Monday 14 February 2011


since cameras

are clicking everywhere

at a rate of million per second

lets see what

Pic reduces to

it is

P - i - c


P - i - see


P fractality


miragegirl said...

Narayan Narayan !

there is nothing more to behold
than you

fractality shows so many ways
in so many of your Pics

clouds show your expansive wings
they imitate your hair
they even try to form your image

and you smile sweetly with your ice cream cone cloud

and paint clouds into the sky from nothing as well

the colors in nature and your style is just stunning

everything just falls into a scene when you are Present

you are indeed true nature boy
the mowgli of the jungle
the Perfect coherent being

then thare are all elemental interactions that happen as well

crop formations, rainbows, tornadoes, bird salutes, animal kingdom lining to greet you...

its always a magical scene, always a shine around you !

Anonymous said...

:) lol! brilliant! i bow.

Anonymous said...

P is all one want see!
You are the most beautiful, natural and Divine being. all Pics of You are Pure Proof! it is so amazing to witness Your ever exPansive fractality! You and the beauty Your Divinity creates is the only sight worth seeing.
i bow to Your boundless beauty!

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

it's amazing how even the word snaPshoT has PT in it..Your fractality is awesomely amazing..You are the great words have P and T in them

ki vernee said...

wow ! that is so cool ! so PhracTal ! only Your PhoTos are worth looking at ! You broke Pic down so brilliantly! P i see ! i bow

Anonymous said...

P fracTality is always amazing. 🙇🙏

Naina said...

P I see p phractality. I bow to you PT 🙇🙏💛