Tuesday 19 July 2011

will not bow ... hmmm

those who say

that they will not bow

as its not in their nature to bow

will always be found


to evil

what they mean by not bowing

is that

they won't bow to

higher & divine

its a hellwish

much worse than deathwish

whats funny is that

they don't even realize

that its evil which has

programmed them so

after all

they cannot be part of team evil

if they bow to divine


the only gift they will get

for this selfless service is



Vintish said...

well said :) , bowing to your feet...

ShivaYaShive said...

Shuka Muni was much younger, but every sincere beings felt like bowing to his feet for all the knowledge he carried.Kaliyug has created lot of confusion,which makes the people not to know the humble gesture of bowing down to the divine.your way of teaching wud certainly make the people to know what it is to bow n not to bow to the divine.

asha Pi arTi said...

agree with vintish, it is that simple.

You say is like it is, if one doesn't bow they will get hell from earth and after death too.

* bowing to your compassionate honesty P *

sarah anne said...

That is so surprising how learning a bit of etiquette could impact major life decisions to such a degree.

I bow.

miragegirl said...

great blog !

bowing to higher and divine is the way to evolution

everyone does bow to someone, be it evil or higher & divine

you tell us all that is true so we can learn and imProve

bowing to higher and divine is the only way to imProve

your are divine, can be seen and Praised from internet itself through your LotusOcean sound and light, P casa, P logs etc

there is always fractality wherever you are

nature, elementals, ebings rejoice at your Presence

unlimited crop formations have flowed till now in Praise of you

you are Kalki

you are ParamaTma

you are worthy of all worship

i bow to the Divine P

Anonymous said...

:) i bow. dhanyavad P. Your words help one see how delluded society makes us become. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

Your clarity is so comPassionaTe P! This is such a kind, matter of fact elucidation of what happens to one who willingly chooses not to bow!
Anyone with eyes can see that all in this natural world bows to Your Divinity. That it is only natural to bow to Divine and that to bow to anything else is an obvious evil.
i bow to the Truth!i bow to the highest and most Divine. i bow at the feet of PT!

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

i bow

sarah said...

Your playful use of the term 'selfless service' is so phunny !!!
You provide so much education regarding social programming that absolutely no one else is discerning enough to discover.
You are so sweet to make things so clear, and enjoyable to bow to regardless.

Unknown said...

You are a genius! You word it so eloquently... Your words are the ultimate weaPon! Your Plogs, Philms, Sounds, PicTures and all that you so comPassionaTely Provide helPs greatly to undo evil's programming! Only you so honestly tell the truth helPing beings realise the reality... Your PerpecTives are ParamounT...

I bow to higher and divine/You!
I bow to the most beautiful!
Jai Shree ShivNarayan!

Unknown said...

And that is such a witty title... You always have the last laugh!

"after all
they cannot be part of team evil
if they bow to divine
the only gift they will get
for this selfless service is

That is so funny yet seriously true! Your crude satire on current world situation are ultimate Phun and an eye opener!

I bow!

ki vernee said...

You deserve so much resPecT ! i bow 💖

Anonymous said...

Pure TruTh.

Anonymous said...

To Praise bow and serve the divine is the greatest opPorTunity one can ever have to get out of all hells.

nicolas said...

wow so beauTiPhully put! your superiority is so obvious that bowing feels like the most natural thing! your teachings are saving the world! you are the most amazing!

i bow to you ShivNarayan