Tuesday 11 May 2010



a word used over & over & over again on this planet

coz everyone is so talented here

and everyone tells everyone so as well

this video - 14 million hits & plentiful praises -

below is another example of

the overflowing talent amongst

the races/genepools here

ready for the circus from the womb itself

more than the clear loss of innocence

this shows

what the races/genepools think is important

& worth pursuing

millions of people doing

meaningless (not geared towards evolution/divine)

music, art etc.

are all classified as talented

not deranged & hellbound

its their definition of talent

which seals their fate


Stardolphin said...

why pick such an awful irritating example of non-talent to highlight your point?

real talent is a gift from God. Musical talent is an expression of the divine through sonics, vibration and harmony, a true manifestation of the divine, and a resonance of the music of the spheres.

PT the Axis said...

simply because this kid is already seen as talented by miilions. he is already on korean TV as a starkid.

thats the whole point of the blog isn't it - what people percieve as talent.

real music most people can't tell even if it hit them in the face.

PT the Axis said...

who should be picked than - lily allen :)

the point was about the snakes
starting early

Stardolphin said...

seen as talented by millions maybe, as is lily allen and a whole host of other mind programmed mainstream rubbish...it was ever thus

some of us would beg to differ

just wonder why you pick such negative examples, as if there is no true amazing talent on this earth - better to focus on that, than the snakes

Stardolphin said...


i would never have heard of that kid if it hadnt been for seeing him on your blog - watched about 15 seconds of it

my point is, it really is easily avoidable if one chooses to avoid such things, unless one goes looking for them

PT the Axis said...

you should give an example of talent :)

PT the Axis said...

smile. yes anything can be avoided but it won't change the fact that it has 14 million views or what the masses think of it.

this PTlog was about mass perception on this planet which even those trying to wakeup should understand before moving forward.

Stardolphin said...

i dont know a single soul who would watch that vid and consider that child talented

its actually quite disturbing, but korea is one of the most mass hypnotised/mind programmed races on earth, the masses are indeed completely brainwashed by this nonsense...so this babyish nonsense is maybe to be expected

do you not think there is anything beautiful, melodic, divine or talented in current music? To acknowledge this, maybe it would move humanity forward, rather than focusing on the devilish agenda, and humanity's stupidity and ignorance, which that vid you posted represents.

Why should a rishi be so concerned about 14million views of an imbecilic video? The majority isnt always right - to refer to your own advice, only by looking up can we evolve. Why therefore are you ignoring divine music and talent?

PT the Axis said...


you should read the comments on that and many other such videos to gno which souls like it

if there was any divine happening in current music why would
lotusocean radio carry only
PT's music -


if one wants to concentrate on higher one should be listening to that radio ... haven't i already given souls that option through those sounds ?

this PTlog was not to increase interest in lower forms of music or activities ... its intent was to show the futility of it

divine just doesn't flow through music just like that when the ancestors have all followed the path for evil for eons

Irene said...

"when the ancestors have all followed the path for evil for eons"

Do you say that a incarnating into a genetic line just renders the soul (or whatever name you give it, whatever carries the karmic impressions from previous births) to be completely like what they are born into?

Does that soul have its own characteristics from previous births it carries with it that may differ from the genetic line?

PT the Axis said...

@ Irene

the soul incarnates in a particular genetic line through its own nature being in snyc with it only

any change requires a deliberate cutting off from that tendency & the line

that change/cutting-off can only happen through bowing to higher/divine ... there is no other way

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad for sharing this P. one is always grateful for Your True PerspecTive and what that invites one to perceive.
"ready for the circus from the womb itself more than the clear loss of innocence this shows."
this video is typical of what takes place with so called parents and their children throughout america. it can be witnessed across public and private schools, church groups and orginizations, talents shows and pagents etc. where one comes from children don't have a hope of retaining their innocence. one is so grateful to be rediscovering ones own innocence through observing Your Divine and ultimately refined innocence via your PhoTos, Videos and Plogs. The fascinating way you view this world, with eyes of a Divine child, completley honest, superiorly intelligent, untainted and immune to that which is not in accordance with Divine. You are the greatest gift this world has ever gnown. those who are unable to see this are at a loss of the possibility of discovering this Truth and the Pure Peace that accompanies it. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

Your resPonses to comments are Plogs of their own Providing so much wisdom!

'the soul incarnates in a particular genetic line through its own nature being in snyc with it only
any change requires a deliberate cutting off from that tendency & the line
that change/cutting-off can only happen through bowing to higher/divine ... there is no other way'

every word You share is such a gift P! You clear uP eons of lies and delusions propagated by the evil that You exPose constantly. You are so generous to Provide the way for one to change. i bow at Your Divine feet.

miragegirl said...

anything which doesn't have Divine as its center of attention is useless

You are Divine incarnate on earth
wow P !
how amazing You are !
any talent is only real when it is in tune with Divine's ways

You are the only talented being in the now

Praises to You here on Plogs are real Praises unlike those for unreal untalented muggles out there

Your Praises are truly felt, People exPerience what they say all the time in regards to You
one sees only more & more of Your beauty as time Passes by
never anything that is disagreeable that is related to You
You are a PerfecT star
Your Praises all aPPly truly to You, are unchanging, everlasting

You are so very grand, so so beautiful
so very benevolent, in ways one can't even Perceive most of the times but in retrosPecT nevertheless one sees a PhracTion of it

so luxurious Your existence in that it is blissful

all Praises are Your 's

You are Divine

miragegirl said...

Your rePlies to comments are so sweet
You have such PaTience

Anonymous said...

its very comPassionaTe of You to sPeak Plogs for everyone's benefit

one does not understand the world at all
one comes to a better understanding through Your Plogs
Your Plogs are messages that are calling one towards Divine ways & Divine itself

to Pay attention to Plogs is a whorthwhile activity
only if the Plogs had million hits instead of those silly videos, world would be quiet different

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Talented Guitarist, the only One
You are The Talented blogger, the only One

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Talented One, the only one here
The exalted One

only You gno what to do and how to do anything at all. its Your Divine connectivity, Divine gnowledge.

Only Your oPinion and ways count. Truly ! (with the world, they would say one thinks much of oneself being that way but they are just sTuPid fools who are blind to PhacTs)

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

"its their definition of talent that seals their fate" wow ! what a powerful and truthful statement ! You shed truth on everything !

ujjwal sharma said...

hahaaa that was funny
i bow to the divine maharishi rockstar PT avatar.your music is great and natural
when i listen to Goddess Shakti Sonics series.i am in anathor world they are the best music i have ever lstened.

ki vernee said...

You are so right ! i bow

nicolas said...

you are the most amazing! your words are the best words! the level of music and art has gone really low! you raise the level to the highest through your lotus ocean vibes!!! your music is magic! it really affects one's consciousness for the better! one cannot get enough of your divine sonics! they are so mesmerising!
you are endlessly talented! one cannot stop marvel at you! all the sounds you create are so magnificent and it all seem so effortless for you! you are the real rockstar!!!!

"ready for the circus from the womb itself"

you convey TruTh in the most clear and witty way! you are so Phunny! your sense of humour is a beauTiPhull reflection of your cleverness
your intelligence is a magnificent miracle! i cannot stop feeling impressed by you

i bow to you supreme lord