Wednesday 19 May 2010

gene gene genie

the wish granting genie

they talk about in fables

like aladin's lamp

is not to be found

in a lamp or a bottle

hidden away somewhere

it is very near you

in fact it is right in your body

in your blood

in your genes

gene is the onle genie

to phire it up

you need discipline

& all the divine qualities

which can only come

from bowing/serving divine


a* said...

this PT-log is soooo positive and sweetly worded and like all your blogs make bowing/serving Divine very appealing & logical! you simplify the most profound insights into language any child can understand, it is so compassionate of You.

asha Pi arTi said...

P You speak and write the most inspiring words !

Love how Your words motivate me to fulfil my goal.

* bowing to the Truth of PT *

Anonymous said...

:) i bow. this P log is infinitely more exciting than the many stories and tall tales of genies. You put magic and mysticism into PracTical and Possible PersPecTive! dhanyavad P. i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

wow ! existence is so magical
Divine is awing, magical !

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

wow what a Plog! i bow.

sarah said...

so exciting to find out how to access the genie !

ki vernee said...

wow ! You decode everything ! so cool ! i bow

Anonymous said...

Your words help one not get lost in the daily tasks
one can't loose basic disciPlines
Your words are so insPiring
anytime monotony or any such muggle nonsense tries to take over one just has to remind oneself by reading Your words of wisdom
only You tell one the imPorTance of disciPline
the rest of the world is just beating about the bush
You tell one what has to be done so clearly and wonderfully
Your wording is so PhascinaTing
Your words just glow and shine
the genie has to be Phired up through disciPline and all the divine qualities that can only come through bowing and serving
wow You clarify so much
it's so great that everyone can evolve just because You are here to set the record straight and tell everyone what has to be done
You are the most beautiful
i bow

nicolas said...

amazing words! you are so kind to reveal such important TruTh! you are the best that walks the Earth! you have the PerfecT dna and PerfecT coherence! you are simPly the besT
you are the mosT intelligent! and by very very far!
you are a magical being! divinity embodied
one can never stop to marvel at you

i bow to you all gnoing one