Thursday 20 May 2010


there are those

who want to disconnect

adoration from bowing

it is the same thing

bowing is the bodylanguage

for adoration only

adoration requires proper postures

not ungraceful ungrateful moves

bowing is the bridge between

adoration & surrender


in this world

it had become reserved only for

females ( the intent behind that pretension is well gnown )

or evil (celebrities, money, fame)

not divine


a* said...

This is absolutely priceless for one trying to sincerely achieve a connection with Divine/Higher.

You are so masterful at forming a bridge between the confused mass mind and the Truth. You know every schism we have created and give a very practical & simple way of overcoming it.

Really very sweet of you to reiterate this simple Truth even though You don't need to... it is purely for our benefit and am very grateful for You & PT-logs!!

Anonymous said...

i bow. te adoro Usted. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
what a beautiful dePhiniTion of what bowing is!
what a gorgeous connection!

'bowing is the bridge between
adoration & surrender'

Divines Plogs are the most comPassionaTe guide in how to move toward Divine
in how to cultivate authentic adoration when coming from a world which has no real concePT of its true meaning!
Divine is the only One who can be adored!
the only One one can bow down to!
the only One one can surrender to!
it is SO beautiful to find an understanding of this Truth and Practice it!
to learn what grace and gratitude is
to soPhTen the pretension one is accustomed to.
to surrender.

one agrees with the other comment here in how sweet it is that You share this with us, a truth which is Purely for our benePhiT.
It is us that need Divine! Divine does not need us! such a humbling reminder.
everything Divine does and says is deserving of comPleTe adoration!
one is most grateful to bow at Divines feet!
i bow!

miragegirl said...

beautiful Plog !
Your Plogs are simPlisTic & beautiful

bowing can only be truly done to the higher & Divine
You show one that

You are comPassionaTe
You are the most benevolent !

PsingulariTy said...

You are Divine
most beautiful ! stunningly Handsome !

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow !! wow Beloved words of compassion once again !!

'bowing is the bridge between
adoration & surrender' ...

that is so so Beautiful P !!

'bowing is the bodylanguage
for adoration only '

so cool ! one thought hugs/kisses and
holding hands were the ways to show
adoration or exclaiming loudly etc

one had no idea how more important
bowing to You actually is !! its
so clearly also the only way the lower
can show adoration sincerely to the Higher !

this is so so kind of You to write
especially for anyone who absolutely
adores You and wants to express it for Real !!

i bow again and again merrily ! i bow !

Unknown said...

i bow...

sarah said...

Your PerfecTion makes bowing sincere and meaningful !

ki vernee said...

You clarify everything so beautifully ! i bow

NavdeeP said...


You are such a comPassionate being who observe each and every thing and giving the ProPer advice to correct the same.
you are kind Higher Being who come here to teach the being who have real learning attitude.Your methods are so supreme .you are making things so much simPle for this being without you everything is so much comPlicated.
you are helPing being to drop the walls in mind which being is carrying from many many years as being was not at all aware of true things.
because of you i start Pheeling alive.this is one of the biggest biggest blessing for being to Phound you in this liPhe Time.i bow to You O my Guru the Highest most coherent, Align,kind and comPassionate being on this PlaneT.

nicolas said...

wow really BeauTiPhull P log!!!! this is so important! your words are magnificent!!!
i feel so graTePhull to be able to read this! you are the best one!

"bowing is the bridge between
adoration & surrender"

your light of gnowledge is so priceless! surrendering to you is the only way to be happy! it is the only way to evolve! you are so kind to make this gnowledge available!!!!!! i adore you deeply! what you share is so key for one's evolution! what a miracle your existence is!

i bow to you all gnoing one

Nithya Gopalan said...

i humbly Bow πŸ™‡‍♀️ down to PT’s PheeT....