Thursday 17 February 2011

2 Cow-Ways

there are 2 kinds of

ways of keeping cows

in one

you let them

graze freely

they always come back to you

because they have a proper bond with you

you only take as much milk as

they freely want to give you

after feeding their calves

you milk them by hand

you keep them till their dying day

in the other

you keep them within fences

as they would never come back

if you let them go

put crazy stuff in their food

to make them give more milk

squeeze as much milk as you can

through machines

kill them when they stop giving milk

the second way

was invented by translucents

no point pointing out

which way is better

the difference between these 2 ways

is difference between

human & barbarian/demonic


a* said...

P this is such a sweet deeply touching blog!... so beautiful & moving how you describe the humane way of caring for a tender cow and having a real relationship with them :) only one who knows would be able to describe it so lovingly and honestly.

and very compassionate of you to reveal the horrible cruel treatment given to them by others! you really confront the one's who ignore what is happening right in front of their eyes or don't care! a beautiful alternative to the evil is always prevalent in your inspirational blogs.

Real cow said...

not only cows,ladies are treated by men in the barbarian animals like dogs,cats are more cared than cows n ladies.

amruta patil said...

Effective, graceful...

PT the Axis said...

@ (un)real cow : women are equally involved in this treatment of cows.

asha Pi arTi said...

Great response PT... no cow is obstinate towards divine or tries to teach higher than them !

Unknown said...

Omg, is this a co-incidence or what! This morning....just this morning I was thinking, I wish Lord PT told us about caring for cows since he is Go-Pal :) and I find this P-Log. Yay!! The Lord, He is the Supreme Knower and Omnipresent and I bow to Him.

Narayan Narayan!!!

miragegirl said...

you are "the Real Cowboy"

the Protector of innocent cows

you are the ProTector of entire humanity

you are a true hero

the only leader to bring true Peace and haPPiness

you show all that is wrong in the PresenT

and thus give a chance at imProvemenT

all the Pure qualities in you are most inspiring

they cause one to understand how intensly Pure, caring and beautiful divine is

and the way you resPond to the comment to "(un)real cow" is awesome

"You're simply the best

better than all the rest"

you are divine incarnate on this earth

you are worthy of all worship

i bow

Anonymous said...

one is ashamed and still pained to come from and have been raised in a country and family where the second way is not only accepted but celebrated. i bow at Your Divine feet.

Anonymous said...

i bow!
it is clear from Your words that there is only really One way P and how beautiful that way is!
Your True care, love, affection and adoration for cows, for earth, for all that is Divine is most insPiring!
You show what it means to live and how evil are those who go against Your way, Divines way, the natural way.
i bow at Your beautiful feet. the only safe Place in this barbaric world for one to be.

Anonymous said...

There is no resPecT for Gau mata now.Even in India people don't resPecT her. The west has already been demonising ,how will it ever resPecT a cow whom they eat. They can say Holy Cow but not follow that word. Because they have to understand krishn-Gopal the way you have exPlained. Because resPecT also had PT in it they are still living in ignorance.

ki vernee said...

beautiful ! Your resPecT for nature is so amazing ! Your way is always the better way ! i bow

ardral said...

Cow's eyes and our eyes are similar. They are so innocent. But even in villages of Nepal, there is no proper respect to them now. Let be the west. PT your PersPecTive is eye opening. I bow.

ardral said...

Cow's eyes and our eyes are similar. They are so innocent. But even in villages of Nepal, there is no proper respect to them now. Let be the west. PT your PersPecTive is eye opening. I bow.

lana_33 said...
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Anonymous said...

Amazing truth..i bow to you divine lord PT.🙏🙇