Thursday 29 July 2010

of pigs & such ...

in the west

they cannot hide the fact anymore

that most of the

so-called homo-sapiens resident there

are now just pigs

that walk on 2 legs

all their adverts

are acknowledging

what they don't want to

acknowledge in person

every time they have to depict

a crowd of people

its aptly a crowd of pigs instead

they thought all this eating of pigs

would not affect them

the pig nature and attributes

would not take over

wishful thinking

even if the female variety puts lipstick on

its still a ...

and pigs don't fly

(refering to their many yellings

'i just wanna fly' etc)

they just are fattened for slaughter

in stuff they call war etc

its all out in the open

for anyone to see

who don't want to

blind themselves deliberately

just coz they can't handle the reality

as they wake up next to you gno who/what

sorry about the spell breaking

no need to fret or panic

there is a way out

bowing down to divine


sarah anne said...

I bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow.

miragegirl said...

wow P !
what a great Plog !

east is catching uP, esPecially with all the alchohol consumPTion

world is hell in so many ways

i want out of here
i want to get to a higher realm

Praise of Divine helPs in all ways

Anonymous said...

I bow! You are the only One on this PlaneT helPing in any real way!!! The only One PoinTing out the truth of this hellish place and the frightening state of beings here! That video is terrifying! Divine is so gracious to break the sPell and sPell out the Truth!!! to helP one see and face the truth of ones state and the state of this world that one was born into! to Provide the only way out and guide one in what one must do to avoid such a miserable and hellish fate. i bow!

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

You have an awesome way of imparting real education through Your great sense of humour

ujjwal sharma said...

the way you can observe this world is truly amazing.
thats why you are the lord of the third eye and guru of the world.
i bow to the divine PT avatar.

ki vernee said...

lol ! You are so Phunny and so PracTical ! i bow

Kṛtti kā said...

Wow! What a great Plog! Phenomenal!
Lol even if the female variety puts on the lipstick it still is a pig... , haha lol!
You are beyond comPare! Your honest straightforward words are just mind-blowing!
Wit Humour and sarcasm at its best!
You are unsurPassable!
So Kind of You to break the sPell! So kind of You to show the way out! It's just because of You, Your Powerful words that one comPleTely gave up on the meat eating idea! Never did one think how greatly one was jeopardizing ones PhuTure! And It's pointless and evil to eat animals, one always gnew it but never applied, You made one take that stance!
Dhanyawad for stopping one from becoming a complete Pig! :)
i bow!

Anonymous said...
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