Sunday 18 April 2010

the fake bows

people are ever-ready to do their

formal get-it-out-of-the-way fake bow

to established frauds like

pope, queen, dalai lama & other such charlatans

its all about bowing to the

system itself

rather than an individual

in some places

they are forced to do such bows to all elders

elder being decided by age not wisdom

in some places they do this bow

to stones & statues

ego doesn't get perturbed

especially since everyone else is doing it too

people everywhere

do this bow to

money & those who have it

in various forms

they bow to the people on stage

who bow back to them

a mutual bowing scene

which leads no-one anywhere

people are not bowing to the higher

partly because

they have wrong definitions of higher


mainly because of the plain evil

which takes over them with feelings like

inferiority complex
& jealousy

when they do gno in their guts

it makes them not want to bow

because it will have to be a real bow

& it will have to be continuous

useful to remember that

all evil only arose from

the simple decision of

not bowing to divine


Asha said...

* bowing to the Truth of PT *

You really clarify why this action is so important ... the sole reason why there is evil in this world and the only way one is going to get rid of it too !

these words inspire one to look at the world again and see it for what it is and change one's attitude and perspective about bowing.

so passionately written and shared as only a Higher Being could

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow ceaselessly at Your Divine feet P. Your explicit iteration of the imPorTance of bowing to that which is Truly Higher and Divine is such an eye opener. To see how oneself was stupid enough to Perceive that which is not higher as higher and hold it in esteem makes one drop to ones knees in both shame and constant gratitude for Your Divine rectification. bowing to Your Divinity is the most imPortanT action once is capable of. i bow again and again. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

great Plog !

PsingulariTy said...

bowing is imPorTant
reversal from descent

You are The Benefactor
showing what right attitude is, showing ProPer way of liPhe

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

what a beautiful PoinT ! i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

wow this is such an EPIC PLOG !!!!!! wow, that last line :

useful to remember that

all evil only arose from

the simple decision of

not bowing to divine

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT !!! You are really so kind to PoinT this out !
it doesn't benefit You one bit if beings bow here or not, it helps only them to avoid pissing off Higher and Divine in the Phorm of You and later when in front of less PatienT and Mercyfull Higher Beings than You !!!!!

You are so kind to be here and give so much time for beings to come to their senses and pay attention to what Nature and the Elements themselves do to You << I BOW TOO !!!

Anonymous said...

I TogeTher P-raise bow serve to divine sage PT who is the only real Twice born soul PresenT righT now on This Plane-T

anyone who knows The TruTh abouT anyThing and everyThing more Than oneselPh has To be higher and divine

one who leads oThers in the paTh of evoluTion Towards divine wiThouT making them slaves is Truly higher and divine in nature

on This Plane-T iT is PT who is higher and divine Than anyone or anyThing else coz he is The only merciPhul being who is seTTing Phree oTher beings Phrom all kinds of nonsense and hells by educaTing Tiny beings like me abouT basics of liPhe Through PuriTy and TruTH filled Plogs and divine PTalks.

sorry Phorgive me love Thanks divine sage PT for everyThing.🙏

Kṛtti kā said...

Your Plogs makes one cry in awe and adoration of Your straightforward unadulterated honesty and of ones plain evil, ego harms n kills more than anything else!

"when they do gno in their guts
it makes them not want to bow
because it will have to be a real bow
& it will have to be continuous"

You state truths as it is, You eyes PeneTrate through everything and see the tiniest of the details too! Your divine obervation and discernment misses nothing ever!

continuous real humble Praises and bows to You is the goal!

The Real King is You for You have all The Power and Phorce
The Real Queen ~ Your PrakriTi too only resPonds and bows to You
Real Guru is You for The One who truly Gnows is You
Only Elder here is You for You have awakened kundilini devi
raising n turning through every chakr uP Your sPine into Your mind
and The Eldest too is You, for You PredaTe it all
You are The Axis that suPersedes it all
DiVine is You for Your PhracTality branches out
beyond the multiversal dimensions
the celestials, the elementals, all higher beings
are always at Your command
who all celebrate and sing glories of Your Highness
who bow to the suPreme Sol ~ You
to The Highest of the highest, one humbly bows too
to The Most BeautyPhull One, to The One with the PuresT heart of gold,
to the endless ocean of love, bliss, comPassion and Mercy,
to Your lovely lotusPheeT one bows too /\

nicolas said...

your words are beauTiPhull! one can only bow to you again and again as you are the highest of all beings!
you are the most amazing one whose Power is unmatched
your logic destroys all nonsense! your TruTh shines the brightest, you are absolute PerfecTion
one can only feel graTePhull for all that you are! your generosity is unequalled!
you are simply the best

i bow to you PT the divine avatar