Saturday 12 March 2011


as long as

the car is shining

it doesn't matter

if the body looks like hell

& earth polluted

car shining

boot shining

furniture shining

everything takes

precedence over

soul shining

strange priorities

in a

strange world


Stardolphin said...

so true PT as ever

humanity only seeing the low frequency shine of material objects and people, at the most shallow level

the real shine isnt seen

beautiful wise words as ever -
looking forward to the first crop circles :)

sina said...

what beautiful wording - 'soul shining' ...!

such perfection in your choice of words, such a true and striking point! you really call people out for their madness.

you present the most amazing observations in the most brilliant style of writing, providing many striking reminders of a reality much deeper and of the most profound truth.

Shahid said...

"everything takes precedence over
soul shining"
Excellent point O Lord.

miragegirl said...

kitni adbut baat kahi hai aapne

ajeeb duniya ke ajeeb pratamiktaye hi hai

"soul shining"

sirf aap isse ardh bare shabd prayog bana sakte hai

Aap bahut sundar hai

Aap hazaron lakhon suryon ki tej se chamate hai

Aap mahan hai

Aap Kalki hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

dhanyavad for shining your Divine soul for all to see P and for so eloquently speaking to the strange miseries so many are stuck in. i bow.

ki vernee said...

You are so Phunny and so right ! You really teach one how to have the right priorities ! i bow

Kṛtti kā said...

One can now work on soul shining because of You! :)
Would have never dawned upon one what is truly imPorTant and worthy of efforts to be PuT on... one can now realise how strange one has been for so long! Anyone who comes under You is saved from going further the deranged path! You are The Saviour of all!

i bow /\

Anonymous said...

yes so absolutely true
strange priorities in a strange world
how true!
how absurd this world is
such nonsensical and pointless goals
You show one the truth!
You exPose the absurdity of this world with such effortless ease and humor
You are so above it all that all this can only be a joke for You
so great to be on the PaTh of learning how to do things better and doing the right thing under Your guidance
You are the PrioriTy
You are the only imPorTant being
You are so sweet and so comPassionaTe
nothing matters except You
one can forget everything without guilt and focus solely on You
that's absolutely okay to do!
so kind of You to give people of this PlaneT a chance to align with You
only putting ones attention on You is worthwhile
rest is all confusing and unnecessary
it just takes one round and round and fills one with confusion and nonsense
You have the most beautiful sParkling suPersoul
if one puts attention on anything or anyone except You it's immediate poison and hurt
You give one the best training
You teach one the best way to be
You tell one the imPorTance of learning attitude
You give one a chance to cultivate all that one is not
You are so full of PaTience and You are so forgiving
i bow

Anonymous said...

So True. This is a strange world. i bow to divine lord PT.🙏🙇

Kaali said...

So extraterrestial PoinT of view
Your observations are
totaly out of the box
You master the Priorities
Shining with excellent Precision
Cutting off the nonsenses
So sharP, PeneTrating the issue
Of 'strange world' that
You Phly above!