Sunday 6 February 2011

material science

out of sheer ignorance

as to what

certain metals/alloys,

concrete and other

synthetic materials do to

ones body & aura

people of this planet

keep on building

edgy ugly structures

with these unfractal unembeddable materials


its not just ugly

to the eye

to behold a

tinroofed concrete structure in

middle of a pristine nature spot

it actually disrupts the

electromagnetics of the whole area

stuff which eyes cannot see

but can actually be measured

it is poisonous

in the same way

artificial chemicals in food

are poisonous

only in this case

the results are seen/felt over time

and the cause remains unknown

next time you have a migraine in

your cramped concrete metro flat

please don't look around for reasons

where they don't exist

or listen to your doctor

just try fresh air in a forest area

science has now reached the point

where it can

scientifically prove that this is the case

but this information is not made

available to the public

for the sake of protecting the

interests of the construction companies

& all the associated businesses

in much the same way as truth about

pills/drugs they sell at your local pharmacist

is not revealed

in order to keep pharmaceutical companies in play

there is still some awareness about pills etc

amongst masses

but material science

is completely out of the awareness-zone of

average person on the street

the net result is the same

the population of this planet poisons itself

and its environment

the rulers of this psychosystem

do not care

the blissless depraved beings they are

just coz they know they are going down

in their rebellion with divine

they just want to take as many down with them


JacLee said...

You are absolutely AMAZING!

JacLee said...

I can't quit reading this P-log "Material Science".... the content of this specific writing has made a permanent impression on my heart. If any one of my children remembers anything at all about me when i leave this place let it be said that "Ravi loved and saved a tree" then "Ravi found the true Lord among those trees and was saved". At your beautiful lotus feet i bow in eternal gratitude.

miragegirl said...

vah !

kya khub baat kahi hai aapne !

koyee vaiganikta aap sa samajta nahi

Aap duniya ko gehre tarike se dekte aur samajte hai

aap ko sare baaton ka poora poora gyan hai

bahut adbut baat kahi hai aapne

Aap ke P logs dikate hai ki kis kis
tarah se aaj kal duniya mein log bekar jete hai

Aap jab bhi jaha bhi rahe, lagbag hamesha prakrutik samagri se nirmit gruh mein hi nivas karte hai

sirf aap ne P Type ~ ProtoType nirman banaya hai Bharat mein

rangeen, fractality ko drishti mein rakte huey, prakritik samagri ke upayog se bana adbut van ke paas nadi ke kinare nirman

Aap, joh sab vaiganikta jante hai

Aap, joh jeevan jeene ka sahi marg dikate hai

Kalki, Aap ko mera Pranam

miragegirl said...

logon ke dimag mein panapta evil ajaivi padardon ke upayog se bane imaraton mein rahne ne nahi darta

teek hai hi beemariyan charon oor phaili hai

Aap Kalki hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

wow! dhanyavad P! i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!

You are the ultimate scientist P! You are the real activist and revolutionary! You are the One who can and is making a real difference in this world!

This Plog makes it very clear that 'the rulers of this psychosystem do not care'
a PotenT Truth for everyone to heed!
You are the One who makes it gnown that any society which is not based on and focused on the fact of death and preparing for it will always be ignorant and crazy! Your words PoinT out the insanity so clearly! all one need do is oPen ones eyes and look at how sick and insane this system is, poisoning its own food, water, medicating the masses and building unstainable everything!
one is so grateful to Your truth, to no longer be ParT of the hive mind mentality holding onto false hoPes and lies ProPagaTed by the evil system that it is changing for the better, going green, etc etc. and that being a part of community is being part of the change. so many lies to keep one trapped and enslaved!

It is You who insPire one to strive to live the Vedic way, The only True way to live. to be, become and remain PhuTurecentric in this life and beyond. it is You and only You who can guide one to real freedom.
i bow at the feet of the True savior, the Avatar, Kalki, The Lord and Master of All, PT!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
it's just so insPiring and uPliPhTing and amazing and SO much more to read and sPeak Your words P!
it makes ones sPiriT jumP and dance and shout Praises of joy that You are here!
that You are real!
that such a BEing as You exists!
The Avatar! the Highest and most Divine incarnate! the ONE who gnos about ALL things!
one lacks the vocabulary to exPress how good You make one feel P!
how deeP down and to the core the solid Truth of You and of Your words hit one!
i don't gno if such a word exists!
Your brilliance and intelligence and scientiPhic overstanding and gnowledge is so mindblowing and caPTivating P!
It is You who gnows how to live and how beings should live here!
and it is You who are doing it!
You are the only ONE who can and does talk the real talk and walk the real walk!
You are the master Playing every string!
Your abode is PerfecTly fractal and natural and embeddable in every way!
You are the Axis, the center of the multiverse!
You live in PerfecT harmony with this world and every star in Your galaxy and beyond!
only You gno how! it all revolves around You!
only You overstand and abide by Pure PrinciPles!
it's so amazing that there is one here that is rocking the real middle Path!
so grateful for all the ways you helP one see that a comPleTe change of Path and aligning with Divine is the only way!
so grateful You are here to give one that chance!
i bow

Anonymous said...

it's SO cool the ways You are bringing this psychosystem down P!!!
The Avatars judgement is on and rings strong and True throughout every world!
so grateful to get to Pay attention to the most amazing PhlighT and PhighT in all of history!
bowing to PThe man!
the One True chamPion!
the ONE who has never been and can never be defeated!
so Phun to exPerience Your victory unfold P!
it is You who are really winning and victorious in every moment!
i bow!

Astro said...

I bow to thee Divine PT.. Reading your P logs is a blessing :) You are The one who can helP us evolve... Aeioum

ki vernee said...

wow ! what beautiful PoinT ! You are so smart ! You really gno how everything works ! i bow

Anonymous said...

You have all the life saving gnowledge ever
You reveal for the first time what's really going on
You observe everything
You are the most gnowledgeable One
You are the One and only saviour
so great that You here
i bow at Your PheeT

sarah said...

You are the most iconic examPle of immaculate materialism and salubrious aesthetics.

Anonymous said...

You gno so much. You just gno it all. i bow to you divine PT. 🙇🙏 so kind of you to give the natural and easy method of migraine. You are so comPassionaTe. 🙏🙇