one, we are blessed by your presence between us, you gave us opportunity to learn from you & serve you.. your divine knowledge & sounds uplift our soul!! i bow to the avatar 🙏

रेshma said...
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