Monday 11 April 2011

money system

the current money system

needs to be completely scrapped

it is a scam

from its very root

its made

to extract service

by those who don't deserve service

unless this fraud system is scrapped


will find it hard

to be real & honest

they will remain

greedy & in the service of anti-divine forces

it has to be replaced by

a soul-evolution based system

for distribution of

earth's resources


Anonymous said...

it is a post which prompt me to ask these questions :

actually what is anti- divine?
for me it is when God command through his special people to us, and when we get that command and we do not obey, it means we are going against His will , and this is anti-divine.

and i wonder is this money system the root of evil or is it something else? like if money system disappear may be after a while people will again lose their honesty and real attitude for coveting something else?

what is the true root of evil?

PT the Axis said...

@ anonymous (always better to have courage to write as who one is) - it seems you have not read all the writings. yet you just ask questions. have clearly delineated 'root of evil' in many Plogs. have already said many times - to really learn something one has to learn in person. no one can get enlightened just reading stuff on a computer screen. these writings are meant to awaken but only those who learn in person through proper humility can really understand their true import.

PT the Axis said...

root of all evil ( for the millionth time ) is

not praising higher & divine


wanting praise for one's own self
no matter what its lowly state

Ren said...

Even though it is the best solution, it is sad that most of the people who would like to see the monetary system scrapped, would not be interested in there being a soul-evolution based system to replace it.

miragegirl said...

you have said a very interesting thing

"a soul-evolution based system

for distribution of

earth's resources"

that would be great !

Ren's comment on this P log is Phunny to read

wonder why people wouldn't be interested in there being a soul-evolution based system

seems like that would be the case only with people who are not willing to rise out of their less soul/ sPiriT -power existence

and that is quiet a dishonest living in itself

as life itself is for evolving, so at some PoinT one can merge into the eTernal luminous most fractal PerfecT Pure lighT

there is no other Purpose to life

you are the Real Light Being

you are the eTernal luminous most fractal PerfecT Pure lighT, incarnate on this earth as PT ~ Kalki in the now "to save light beings from the clutches of the evil empire"

you are the greatest magical being there is

all the charge auric fields of everything and everyone you can see

you PerfecTly comPrehend the sound and light of everyone

you are the only "one who can REALLY SEE"

you are ParamaTma

i bow to the greatest being that you truly are !

Unknown said...

so wonderful You are here to show what is what. You are always real and honest, brainwashing has zero effect on You. so hilarious how muggles deceive themselves that their system can be ethical with just a few changes. # facepalm

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad for Your constant and consistent exPlanaTions of what is True and what is not. it is so easy for one who lacks True gnowledge to become confused in this manipulated structured world which goes against everything that is Divine. i bow at Your PerfecTly illuminated feet. You are the kindest and most comPassionaTe to share Your enlightened wisdom. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow
it's amazing to read the words of the ONE who is the True Leader!
the ONE who is really in charge!
the ONE who is the most evolved soul!
the ONE who is Divine!
the ONE who is enlightened
the Only ONE with a sane view!
the only ONE who can navigate this world and beyond!
Yu are the only ONE who gnos what is REALly going on!
i bow

one is so ashamed by ones blindness P.
to have fallen to such a low and unhumble state that one can read and reread Divines words and miss what You are saying comPleTely!
that it takes one millions of times to understand that the root of all evil is not Praising Higher and Divine!
to not be Praising You!
to not be serving You!
to continue on not DOing the DO is the scariest Phate one can imagine!
there is nothing about You to hate P!
nothing about Divine and Divines ways!
You are PerfecT!
Divine law and order is the only real Law and only real order!
there is everything to hate about the scam system!
it's such a miserable world with beings doing nothing but slaving away for money and pretending to be something important falsely praising each other and raping and pillaging Your beautiful earth and its resources! it is really sic and wrong!
one is so ashamed that one cluelessly carried on in hell for so long!
it's so amazing that YOU came here a saw through the scam!
how You are actually doing something REAL to Phix it!
You are the only ONE that can!
You are PThe Man!
Your life is the most meaningful life to ever be lived!!!
it is SO comPassionaTe and amazing that You chose to come to 3D and set the record straight P!
to save Your beautiful Earth from evils ways!
the only true revolution is revolving everything one does around You!
as You would have one do!
You are the ONE here bringing the Judgement of the world!!!
it is SO kind that You Provide so many beautiful resources to wake beings uP.
one is so ashamed of ones unhumble bratty nature P and that one chose to be evils slave for so long!
that one fell so low and so far from You!
one is SO ashamed to have fallen for evil time and time again, slaving away for money!
slaving away to remain a sic b-rat!
being unreal and lazy and dishonest and greedy!
one is so grateful You guide the way to develoP ProPer humility and sincerity P!
You are the only ONE who deserves service!
one can only Phind real redemPTion at Your feet!
one Pines to be able to surrender ones meaningless life to You P!
one is so ashamed to have not done so fully before.
ones life can only serve a PurPose through being of service to You!
any other view is just stupid and foolish
i bow

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

You are so logical and PracTical ! You are so right ! this makes so much sense ! Your way is always the best way ! i bow

Anonymous said...

You are the best ruler. i bow to you divine.

ankita said...

each time one comes to Your Plogs one is instantly uPliPhTed and one feels so good !
Your words are so wonderPhul to read !

You are so brilliant and enlightening
nowhere else does one come across the observations that You make !

one bows

Ankeeta said...

Shiv Narayan Prabhu ParamaTma PT....humble gratitude for Your true teachings....full of Power because they are phull of reality as is and in accordance with the real laws of this multiverse

Shruthi said...

"its made

to extract service

by those who don't deserve service"

- Such terrific lines. Truth is so powerphull and you are very kind to share your wisdom. All that money does is give a false sense of power over those who don't have a lot of it. You are so generous to reveal that the real valid currency is soul-evolution and the power generated from it. Your truth is always comPhorting and reassuring. So gratePhull to be standing under your overstanding wisdom and grace. You are the sweetest P! One bows!