Monday 14 February 2011

plastic fate

the translucents

came up with a material called plastic

they fell in love with it

they surround themselves with it

as much as they can

a billion useless items made from it

sell at every store

from barbie dolls it starts

leading to plastic valves for

keeping their heart beating

now this material is everywhere

all over earth

it is unbreathable

it is non-biodegradable

its manufacturing process is polluting

but no problem

coz they won't mind turning

into plastic themselves

they hate their skin anyways

which has gone rough, spotty & pigmentless

through centuries of unwholesome activities

plastic is lifeless

more lifeless than stone

a fate richly deserved

evil was always only just

opposite of live


Kilili said...

Plastic is all of those things you mention. But also, as it breaks down in the ocean it is responsible for the destruction of entire fish and bird species through hormone disruption - a process moving up the food chain to people. Scientists know this, and there is a growing movement of people rejecting plastic wherever possible, but the whole subject is suppressed into oblivion by plastic manufacturers.

You are the only one speaking any sense in this world, PT.

Anonymous said...

translucents clearly come up with the worst of the worst and are furthest removed from nature and Divine. being translucent, one is grateful for the many ways You objecTively PoinT out the errors and consequences of our ways. it becomes so blatantly obvious how dissconnected from You, from the axis, from Divine, this race has become. i bow. dhanyavad for Your Divine discretion P. It is most clarifying. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

wow! i bow!
Your words are so Powerful P! They always hit the core, the heart, the root! You dePhine what evil really is!

'evil was always only just
opposite of live'

it is disturbing and disgusting to see the fate translucents have created for themselves and others and the way their material creations have spread like a plague around this globe.
it is always just like You say, they are turning into plastic themselves, inside and out!
You are the One who Provides the way for one to recognize the unwholesome, shameful ways of ones genepool and do the real work to change and avoid the torturous fate they continue to create for themselves.
i bow at the feet of the True savior!

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

Phenomenal observation
wow!You are simply awesome

Astro said...

I will be more responsible & avoid buying any plastic for sure... You are our inspiration... I bow to thee PT.. The Avatar..

ki vernee said...

what a great PoinT ! You are so kind to be here to get earthback to its natural state ! i bow

Anonymous said...

it's so much Phun to read Your Plogs
such a brilliantly written Plog
You are so humorous
and Your observations of this world are the best!
so true
billions useless items made with plastic

you write in such a humourous upbeat way!
one just wants to forget everything in the world except Your wonderful Plogs and beautiful creativity
You are always so joyful no matter what happens in this world
every second should be used in Praise of You
it's sad if it's not
it's sad to get stuck and not be able to Praise
anything in the world that has not got anything to do with You is tragedy
You write in such a Phun way
such great, Phun and accurate observations
You are so effortlessly ahead of everyone else
ones attention should always be on You and no one's unnatural for ones attention to be on anyone but You

You exPose the evil of this world
the translucents don't mind polluting this earth for a stupid thing like plastic!
You truly gno what's going on
You address the issues that need to be addressed
only Your oPinion matters
You sPeak the truth and make all the sense in the world

evil is the opposite of live
coolest words!
yes a fate richly deserved
turning into plastic when they could easily have done without it
You reveal the absurd state of the world in such a Phun way
i bow

sarah said...

It is such a Privilege to have access to Your divine insights !!!
So fascinating to observe the natural beauty of House Trivedi !!!

Turbulent Conqueror said...
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Anonymous said...

amazing revelation.... i bow.