Monday 4 April 2011

how helpless get help


by definition is

a person in a situation

which they are unhappy with

but are unable to

to change it

through their own efforts

if one looks at it

with clear perception

this state applies to

majority of the people

on this planet

the strange bit is

only few are able to

admit to it

& only these few

who ask for help

get a helping hand by divine

out of their unwanted state

no one in denial

can ever be helped

when they say

'god helps those

who help themselves'

they forgot to explain

what helping oneself is

helping oneself is

being honest about one's state

and one's inability to change it through

ones own efforts

helping oneself is actually

asking/praying to

divine for help

in a humble manner


rhishad said...

If your intent for the wellbeing of humanity is genuine, tell us how the helpless can be free of the evil money system which enslaves them and deliberately makes them feel helpless and miserable? The system that has enslaved humanity for centuries.

you have all the answers, how do you manage it yourself? Tell us, lead by example. Your answer could free humanity. The power is in your hands.

PT the Axis said...

helplessness has nothing to do with money. even people with tons of money feel helpless. helplessness is about lack of soul direction.

mrig said...

your words are so great and helpful

amruta patil said...

Greetings. If it is so hard for people in this subcontinent - where Kaliyug has surely kicked into its last phase and towers are falling all around - to seek help; one can only imagine how hard it must be for people in more picturesque locales, where the Wasteland is all on the inside...

PT the Axis said...

@amruta - its actually quite easy for those who have wasteland inside as they experience blisslessness in the most picturesque of locales ... there is a very clear 'no place left to go' feeling ... also those with wastelands inside always create wastelands outside too

sarah anne said...

My own efforts are completely useless! I bow

miragegirl said...

bahut badiya P log hai

jab asahay nishtapurvak bagavan se sahatya mange, unhe bagvan sahayta dete hai

is duniya mein sirf aap asahay ki sahatya kar sakte hai

Aap meri sahayta kar rahe hai

Aap bahut dayalu hai

Aap Kalki hai

Aap ParamaTma hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

miragegirl said...

i once had a vivid dream
of you playing near a stream
i saw a small boy
dont think he was jumping in joy
saw him hurt himself
for any hurt there is only one relief
Praise of Divine alone
saves one from things known or unknown
You are the ProTector of all life
i am scared of things unknown
i see people groan and moan
Please keep me safe Lord
in this world filled with fraud
Lord, you are the Pure eTernal luminous light
Please Provide me relief
helP me move toward the heavenly light

heard of a situation
in real time, real action
now its the time to say it
that i did also dream it

miragegirl said...

Aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

i bow.
this is simPly gorgeous P!

a comPleTely compassionate and comPrehensive guide directly from Divine in how to ask for helP.

Your kindness brings one to ones knees. how one as helpless and miserable as i could have ever acted so unhumbly is the most inconceivable thing.

You are so merciful to helP one see the error of ones ways and guide one in how to change.

i bow constantly at Your magnanimous feet.

Anonymous said...

i bow.
Divines words move one to weep.
it could not be more apparent how helpless one is without Divine on all levels
from the basics of life to navigating ones sPiriT to soul
it is frightening when one faces the truth that one has done nothing but lie to oneself and others about ones state ones entire life
when one recognizes how infantile one has been and how fatal such an attitude and behavior is

'helping oneself is
being honest about one's state
and one's inability to change it through
ones own efforts
helping oneself is actually
asking/praying to
divine for help'

You are the most comPassionaTe being P. beautiful, Pure, innocent and PerfecT.
You are the most gorgeous Lotus, rooted in Divine gnowledge, in full bloom above the ocean of this world.
The One who is above it all, the most beautiful living incarnation of Divine that has and will ever be!
You are the only line that can save.
the only One that can liPhT one uP from drowning in the waves of this world.
the only One who can helP one grow out of the wasteland one has always known.
the only One who can steer one straight and keeP one from getting lost in sidey twisted ways.
Your intelligence is beyond this Plane!
You are the suPreme being in which all gnowledge is contained!
contemPlaTing and Praising Your unbounded beauty and grace Your omniPoTence in all things and ways
both blows one away and keePs one sane!
it is You whose Presence is the greatest miracle this world has ever gnown!
You are the One the earth has been waiting for a million years for!!!
how blessed we are to have taken a human birth in this life, to have the chance to Praise You, to cry out the name of Divine, to recognize and exlaim how inPhiniTely sublime You are!
to work to serve and align with the Only One deserving of service
the only One who can guide one beyond the pain, torture struggle and strife of remainng trapped in the cycle of birth and death in 3D!
You are the ultimate P! the only destination to work toward, to be and to remain in this life and beyond is at Your Divine feet.
i bow!

