Monday 14 February 2011

whale - the cow of the sea

even a harmless mammal

which is not getting in anyones way

is still being

hunted & slaughtered by crazed creatures

on this planet

it is not surprising

in a world

where even harmless cows are

being slaughtered

the west

steeped in its double standards

doesn't see any correlation

between the 2

despite the similarities being blindingly obvious

they can't derive any joy from

the existence of these beings

they can only think of killing & consuming

what they don't realize is that

they are only losing their own soul

in the process


Asha said...

You shed light on all the darkness... a very Beautiful perspective from the title alone !

why ppl want to harm things that are not harming them is so strange

You are so right it is clearly how they treat this planet too... cows and whales seem to be like the land and sea manifest, no wonder they are always associated with You.

You give Voice to those that don't have one PT and are My Hero !!!

miragegirl said...

whale is "cow of the sea"

that's so beautifully said

they are all monsters only

who can kill cows and whales

such heartless, cruel, idiotic monsters

glad that we have your scriptures that show us the reality in the now

its time that your words are heeded and there is a change for the good

or "they are only losing their own soul

in the process"

the video is full of your leela

the way the whales have come as close to shore as possible

to dance for you

and performed for the whole day !

like kids dancing merrily

and they have big tons of mass too to be merrily jumping like that

incredible !

such sweet beings that resPonded totally to your whale sonics

the way you smile in the video is cute

the way your black coat flew to a fin shape is fractal

and what divine sounds you create !

no one has or can compose anything anywhere close

you are worthy of all worship

you are divine incarnate on this earth

you are Kalki in the now

the vanquisher of evil on this PlaneT

you are ParamaTma

i bow

Anonymous said...

i bow to the True ProtecTor of PuriTy and Peace. one is enchanted and inspired by the many magnificent ways nature and her many inhabitants respond to You. dhanyavad for all You bring to this PlaneT P. i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

this is such an insPiring Plog and Play!
it is You who gno the correlation of all things and PoinT out the devastatingly destructive ways beings are choosing to destroy all that is Truly beautiful in this world.
it is You who can Play and sing anything into being with Your Pure heart of gold! it is so magniPhicenT to see the way the Cow, the Mother of the sea celebrates Your Divine Presence and Your Sonic P! Dancing for You for the whole day!!!
all that You do for this world leaves ones sPeechless in amazement! You are Divine incarnate on this Earth! You are the Avatar Kalki, PT! You are here, now, saving this world from those that ravage and pillage and have no resPecT for Divine. All of Your Plays show the maniPhold ways You are raising the vibrations of this PlaneT P!
Your scriPTures are a living guide for how to really live in these times and grow closer to Divine.
i bow at Your glorious feet!

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! so true ! You are so kind to teach beings how to respect nature and evolve in the right way ! i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! so true ! You are so kind to teach beings how to respect nature and evolve in the right way ! i bow

sarah said...

You PoinT out the double standards brilliantly
so Phenomenal that You are here to judge the crazed creatures of this PlaneT !!!

Anonymous said...

i bow to divine lord PT.🙏🙇

Anonymous said...

Amazing whale Play and resPonse.🙂🙏🙇

Ankeeta said...

You are so beauTiPhul...You are all-encompassing....You are the suPreme consciousness who sees all, gnos all and delivers judgement to ProTect the innocent and destroy the evil-doers