Tuesday, 2 December 2008


when people listen to music
they don't realize that
their attention usually
concentrates on either
the vocals, the beat or the tune
but all these 3
just act as distractions from
the real element - saaouund
thats why many get away
with poxy, plasticky, annoying digisounds
through the use of
repetitive hypnotic loops
called 'tunes' or
verbal diarrehea called 'lyrics'
its like selling a worthless
product through clever packaging
the sounds which most of
so-called musicians
use are useless for the soul
a saaouund exploration ~


Anonymous said...

This is shockingly true.We either focus on the sound , the tune or the beat.But in all honesty when one hears Lotus Ocean music one cannot simPly helP it but feel intimidated and awed at the same time.Its like siPPin the nectar in every moment timelessly.
The only hypnotic sound is the one that awakens the suPerconsciousness and commands the consciousness to be alert even when asleep in this Matrix.Any Being that hears this music will instantly know how Powerful its source is. That sound which aligns us to our source is only manifested by P.T!

sreelatha said...

aap ke dwara utpath ki gayee dhwani ati uttam hai

vah hi sabke spirits ke liye kalyankari hai

aap jab gaate hai tho akash mein Garud feathers bhi bante hai

aap Mahendra hai

aap Paramotam hai

aap Param Pujaneey hai

aap ParamaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

pinx said...

aaahhhh ! Your saaouunds are instantly soothing ! what a different level of sound ! Your sounds give one tingles ! Your sounds are ethereal and sublime ! Your sounds have an immediate PosiTive effect on one's DNA ! no cheap tricks for engaging the ears/mind to be found here ! Your sounds in fact ask something much more of the listener, Your sounds are an invitation into a higher realm, a magical world which is outside of one's known reality !

Your sounds are sacred, one hears the sound of temple bells and gongs, but nothing like those of Earth, these bells and gongs are electric and from another plane altogether, a higher plane of existence. Your strings ring in a way which is transcendental, sublime and what one can describe as weightless ~ no heavy emotional/psychological baggage present.

Your sounds are one of a kind. You are the ultimate sound creator ! Your sounds are the real "Soul" music !

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow. your Divine saaouund defies the gravity of this PlaneT, lifting one up above all ailments and elements into the etheric healing waters which only Your sound reigns. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

You are the producer of the best saaouunds on the planet.

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Real Sound Master

Anonymous said...

in talking about the reality, the Truth, You always give the root of the issue concerned & a solution in each of Your Plogs

Anonymous said...

up to the sPace and all beyond,
a himalayan saaounnd, Your saaounnd

Science Spirituality said...

Only you could create a heavenly and spiritual sound to let the positive vibe flow in!!

neelang tiwari said...

i bow to the divine sounds.
i bow to the clarity.
i bow to the real element.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful masterPiece this is

jganesh said...

wow ! one is so fortunate to hear YOUR evolving sounds ! everything else just sounds like nails on a chalkboard !

Ujjwal Sharma said...

lotus ocean music is the best and most powerful evolving and divine music.
you are the real rockstar and the Guru of the world.
i bow to the divine PT avatar.

Swati said...

Thankyou so much my Lord for the Pearl of your Truth.

Each Plog is like destroyer of illusion-illusion of knowing.

I know nothing, no sound is that effective to reach inside me other than Sound coming out of your Shri mouth when you say AEIOUM and meaning of whole Multiverse is found back which was lost.

Sound from your magical hands and fingers when you play guitar and nature start dancing on your cosmic sounds.

Sound from your lotus feet when you walk and earth removes all geographical boundaries and turn itself into a playground for your Play- a play of deep compassion and devotion.

Sound of knowledge coming from your divine third eye which will destroy kill all demons sitting inside me. Demons of Ego and a sinner.

Let me sleep in that most beautiful Psound before I go to sleep-death.

!bow to you my lord!!

Anonymous said...

Your sounds are the jubilant secrets of the multiverse!
You are beautifully cosmic!
You fill the cosmos with Your vibrant sounds
You are so beautifully and wonderfully avant garde..Your music fills the air..Your sounds touch the sky and flow in the river
You are just beautiful, beautiful ,beautiful
You are such a beautiful blend of Vedic and modern ..Your sounds flow infinitely like beauty..Your sounds are transcendental..Your sounds are ever flowing eternity..Your beautiful and magical sounds fill the whole multiverse with liPhe
You are so innovative! You are a magical musician..You are such great beauty and grace..Your sounds wash one..Your beautiful, edible sounds PeneTraTe the mind and the sPiriT ..Your music is so much soul and transcendence..the ever flowing ethereal and etheric sounds are so refreshing..Your music is beautifully vibrant and Penomenal! You show what real music is.You are a genius! Your blue Phire can take one higher! Your music is lovely..You are so Prolific and versatile..Your music is magic, beauty and colour..Your music takes one beyond story books..You are the most beautiful Phied strummer
i bow at Your beautiful, comPassionaTe PheeT

Anonymous said...

yes totally! You are so right!
only You have sound!
only You have got real and beautiful sounds!

