Wednesday 5 May 2010

LotusOcean Radio

there are a lot of radio's

blaring sounds out there

to drag each & every one towards

hell & hellish states

so here are some sounds

from lotusocean

for doing just the opposite


the real stairway to heaven

sounds to clean your mind/consciousness

ofc only if you approach

them with respect & receptivity

if you do

we can promise

your ears will never be the same again


Shahid said...


Shukriya Rishi PTji for this
new page where your songs can be easily downloaded.

All this while I was going to your youtube videos and then converting it into MP3 file.So its Greeeeeeeeat to see just the mp3 files to download:)


Sree said...

Pranam P.

This is a great oppurtunity you have given us to easily download and listen to the songs.

PT the Axis said...

@ Sree, Shahid - you can play songs on the radio itself ... the green play buttons next to the playlist play the whole playlist and the button next to RadiostationPT plays all the tracks ... you can play each indivudal track as well

Unknown said...

this is the best radio station in the world!

the best songs and a cool groovy interface!

Anonymous said...

:D! You are infinitely generous P! i bow. dhanyavad. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

'the real stairway to heaven
sounds to clean your mind/consciousness'
Yes! i bow. this is such an aPT description LotusOcean music!
it's visceral effects are more real and more Powerful than anything else that exists for this earth, beyond and for any being who listens with the respect and receptivity it deserves. the real realignment one receives in resPonse is undeniable. You arethe only True healing modality P. ones ears and entire being can never be the same again. i bow at Your Divine feet.

miragegirl said...

Your radio station is the best radio station to tune into

Your sounds are brilliant sounds for rejuvenation of the sPiriT
sounds that are coherence filled, wow !
sounds that show what 'sonice sPace odyssey' can be, how a Pegasus would charge through the multiverse, how a stream flows, how Kartikeya subdues the tigers... 'All charged uP' 'Vedic multiverse' sounds
such a grand being You are !
Your maniPhesTations are in absolute class
real treasures that are everlasting

what magic You creat ! in so many ways !

You helP everyone in many many ways that are only sometimes Perceived, beings here being very limited in consciousness in the now

You are an ultimately benevolent sweet entity
how very awing !
how very fortunate that one can actually see You Physically oPenly with one's own eyes!
only if beings had sense ! but then how long can nonsensical actions last !

You are the best
best sounding, real sounds Your voice is, Your music is
all You do is music inPhacT
so ultimately sweet & Playful You are !
& for one's own benefit that too

how free & comPassionaTe Your being

how high class the beings from other dimensions ! i wish to go to a better realm
i wish to be with You, serving You ever ! Please

PsingulariTy said... is the frequency to tune into.
wow P ! You helP one through all channels that may be available
You are the Best DJ that can make one dance indefinitely, to inPhiniTy

Anonymous said...

i bow!
it's just SO cool the very real warning You give in Your Plogs P!
You make it clear where listening to the radio will lead one!
it is really caring and really generous that You Provide sounds which lead one away from the hellishness of this place.
from the hellishness of ones own and others incoherent state of mind.
listening to other "music' is torture!
one is SO appaled to listen to things that one once exPosed oneself to regularly! that one was actually in a state where one thought one enjoyed such awful frequencies! it's really scary to see the truth of ones state and awful taste.
only through listening to Your sounds has the awareness started to awaken in one of the frightening sounds that are blaring at one in muggle world all the time!!! and how down one feels when one is exPosed to them!
LotusOcean music is the most amazing sounds there are, sounds which make the real world come to life! sounds which create rainbows, and rainstorms, thunder and lightening!
one is listening to PT's water to elixer alchemy at emerald cavepool and it is amazing to hear the way the birds sing Praises to Your sonics! You are the One who Truly brings the world to life with the sound of Your music!
everything You, PT, LotusOcean does is SO amazing!
You are the One to Pay attention to!
Your radiostation! Your Youtube Channel! Your Plog, Your facebook!
SO grateful there are so many way to get and stay tuned to You!
i bow.

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

Your music is the absolute PoeTic zenith..the Pinnacle of rhythmic beauty..the aPex of musical brilliance..the Peak of avant-garde..the ePitome of elegance You are unbounded grace and beauty..all glory to You
i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! You are so right ! i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! You are so right ! i bow

nicolas said...

best radio station in the world!!!!!!! and by very far!! you are a miracle!!!! one is so graTePhull to you for making this accessible! you are a legend
all these divine moments recorded and one can listen to them over and over! this is magnificent
the radio that kills the evil within is RadioStationPT!
one is so graTePhull for all that you do in this world, you are a priceless miracle for Mother Earth and for humanity! you make all better effortlessly, you are a true genius! you are divine

i bow to you supreme lord