Monday 12 April 2010

Real Magic

like many other words/terms

muggle definition of


is restricted to

pulling rabbits out of a hat

through slight of hand

it is all about fooling others

without anything real happening

'Real Magic'

is different

it deals with time & elements

on various levels of this multiverse

Magic is creating a rainbow in the sky

through getting into an ecstatic state

it follows natural laws

& in some cases transcends them

in accordance with divine laws

best part is

it makes

one's Soul rise

to higher states

in this life & afterlife


sarah anne said...

So magical!!!

miragegirl said...

voh kaun hai PrakyaT
akash mein lehrata hua
jiska vijay ka hai ye rangeen naad
bahut Pyar se sajaya hua
jukata hai aur jukne valon ko deta hai anand
voh sirf antariksh ka ek hai PrakyaT
akash mein udh sakta hai voh
jiske anginat iese hai adbut vijay ke naad
PrakruTi mein hastha khelta hua
sabhi Praniyon ko voh deta hai anand
uska hai na aramb na anth
voh hi anant, voh hi PrashanT

Aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

:)! i bow. You are Pure magic! anyone who takes the time to experience and witness Your magic through any of your many magnificnt mediums is truly privellaged, blessed and better for it. dhanyavad P. bowing to your miraculous magic. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

Your's is real Magic
real Magician You are !
the grand good wizard !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Good Wizard
continuous concentration on high exalted qualities of higher and Divine is so imPortant for evolution

Praise is so imPorTant for evolution

grateful to You for ingraining this in one

Anonymous said...

i bow!
PT is the Real magician!
You are Pure magic!
what a beautiful 3 of many Philms documenting Your magical doings!
Your whole life is magic! every Philm, every PicTure, all real and all amazing!!!
and what a beautiful dePhining of what real magic is and does.

'best part is
it makes
one's Soul rise
to higher states
in this life & afterlife'

You are the only One here who is and keeps it real all the time!
the only One who gnos how and can guide one to rise to higher states here and after.
'LotusOcean University of Divine Life, Magic & Afterlife'
the only Place where real learning can take Place.
Everything You do and create here is just SO amazing P!
i bow.

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! You are so magical ! i bow

sarah said...

You are so gracious to share so much indisputable proof of Your divine magick.
You are so gracious to let beings admire Your sensational magick !
You are so dazzling and imPressive !

undecided said...

I bow to you oh great one! Thank you for showing me the Agni. Let the arrow be shot and the games begin!

Unknown said...

i bow to real magician.

Unknown said...

God bless PT

Unknown said...

God bless PT

sree kalyan said...

Real guru......many things learnt from(from YouTube)pt.....

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday PT (May 25), Thank-you so much for all that you say
and do, I prayed, after hardship and repeating cycles of disappointment,
for 'my journey home' I want to go home, I'm tired of this endlessly
repeating life, and I was led to Krasi Attasio who interviewed you,
and I have been watching all your videos and now looking at your
writings, many blessings and beauty for you, we are so grateful for
your presence here on Earth at this time. Thank-you Pure Being...

nicolas said...

wow what a being you are! the real magician! your voice holds so much Power! one gets a feeling of what Phractality practically feels like! i love all about you! you are magnificently PerfecT

"Magic is creating a rainbow in the sky
through getting into an ecstatic state
it follows natural laws
& in some cases transcends them
in accordance with divine laws"

only a divine being can reveal such Profound TruTh
you are a legendary hero
you reveal such key important PoinTs
one can only feel deeply graTePhull for all that you are
you are a never ending awe
i never came across anyone else who could actually do magic as PowerPhully and effortlessly as you do it
from rainbows to lightning storms, you do it all gracePhully and effortlessly
you are TruTh, you are Beauty
your Power is God's Power
you are a magical miracle
you are the best that walks the Earth

i bow to you all gnoing one

Unknown said...

Yes!!! I have seen the magic with my own two eyes! You are the dying grace given to this planet one more time, PT! I will serve gratefully until I exceed the limits of human behavior. You lead me to the afterlife and the afterlife welcomes me! Bless your soul.

Unknown said...

The real magic the real gathering i bow 2 pt

asha Pi arTi said...

there is a comment above abt Your 'birthday' that could be misleading, so firstly I want to clear up that its is May 21 that is Your Solar Return :) so kind of You to grace us here that day and bring real magic to this world
I didn't expect many people here to wake up and learn anything about real magic here, in the movies they only show around 1 or 2 ppl maximum learn about Elements, and never are there are many who escape any matrix or prison, the numbers now are changing so rapidly bc of You !

It is the greatest good fortune that You are here, one has seen many come and go, but You stay stable strong and resilient, You are the greatest treasure this world has here right Now !

You are the best example of magic and sophistication ! You bring together magic and real science and real Philosophy and logic of the body !

I bow

Kaali said...

Real Magic study 🤩 oh PT iam huPpy to have an oPporT unity to get that kind of Gnowledge 🙏 your liPhe is soo Pure PuresT bliss to u and froom you. iTs like taking a bath in suns rays & and making sense & it matter. PrakTicality & PhracTality of Your being is so