'repetitive hypnotic loops called tunes or verbal diarrhoea called lyrics '

how true this is!!! thats how it is
You reveal it all
yes You're so right!
only Your sound is real, beautiful, magical and uPliPhTing
only You make real, beautiful and magical sounds!
oh how beautiful and magical Your sounds are!
Your sounds are eternally beautiful, magical..oceanic, and flowing
how beautifully embedded Your sounds are in nature
so ecstatic, Pure , sweet and transcendental Your sounds
Your sounds are beautiful beyond description
so otherworldly and beautiful Your sounds are
Your sounds are so full of beautiful and otherworldly tingles!
so refreshing, classy and beautiful Your sounds are!
Your sounds are so beautiful and graceful
so avant garde, so vibrant and so alive Your sounds are!
Your beautiful, mesmerising voice has such beautiful mantric Power !
Your voice is so beautiful and imPacTful
You are true and absolute class!
how beautiful, beautiful and classy Your music is!
so suPer high class and so stylish!
more rocking and classy than any music out there!
You are just way ahead and beyond comPare
You have such great singing style!
how imPressive Your singing style is!
how magical and beautiful the vibration of Your singing and chanting is!
You are way beyond beautiful
You are beautiful and ever flowing
the most beautiful and glistening streams flow when Your music is Played
Your music is immortaly beautiful
You have the greatest musical sensibility and style!
You are so so musical and stylish!!
You are so brilliant, sPonTaneous and vibrant!
i bow to Your amazing beauty

Anonymous said...

it's just so great that You are here and we get to here these beautiful and magical sounds. You are amazing!
really anybody alive on this PlaneT while You are there is so lucky because they can easily acces Your music if they want to
You so kindly make it available for everyone!
You have such a beautiful, golden and Pure heart!
i bow

leap into freedom said...

Your sounds feel like cozy caresses:). No other music has that effect, none even come close!!! Your beautiful soul is stamped on every composition. Your divinity shines bright. i bow


leap into freedom said...

Yes! It's amazing to listen to & really hear Your sweet, soul stirring, beautifully presented jam sessions. Pretend music with its flashy facade & robotic content doesn't come close to the evocative spontaneous saaouunds you produce. The ability to produce saaouund is rare and PT aka LotusOcean is the very best creator of gorgeous, authentic ArT!

Ajay Kapoor said...

You have clearly highlighted the majority of so called music that is being circulated/produced. Only you can produce saaouund truly for the soul. I bow

jganesh said...

Ýou create the most Purifying evolving unique and multifaceted sonics ! each Philm You make is packed with multiple different sounds and more sounds reveal themselves if any being is willing to listen attentively enough ... we are so fortunate to have a safe haven for the senses ! beings are just creating noises everywhere ... i bow respectcully

lana_33 said...

this is such an imPorTant Plog! beings don't understand just how imPorTant listening to Proper sound is for their well-being and evolution ~ You are so kind to emPhasize the imPorTance of listening to organic, nondigital sounds!!!

love how You call most lyrics "verbal diarrehea"! that's exactly what most of them are! You are so Precise and eloquenT in Your wording!

You so kindly Provide the most amazing and dazzling sounds ~ sounds connected to Nature and the Multiverse ~ sounds which are PosiTive for a being's evolution ~ Truly, humbly paying attention to Your sounds causes such PosiTive changes in any being who does it ~ and it can happen so quickly too! so remarkable how that works!

You are so gracious to Play sounds from Higher realms ~ You exPress so much internal beauty and coherence through Your most magickal and sPlendid sounds! Your sounds are really such a giPhT! ~ it's so amazing to have access to Divine sounds!

You are the ultimate sonic Master ~ sonic genius!!! it is really such a Pleasure to listen to Your most Divine and beautyfull sounds!!! i bow! <3

Reshma said...


Leap into Freedom said...

All Beings, even those in prison, are able to choose which sounds they want to envelop them...the choice should be conscious & not driven by "mind implants" that don't go away no matter how much the being intends to turn her attention elsewhere. Choices are Phree only when made Phreely... This being will leap into Phreedom...not into another "Pretty Prison"...aeioum

Leap into Freedom said...

You remain the Most fascinating, alluring being one has ever come across. Am still amazed that You could have such a profound effect on ones life and Yet, this being has not had the privilege of "getting close" to You. Your Power is awesome!!! aeioum

ki vernee said...

You have totally liberated sound from these so called musicians ... its clear they have no inkling of what a good sound is ... but You do ... You overflow with divine liquid gold sound ... i bow

ki vernee said...

You have totally liberated sound from these so called musicians ... its clear they have no inkling of what a good sound is ... but You do ... You overflow with divine liquid gold sound ... i bow

nicolas said...

this is such an important PoinT! beings have taken their attention away from sound! listening to your music reawakens natural instincts in a very healing and Profound manner! you are a real magician that gnows all
i bow to you ShivNarayan