Friday 7 May 2010

Pgo not Ego

some snarl at my straightforward confidence

call it a big ego

well i tell them its


not Ego

Divine is finally in charge

of this universe & all of the multiverse

no matter how they would like

something else to be the case

so that they can freely do their nonsense

& get away with it

they expect Divine to be

underconfident, understated & under everything

but that is not its nature


Divine does manifest on Earth

is what are called Avatar's

& its here now ...


sarah anne said...

The matrix manipulates people to feel good about themselves for no reason at all. It is mind-blowingly cool to see a being who has actual reasons to feel good about itself, such as controlling the universe. I bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. goPgo! Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
'Divine is finally in charge
of this universe & all of the multiverse'
this is such a Powerful statement and Plog for one to recognize and resPecT! bowing down at the feet of the Avatar. the One who is fully charged and in charge!

miragegirl said...

P go is the way to go
P You are the most beautiful !

You are Divine come to earth
wow !

time for celebration

helP me be with You always Please
under Your wing always
i wish for that & i intend to work towards that

there is so much contentment in Praising Divine
Divine is suPer sPecial, is what defines sPecial

Divine has absolute beauty
Divine is absolute PuriTy, coherence, PhracTality, wow !

PsingulariTy said...

Go P Go with all Your activities just the way You do
You are PerfecT
You are Kalki ending the KaliYug here

sarah said...

You are so eminent and Powerful.

Anonymous said...

I bow

Unknown said...

Wow wow wow! You nailed it! Woohoo!
Umdaa !! Ammmmazing !! Brilliant!

One is comPleTely awed and floored by your straightforward blunt honesty!

What a Phenomenal Plog! You drove the PoinT home!

Divine Avatar has manifestated and is in full swing, in all its glory! Triumphing over all the evils of the society and within!
What great Time to be while the Avtar walks the earth!

Time to make the choice and rePenT for all the nonsense done!

I bow! I bow! I bow!

ki vernee said...

You are so cool and above it all ! i bow

ki vernee said...

You are so cool and above it all ! i bow

Anonymous said...

You destroy one's ego by making one goP's way. You are so courageous and confident. You are the embodiment of virbhadr. i bow to you divine.

Anonymous said...

So glad to have you here...One feels blessed to be under your wings. i bow to you divine.

NavdeeP said...

O GURU!!! You always talk about pure Principles .you are Teaching being how to live this liPhe which is given by DIVINE and how to Prepare for afterliPhe. You are the axis on which this plane T is rotating. People are still confused between real and fake things so they called your truthPhul as well as straight forward behaviour an ego.
O DIVINE BEING I bow down to you, you have showed me how the DIVINE or HIGHEST look. It's really a blessing to see. I bow down to you for being so kind on being like me.

nicolas said...

beauTiPhull words my Lord! if anyone has a problem with you, it just means that they have a problem with themselves! you are PerfecTion! ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS!
you are the most amazing of all beings, one can never stop to marvel at you
you are a never ending enchantment
you are the best that walks the Earth, the true Avatar

i bow to you all gnoing one

Naina said...

You are the only Avtaar. I bow to you Shiv Narayan.🙏🙂

Kaali said...

What a great time, when You arrive onto this earth Plane To bring lost gnowledge & sense.
Phires of Truth from the highest being That control Oneself & even multiverse !
You are Real warrior of the word ! I bow ShivNarayan P