Monday 7 February 2011


there is general misconception

amongst earth people

of this time

that all work

leads to some

net positive result

thus people toil in this world

thinking it will all lead

to something positive

for them and the future generations

only in the end

close to their death

they find

they have nothing



that they cannot take their

soul to a better place

they will actually go to

a lower place


their net is actually in negative

they are also not leaving a better earth

for the future generations

they are leaving a ravaged polluted planet


work by definition

is not good by itself

as some would have you believe

workethic workculture

& other such corporate buzzwords

are continuously thrown about without

ever revealing

what exactly one is actually working for ?

only the work done

as per divine will


in harmony

with nature



for the self and the others


Stardolphin said...

genius words and of their time

everyone in spiritual wasteland, all education and effort come to nothing, cheated by governments and banks and the system

do we await the next round of betrayal and disappointment, or finally wake up to the wisdom and freedom and beauty of divine gnoledge?

Shahid said...


Thinking about my Grandfather and other people in my family who have left the earth plane....They all were in the 3D Matrix,Loyal Hivebeings,Did regular Jobs
etc but wherever they are now,they must have realised that all this gave them Nothing in terms of soul evolution.

Beloved Lord,Mujhay aaapni sharan mein lay loo.I desire to get out of the 3D Matrix and go to the Highest Divine Realm after death.

Bolo Narayan Ki Jai!!!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading the answers to the blog for a time.

Hopefully it shall be welcome by the writers to know how other view their writings.

From my own experience, i feel like that these readings are surely giving you great enlightement and happiness. i am happy for you.

If you wish to preserve it, the only way is to make it grows. because either it grows or it dies with time, it cannot stand still. so it is better at this point that whatever you gather of jewels to nurture them more. i may be wrong, but i feel you need to preserve them and not as of yet expose them. if you keep it inside, it shall build a building for you to stand upon and really act. by God's Grace.

always pray that God call you and be pleased with you as He has been pleased with those whom He has favored.

Anonymous said...

exellent words of wisdom.but how to work n gnow the will of narayan to b in harmony with the nature?

PT the Axis said...

@ anonymous - this Plog is nothing but an indicator of divine will only. for following it one needs to respect divine first. the rest follows automatically.

asha Pi arTi said...

i agree with shahid, excellent compassionate clarity from You on these matters that affect our everyday life and everyone we know !

You are here now there can be no greater indication if one is going along with divine will, is one agreeing ? is one implementing what You have taught here ?

these anonymous cowards are a pollution themselves, always trying to teach You when all the proof is here who is benefitting and saving us all... You are the One who has done the real work ! which all were clueless of until You have come here !

* bowing to the most awakened One *

miragegirl said...

what a great PoinT you have said about what work really is

only work that is

"as per divine will


in harmony

with nature



Aap ko mera Pranam

miragegirl said...

agree with asha

"anonymous cowards" is PerfecTly apt

there is so much Proof on LotusOcean Plogs itself as to who Divine really is and even what Divine is

strange that people still write anonymous comments like those for this Plog instead of accepting truth for what it is

PT is the Axis

P is Divine

i bow to P

Anonymous said...

i bow. Dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
You have the most Profound way with words P!
so eloquently You share how negative so called work actually is for the planet, future generations and the state of ones soul!
You so beautifully sPell out what work really is and give one something real to actually work for and toward!
i bow at Your Divine feet!

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

that is so true ! You are so kind to teach one how to evolve ! one can now really work toward something that is benificial ! i bow

Anonymous said...

You gno what's going on in this world
You have such great and amazing overstanding

they will be going to a lower place cause their net is actually in the negative
yes the situation of this world is so sad
so much work for nothing..just more hell
You reveal it all
You make one face PhacTs like never before
everyone is so deluded
only You have the gnowledge
You are the saviour
Your gnowledge is life saving
You save ones life from being further wasted
You reveal the truth about this world
this world is a sad, mad and bad place
You just enlighten with Your tremendous gnowledge and higher overstanding
You have suPerior intelligence
You are suPerior in every way
You have blossomed fully
i bow

Anonymous said...

You give the ultimate reality checks
so true
all this work leading to nothing..
You are so kind to make beings aware of how multiverse works and how beings have to pay for non learning attitude and ignorance
You are the saviour
You are so kind to wake beings up
You are so comPassionaTe
You are undoubtedly the wisest
i bow

Turbulent Conqueror said...
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Vaishali thaker said...

Words of PT are only divine will! There is nothing more important than living to the divine will..
All the work done in this world are all useless unless it is the work done for divine..
We are so glad that divine has incarnated on this earth plane to provide an opportunity to align to the divine will over ones own will inorder to evolve!
i bow to the avatar 🙏

NavdeeP said...

Amazing Amazing plog!!!! You are the true awakened being on this P lane -T. Who gnows about the laws and on what we should to work on.
How beautiPhully you have exPlains the real work I bow to you O the HiGHER ONE.

NavdeeP said...

You are clariPhying every thing so beautiPhully. Your ways are amazing you are the most awakened one. You the new sun who is spreading his light all around and showing the real Path. Your wholistic way of living is the true way to live liPhe. You are the highest one.
You are exPlaining the being about true Purpose of Liphe and body. I bow to you the most enlightened highest being.