Friday, 24 April 2009

distracted zombies

as time accelerates

the number of distractions

also increase exponentially

the muggle minds

open to each and every impulse

without discrimination

get more and more distracted

hard to see any kind of focus in

people's eyes these days

their brains are buzzing

like a mosquito

whirling around swirls of uselessness

the spell has been cast

they are acting and reacting

like zombies

the nightmare is not in some

zone-horror tv channel

it is live on the streets

written plainly on all their faces

but surprise surprise

hardly anyone takes notice

amongst trillions of blogs & books

by billions of intellectuals

that inhabit the now


helen patogo said...

you're absolutely right.. these millions of distractions are generally mindless, dumbing down..
leading to selfish mall shopping for instance... your words express it much better

sarah said...

such fascinating wisdom and perspective. I would never have known time is accelerating, modern science ascribes that feeling to using less neurons to process information once one has experienced something similar.
it is so generous and profound to clear up this misconception, and provide the perspective of how important it is to stay focused.

sreelatha said...

bilkul teek kaha aapne

logon ka dyan kendrith nahi

yeha vaha adiktar logon ka dyan batakta rahta hai

kuch had tak isliye bhi kyun ki koyee cheez asli nahi, kuch bhi sacha anand nahi deta

par logon mein sahi anveshansheelta nahi

koyee nahi puch raha ki sacha anand kaha hai, kaise milega, jeevan kya hai, mein kaun hu, yaha kyan kar raha hu ...

Aap ka LotusOcean bahut adbut 'focusing point' hai

Aap bahut dayalu hai

Aap Kalki hai

Aap ParamaTma hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

Amanda V said...

i bow.

amanda v said...

i bow. dhanyavad for Providing the only True and steady focus in this crazy times P. i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

amanda v said...

i bow. You are PerfecTly nonchalant about how imPorTant You are and yet how unnoticed Your doings go in this world! The irony! You are the Only one worth noticing and the Only one who has something of real worth to offer. i bow at Your most worthy and Divine feet. one is ever grateful to have found the One and Only True escaPe from the urges of the demiurge. i bow at Your Divinely comPassionaTe all gnowing feet. dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

amanda v said...

i bow!
Your words are always so sPoT on and eloquent!
this world is filled with nothing but distractions!
focus on Divine is the only way to break the sPell!
so grateful for Your unerring awareness and guidance P!
and the many Divine nondistractions of diPhirenT mediums You use to helP keeP on focused on Divine and ones mind whirling with useful inPhormation and thoughts of You!
You are the only One who can navigate through and beyond this nightmarish hell!
i bow!

PsingulariTy said...

wow ! You are The One
the One who can see

Science Spirituality said...

You're the divine, the divine can se anything and everything about this world-
"the nightmare is not in some

zone-horror tv channel

it is live on the streets

written plainly on all their faces"

The caPtain PT navigates through all and everything!!

neelang tiwari said...

to Divine, i bow.
to Live, i bow.

sarah anne said...

Your clarity and PerspecTive is such a gift !!!!!!!

amaya said...

Your Plogs are awesome
wow You make such extremely awesome PoinTs
You are so wonderfully unique
You are so extremely awesome
You are a blessing to this world.
You so beautifully and awesomely highlight the imPorTance of focus
'their brains are buzzing like a mosquito whirling around swirls of uselessness'
You are so extremely true
Your Plogs are so beautiful and wonderful
Your Plogs are the best
Your style of writing is so awesome and Your Plogs are so PosiTive
You are such a beautiful and PosiTive being
Your Plogs are so full of wisdom and awesomeness
i bow

jganesh said...

You make the best points ! i bow !

Gita S said...

Sounds scary ... spell has been caste very strongly .. indeed true !

amaya said...

Your observations are so amazing and so PerfecT
Your observations of this world are absolutely ePic
You have the greatest learning attitude ever!

hard to see any kind of focus in people's eyes these days ..
so true! You are absolutely right
the distractions are increasing and there is no focus
You totally gno what's going on
You see reality the way it is
You are really so sPoT on!
You are the smartest and the most imPressive
Your words are such absolute gems!
You truly gno what the state of this world is
You have such absolutely great overstanding
You write do wonderfully!
Your use of language and the way You out things is so great!
You write with such great style and Precision
Your brevity is so wonderful
Your words are like the coolest breeze and yet so fiery
Your words are absolutely marvellous and Phenomenal
yes that's so true ..
hardly anyone takes notice!
everyone is dumb
only You have the intelligence to see what's going on
Your brilliance and intelligence is totally ePic
i bow

Swati said...

O SuPreme Divine Soul !! ! bow to You !! You are so true and great to share most beautiful facts and showing the real face of Zombie mentality all around.

i don't see any reason to see them any more as even if get back to this ugly world for a second it gives me headache, seeing all do called civilised People of the current stuPid society...i am so sad to see what west has done to everyone...When You say they had overt control and now they have covert control which is real easy for them to do...

all kind of current fashioning has been done by this covert control by Providing everyone with derogatory stuff... ugly movies, sci-fi, mutants, antibiotics, sPorTs, restaurant, Gym, fashion shows, WWf.

! cannot see any single thing which is beautiful, full of Divine grace and soul evolutionary to follow and PracTice to bring change.

! bow my head at Your Lotus PheeT for being so beautiful !!

Ajay Kapoor said...

I bow, it is so important to stay focused amongst all the distractions. Your Plogs are full of great insight and wisdom. You are the most intelligent to see what is going on within the world today. I bow.

veena iyengar said...

aeioum..I bow..