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow ! my own efforts are completely useless and You definitely gno what You are talking about ... the Beautyfull imPacT of Your Words & Your Sounds is so imPressive !!! it is logickal to let You be in charge and put attention on You instead ! only You bring it all back to basics and Primary for one !

i bow so gratefull to read Your Word directly from You !

Anonymous said...

⭐️ wow, Your words are so imPacTfull ! so gratefull You are here to teach one how to escape this helpless state and be truely responsible for oneself !! everything one was taught before coming across You was to disempower oneself and remain helpless

ONLY YOU give the real solution and clarify what is is the problem ... one's own inherent lazyness and dishonesty to admit the real helplessness of one's state ...

one could have saved a lot of time and energy if one had done that ages ago lol

You are so resPecTworthy, You are the only Being who shoots it one so straight and its no wonder that Nature responds to You the way it does !!! such EPIC Truths always !! You are so Ulimately Phorcefull and Divine ... You take it all outside of realms of dogma religions and the horrible depicitions that are here of Higher and Divine !

so glad You are here, one no longer has to guess what that is !!!!!! and so so glad Divine only cares what one is doing now in Service of You not all the time and years one wasted not doing that !

so so gratefull You are here P !!!! 🙏

i bow ⭐️

Anonymous said...

Your comments here are so kind and clarifying ... You always bring it back to the real obvious things about one's reality that were there and problematic for one long before money was a concept !!!

disconnection from Divine came before money and stuff did !!!

so glad one can learn about all that You are !!!

i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! You are so right ! You are the most helPful Being in so many ways ! we are so fortunate You are here ! You are the most caring Being ! i bow

Kṛtti kā said...

"helping oneself is

being honest about one's state

and one's inability to change it through

ones own efforts

helping oneself is actually

asking/praying to

divine for help

in a humble manner"

Why wasn't we told this before, it would have so much easier... So many will be saved from the dilemma of whether to keep trying to get out on one's own or simPly humbly pray to the Divine! Wish Your Plogs be taught to every kid that is going/or is going to go to school, wish the school system was monopolized to Lotusocean! :D
You are unboundedly kind, generous and comPassionaTe to be freely Providing all a Place to get educated in true sense!
Your helP is the only helP that takes one out of all the miseries :)

i bow /\

Kṛtti kā said...
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sarah said...

You guide people steP by steP to a better state, if they are willing to helP themselves.

Anonymous said...

So True...i need helP. Only PT can helP one to get out of all hells. i bow ..

amanda said...

one prostrates in shame 🙇‍♀️

one is ashamed to have fallen so low and done actions from ones miserable ego pretending to gno.
one is ashamed for ones disrespect and lack of humility toward Divine.
ones own efforts only make things worse for oneself.
one prostrates in shame for ever pretending to know anything and acting on that false knowing.

Divine PT is the only ONE who clearly sees and gnows how to navigate this liPhe and beyond.
Divine PT is the only ONE who has always lived and lives a PerPhecT liPhe. Divine PT is always centered and aware in every moment. Divine PT's every action is graceful and meaningPhul.
Divine PT is the New Sun, the light that gives liPhe to everything that exists.
Divine PT is the only ONE who has Phigured out the exit!
Every moment of Divine PT's liPhe is the most beautiPhul unPholding of meaning. Divine PT is the most PhracTal and PerPhecT being.

one prostrates in shame 🙇‍♀️

Asha P said...

this is a great Plog, I really enjoy reading it outloud and the fact that it goes against all of what society says just prooves how on point it is for getting out of the matrix here !

you aren't supposed to admit helplessness, you aren't supposed to ask an invisible Higher Force for help, you aren't supposed to 'pray', you aren't supposed to do anything that is said here to be done to receive actual help ... and that just makes it all the cooler for someone like me who needs to do the opposite of what the majority of people do !!

Your words are a liberating gift if actually studied and heard for what they are, I am grateful to read this again today and for You, so great to be able to learn from an actual Avatar.

I bow