Tuesday 1 March 2011


the evil of this world

has created

a new lonely monster



lonely because it stands on its own

without any connection to

education or evolution

in any sane time

education for evolution

was entertaining enough

anything else was

as it should be


out of this monster

has arisen a creature

termed as


it is basically a clueless being

after all

there is no qualification required

except shamelessness

& the propensity

to make a fool out of oneself

in front of the masses

enter-containment of the masses

is what it is now

as there is no

T - ain

crossing over the dimension

one is stuck in

every graceless action

is entertaining

for the mindless zombies

while their souls

are being dragged into hellish oblivion


Yashanvitha said...

well composed best of the best p-logs at right time.beyond any words to express the beauty of its simlicity n authenticity.

miragegirl said...

bilkul teek kaha aapne

aaj kal manoranjan ke naam pe tarah tarah ke manch par ashist vyavahar hi dekne ko milta hai

India mein to tv channel par beardh dard bari hazaron daravahik jaise sadiyon tak chalte rahte hai

aur sabi dekte bhi hai !!!

kitni dard mein doobi huei narak si duniya hai !

bahut khub kaha aapne

"in any sane time

education for evolution

was entertaining enough"

ardh bari gatividhi vahi hai joh jeevan ko nirantar vikas ke marg par chalate rahe

Aap ka LotusOcean atyant anand pradan karne vala hai

bahut meete sangeet, aap ke darshan dene vale aur anginat uttam drish dikane vale chitr, kathaon ka sahi vivran, sach se bari P logs, sare adbut hai

Aap ke karan anek P dhanush bante hai, akash rangon se bar jata hai, adbut badal prakat hote hai, lehre joomne lagti hai ...

fractality har jagah aapki upasthiti se dikta hai

Aap ki leela sabi ko atyant anand pradan karta hai

Aap Kalki hai

Aap ko mera Pranma

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad for being and Providing the scource of True gnowledge and True entertainment in a world that is comPleTly void of this concePT. Narayan! Narayan!

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

You are absolutely right ! what one use to think was entertaining is boring as shit now ! evolution is the best entertainment ! i b82

Kṛtti kā said...

Your PersPecTives are the clearest sharPesT in dePTh insights into what all has become of this world...
Entertainment - Enter Containment, what a brilliant PersPecTive! It indeed is an entrapment into more hellish conditions...

in any sane time

education for evolution

was entertaining enough

anything else was

as it should be


You are the only sane being, Your art is real entertainment, it makes for a light rotation up The Axis! You show what is truly important... Anything that doesn't evolve only wastes and devolves the spirit... What a haven of sanity and evolutionary education lotusocean is... You really steer beings away from pointlessness!

one bows to Your ever comPassionaTe lotusPheeT

Anonymous said...

Amazing truth. i bow to divine lord PT.🙏🙇

Ankeeta said...

Beautiful ParamaTma PT, You are the highest One... Narayan swarooP , so kind and comPassionaTe of You to teach us the right way... You are so clever and intelligent, most articulate One... i bow at Your beautiful lotus PheeT